Chapter 344 - Might of Elite Armaments

MGA: Chapter 344 - Might of Elite Armaments

“Murong Yu...The young head of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu!”

[TN: Being a "young head" might mean something like a "vice-head", he can be that while being a disciple.]

“Unless the thing behind his back is a Elite Armament, the Divine Wood Sword?” After the cloth-clothed male appeared, it caused many people to yell in surprise. So it seemed he was the number one person in the young generation of the Sui Province.

“Murong Yu, you’ve truly gotten tired of living. You dare to cross over my head?”

“Murong Yu, you truly have big nerves! You think that you can be lawless by being the young head of the Sword God Valley?”

At the same time, the four geniuses had faces full of fury. The pointed at Murong Yu and loudly howled. Obviously, Murong Yu’s actions just now caused them to be extremely displeased.

“It was clearly all of you who blocked my path so I had to leap over your heads. But if you have to say that I stepped over you, then I can’t do anything about it. After all, there is one sentence in the world, and that is ‘bringing humiliation to oneself’.” Murong Yu disdainfully smiled, and then didn’t pay attention to them and prepared to continue walking towards the summit of the mountain peak.

“Murong Yu, you stop right there.” But before letting Murong Yu move, the four geniuses sprung and surrounded Murong Yu.

At that instant, everyone subconsciously backed far away because they were aware that there were conflicts between the five geniuses, and they seemed to want to attack.

In a situation like that, the elders from the Prestigious Villa did not stop them, and similarly, they entered the ranks of the observing crowd.

In reality, even the seniors and experts from the powers everywhere who were resting on the summit of the mountain peak also walked out as they wanted to see the battle between the famous people of the young generation.

“Good dogs don’t block the road. Move.” Murong Yu said with abnormal domineeringness without even furrowing his brows.

“Murong Yu, you’re truly arrogant enough. You think only you’ve entered the Heaven realm?” The four geniuses coldly snorted, then emanated a wave of boundless aura. It caused even the surrounding air to twist. It was Heaven power. The four of them had actually also stepped into the Heaven realm.

“So strong. As expected of the people who received the Prestigious Invitation Letter. If they already entered the Heaven realm at such an age, how outstanding would their future achievements be?”

“I truly admire those senior and junior sisters. To be able to have a chance to join together with such geniuses… If one were able to become a wife to such geniuses, what other wishes would they have in their life?”

After the four people displayed their strengths, the observers on the side were fine, as at most they were amazed. However, every single of the females let their imaginations run wild. But they could not be blamed, after all, a large portion of the females would want to find a husband they wished to have as a powerful person to rely on.

“So what if you entered the Heaven realm? Weren’t you still beaten like a dog by Zhang Tianyi?” The disdain in Murong Yu’s eyes did not diminish. Rather, the corners of his mouth were raised to form a curve with a hint of ridicule.

“Murong Yu, you truly know no ends to your arrogance! Today, in your father’s place, I will give a conceited person like you a good lesson!” As the most shameful thing was mentioned, the four geniuses were so angry that their eyes sprayed fire, and without speaking anymore useless words, they directly attacked.

The four of them did not use any martial skills. They only simply exchanged punches and kicks, but every single style and move contained Heaven power. Every single punch and every single kick would open mountains and shatter rocks as they had endless strength.

Perhaps even a normal punch could completely destroy a grand palace, and perhaps a casual kick could cut off rivers. And that, was the strength of a person in the Heaven realm.

“You overestimate yourselves.”

Murong Yu coldly smiled, then quickly after, he pulled the Divine Wood Sword out from behind his back. When the Divine Wood Sword entered his hand, it immediately gave off strange light. Countless symbols lingered around, then they blended into Murong Yu’s body. At that instant, the strange light symbols melded with Murong Yu and his aura greatly increased.


At the same time, Murong Yu pointed his sword at the four people. A wave of boundless pressure descended from the sky and instantly, under the four people’s feet, sand and rocks flew and a huge deep pit appeared. The four chosen geniuses could also not be able to resist against the pressure and they were forcibly pressed down to the ground, and could not stand up.

“Heavens! That Murong Yu is actually so strong! With one strike, he defeated the four peak geniuses!”

“No. It’s not that Murong Yu is strong, it’s the Divine Wood Sword that’s strong. The might of this Elite Armament is too powerful. With the Elite Armament, not to mention Tang Yixiu, Song Qingfeng, and the others, I’m afraid even experts in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm would need to avoid clashing.”

“Impressive. Too impressive. According to legends, Elite Armaments are based off of the unique Martial power that Martial Lords have, made with strange minerals in the world as the raw materials, and created by the formation that a Purple-cloak World Spiritist condenses. The might it has can shake the world, so it can’t be helped that it causes people to admire the powers which own Elite Armaments, which all become the overlord of an area.”

“Yeah, treasures like that have been passed down from the ancient times. Right now, on the continent of the Nine Provinces, there is no one who can create such treasures.”

“I’m afraid that in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces, there wouldn’t be over ten Elite Armaments. Most of them are grasped within the hands of the Jiang Dynasty, and only two of them are grasped by other powers. It would be the Divine Wood Sword of the Sword God Valley, and the Armor of Thorns of the Jie clan.”

When Murong Yu’s Elite Armament appeared, it caused innumerable people to sigh in admiration and they were deeply attracted by the Elite Armament’s unique power. But compared to them, several old people outside of the crowd revealed ugly faces. Clearly, they were the elders of the four apical geniuses. At that instant, if they went out, it wouldn’t be good. If they didn’t go out, it wouldn’t be good either, so they sank into a realm of embarrassment.

“So this is the true might of Elite Armaments. It is indeed a good thing.” At the same time, Chu Feng was also deeply attracted to the might of the Divine Wood Sword. Chu Feng was able to feel how strong the formation it contained was.

Power that was far above Heaven power was contained within it. Perhaps it was like how people said it was. In the Elite Armament, maybe it did contain Martial power that only Martial Lords could grasp.

“Brother Murong, relying on Elite Armaments to suppress people doesn’t seem to be too appropriate right?”

Just at that time, a light laugh suddenly rang out, and quickly following that, a path speedily appeared within the groups of people. At the end of the path, a male with elegance was gradually approaching.

That male was two meters or so tall, but his body was not too muscular. Rather, he was tall and handsome. His face was not the same as the other four geniuses, and he didn’t have a little white charming face. He was filled with the manliness of males. The handsomeness of men.

The most important part was that the male emanated a unique atmosphere. It was an atmosphere of “looking down on the world and I’m the most powerful”. It caused countless females to be attracted to him, and even some males were bewitched by his atmosphere.

“Jie Qingming?!”

At that instant, without the need for Gu Bo to speak, Chu Feng already guessed the identity of the male because there was even a group of people who tailed behind him. They were the Jie clan members, and from his age and atmosphere, without even guessing, Chu Feng knew that doubtlessly, he was the future chief of the Jie clan, Jie Qingming.

“Jie Qingming, on the other hand, you have the qualifications to exchange blows with me. Why not also take out your Elite Armament and try it out with me?” Within the gaze that Murong Yu looked at Jie Qingming with, it similarly also emanated maliciousness.

“My thoughts exactly.”

Suddenly, Jie Qingming’s body flashed and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already standing in front of Murong Yu. At the same time, a layer of blood-red-coloured gas, containing horrifying aura, started to spread with Jie Qingming as the middle, and it attacked Murong Yu straight on.