Chapter 343 - Marriage Gathering

MGA: Chapter 343 - Marriage Gathering

“It seems like a good show will finally appear.”

Only after hearing Gu Bo’s words did Chu Feng suddenly come to a realization. If it weren’t for Gu Bo who reminded him, he really would have almost forgotten that tonight was the official beginning of the Marriage Gathering. Also the day that the Prestigious Villa’s hundred beauties show their faces to them.

“Yeah, without any incidents tonight, the Prestigious Villa will announce the start of the battle between them and the Thousand Monster Mountain. Also, using the name of the Marriage Gathering, they are going to pull all of us into this battle.” Gu Bo said.

“Ho...Isn’t it what you, I, and everyone hope for?” Chu Feng smiled and a touch of yearning emerged into his eyes.

“Perhaps. Let’s go and see my Big Brother Xu Zhongyu. He is looking very forward to seeing you!” Gu Bo also smiled, and while hugging Chu Feng’s shoulders, the two good brothers headed towards the hosting location of the Marriage Gathering.

The main city of the Prestigious Villa was extremely large, and there was even the beautiful night scenery with bright lamps as well as big and gorgeous houses.

But tonight, the most beautiful and most lively place in the Prestigious Villa was not within the main city. It was on the summit of a mountain peak outside of the main city.

White clouds were all underneath the mountain peak as they rolled and surged around. The mountain peak was surrounded by waterfalls that flowed straight down, and on the summit of the mountain peak, there was a great celebration with mountains and oceans of people.

This place was the hosting location of the Marriage Gathering.

However, after passing the underground palace test, after sieving through the several tens of thousands of people, only less than a thousand people remained. But those who passed the test were all able to be titled as geniuses. There was not a single person there who was mediocre.

“This is rather lively. It seems like the Prestigious Villa did diligently prepared for a long time.”

Coming to the summit of the mountain peak and looking at the paradise-like natural beautiful scenery that surrounded the mountain peak, then looking back at the large and glorious human-made structures on the summit of the mountain peak, Chu Feng knew that all of that certainly used up quite a bit of wealth and manpower from the Prestigious Villa.

And at that very instant, because the Prestigious Villa’s hundred beauties had not appeared yet, the males that came from the powers everywhere gathered close together and chatted.

After all, the people gathered in this place were the so-called famous people of the young generation on the continent of the Nine Provinces. Some could very possibly be the ruler of various places in this continent, so many people were willing to take this rare chance to make some friends.

And other than the many young handsome geniuses that successfully gained the qualifications to participate in the Marriage Gathering, there were also many disciples from the Prestigious Villa gathered on the spacious summit of the mountain peak. Also, most of them were female disciples.

The female disciples had something special about them. Although they wore the clothing of the Prestigious Villa, every single one of them were adorned by beautiful clothing, and naturally, they had their reasons for it.

Although the disciples from the Prestigious Villa had very high status and position, after all, the people who gathered in this place were the geniuses of the same generation that came from many places in the entire continent. Naturally, the female disciples’ heart would be moved, and perhaps within the geniuses, they could meet their future ideal husband.

Most of young geniuses were very willing to chat and create relationships with the Prestigious Villa’s beauties. After all, there were only a hundred gorgeous beauties, which also meant in the near a thousand people, only a hundred had the chance to marry the hundred gorgeous beauties.

However, many people did not want to return empty-handedly, so naturally they would be willing to get acquainted with the beautiful Prestigious Villa disciples. At least, if they were unable to be chosen by the hundred gorgeous beauties, there would at least be an extra choice for them. Why wouldn’t you go for it?

“I never would have thought that even the old generation has come.”

At the same time, Chu Feng also noticed that within some special buildings, there were people in the old generation laughing and talking. The auras of the old people were not low. The weakest was in the peak of the Profound realm, and Chu Feng was actually not even able to detect the depths of some of them, so without a doubt, they were experts who stepped into the Heaven realm.

“Mm. Most of them arrived just today. There are also quite a few elders from my World Spirit Guild, and I’m sure that they’re afraid any misfortune will fall upon their own family’s young generation right? But it has to be said that this Marriage Gathering hosted by the Prestigious Villa will be very successful. At least, many experts will be pulled into the battle between them and the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

Gu Bo first sighed and smiled, then added,

“That’s right. Chu Feng, I received news just now. After the conclusion of the underground palace test, and when the staff were searching for people stuck in the underground palace, they discovered the lewd old man Wang Qiang’s corpse!”

“It’s no wonder the old guy didn’t get first place, so he was killed. However, I wonder who did it. After all, in the Limitless Underground Palace today, only he was in the Heaven realm.”

“Something like that actually happened?” Chu Feng faked amazement, but he still felt shock in his heart because he knew who the culprit was. Undoubtedly, it was the young man who came from the Jiang Dynasty, Jiang Wushang.

“Look! Tang Yixiu and Song Qingfeng have come!”

Suddenly, the shriek of female disciples came from the crowd, quickly afterwards, the females from the Prestigious Villa became a human tide as they ran towards the road that led up to the mountain.

“They’re the strongest people in the young generation in the Tang Province and Song Province? Let’s go over and see.” And after hearing those two names, the expressions of the young geniuses that came to participate in the Marriage Gathering changed, and they followed the human current and rushed over.

“The geniuses who received the Prestigious Invitation Letters have come. Want to go over to take a look?” Gu Bo asked.

“Sure, why not go over and look? After all, they are famous people in the young generation.” Chu Feng smiled, and started to stride and walk forwards behind the crowd of people.

After passing through the crowd of people, Chu Feng was able to see four tall, big, and handsome males currently walking towards the summit of the mountain peak while being escorted by many elders and disciples.

Although the four males had light smiles on their faces, they were still unable to conceal their arrogance, and from the whispers of the surrounding crowd, Chu Feng knew where the four people came from,

The Tang Province’s Tang Yixiu.

The Song Province’s Song Qingfeng.

The Yuan Province’s Bai Yunfei.

The Ming Province’s Liu Xiaoyao.

“The four of them can be said to be the ones in the young generation to have the highest-profile in their activity styles. From what I’ve heard, at first, because all of them spoke and humiliated the Azure Province, that’s why they were challenged by Zhang Tianyi and were all defeated by him.” Gu Bo quietly said next to Chu Feng’s ear.

“Humiliating the Azure Province... no wonder.” After hearing those words, Chu Feng lightly furrowed his brows and remembered the faces of the four clearly because he who came from the Azure Province already had a horrible impression on the four of them. At the same time, he had better impressions towards Zhang Tianyi.

*whoosh* Suddenly, a row of light brushed past the top of the heads of the four geniuses as well as the many people from the Prestigious Villa. At the end, that person stood in the middle of the crowd.

It was a young man who was similarly old as the four geniuses. He should be around twenty years old, but compared to the beautiful clothing of the four geniuses and handsome appearances, the young man seemed rather ordinary.

He wore very normal clothes, he wasn’t tall, and he wasn’t handsome. Even the clothes he wore were roughly-made cloth-clothing, and it could be said that there was not a single good point on his body. But from the strength he just displayed, people knew that he was not an average person.

Because, from the aura he just displayed, it showed that he was in the 1st level of the Heaven realm. The young man was actually an expert in the 1st level of the Heaven realm.

However, compared to the male’s powerful strength, Chu Feng was deeply attracted to the weapon behind his back. It was a wooden sword, but it wasn’t a normal wooden sword. Extremely complex patterns were on it as well as terrifying energy.

He had seen a similar object on Jie Bufan’s body. The Armor of Thorns Jie Bufan wore before also emanated the special aura, which meant that the wooden sword behind the cloth-clothed male’s back was a Elite Armament.