Chapter 342 - 3rd Level of the Profound Realm

MGA: Chapter 342 - 3rd Level of the Profound Realm


Suddenly, the huge lightning beast’s figure moved and it drilled into Chu Feng’s heart. He did not feel any pain yet, but his body trembled and he felt that his entire body was paralyzed.

However, even so, Chu Feng could still feel that the blue-coloured huge lightning beast was already starting to break down in Chu Feng’s heart and starting to become countless tiny blue-coloured lightning. They swam in his veins, quickly occupying all of Chu Feng’s blood, and merged together.

At that instant, Chu Feng was even able to feel that world-shaking change was happening to every single part of this body, including his dantian. His eyes were brighter: he could see things clearly in the night. His hearing became more sensitive: he could even hear the rustling noises of the grass when blown by the wind.

His body became stronger, his strength became more powerful. Enormous change happened to his entire body.

He was able to feel the Profound power that lingered around him and permeated the world. Indeed, Chu Feng broke through and successfully stepped into the Profound realm. But that was not the end.

At that very instant, change was also happening to the seven huge lightning beasts in Chu Feng’s dantian. The Profound power consumed by them was currently changing into entirely new power. They melded into his body, and with such transformations, Chu Feng’s cultivation also started to increase.

One level. Two levels. Three levels. With one breath, Chu Feng broke through three levels in the Profound realm. From the 9th level of the Origin realm, he entered the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

“Success! I succeeded! Eggy, do you see it? I succeeded!” Chu Feng was incomparable ecstatic, and on his face that was formerly filled with worries, unprecedented elation surged and appeared.

“Haha, so strong! It’s actually even stronger than my expectations as you directly entered the 3rd level of the Profound realm! Right now, you no longer need to borrow my power, and you can still be named as king within the Profound realm!”

On Eggy’s face, similarly, there was joy, and the sweet smile on her face of absolute prettiness would undoubtedly be able to bewitch countless people. But sadly, no one was able to see the little beauty’s smile that could turn the world upside down.

“Haha, it seems like my power is slightly above when I borrow yours, Eggy.”

Chu Feng chuckled, then quickly after, golden-coloured lightning emerged into his eyes. When the lightning appeared, Chu Feng’s bones throughout his body groaned and his muscles were expanding sharply. His aura directly went from the 3rd level of the Profound realm to the 4th level of the Profound realm.

After that, with another thought, within Chu Feng’s eyes that were filled with golden-coloured lightning, blue-coloured lightning emerged. After the blue-coloured lightning appeared in his current eyes, the golden-coloured lightning had actually shrunk into a tiny golden-coloured lightning snake. It interweaved with the blue-coloured lightning and became a pattern from the interweavement of the blue-coloured lightning and golden-coloured lightning.

The pattern was gathered over the pupils. Without looking in detail, one would not detect it, but if it was detected, most likely, people would be shocked because it was not a simple pattern. It seemed more like two huge beasts, which had power which defied common sense, deeply sleeping within Chu Feng’s pupils.

The most important part was that after the pattern was formed, Chu Feng’s aura had actually violently rose again, and from the 4th level of the Profound realm, he stepped into the 5th level of the Profound realm.

“You actually broke through again! Quite impressive. It seems like you’ve got a new power, and right now, you can break through two levels. So that means your true cultivation isn’t the 3rd level of the Profound realm, but the 5th level of the Profound realm?!”

Feeling the change in Chu Feng’s body, Eggy was also greatly shocked. She did not expect that after breaking into the Profound realm, Chu Feng would get a new power which caused him to be able to continuously break through two level of cultivation.

“The 5th level of the Profound realm is still too weak when compared to Jiang Wushang from before. After all, this cultivation is still far from being able to fight against the Heaven realm.”

Chu Feng was very satisfied with the power he got from his own Divine Lightning, but as long as he thought of Jiang Wushang, he still felt that he was lacking a lot and he had to continue working hard. At least currently, within the same generation, he was not the strongest.

“Jiang Wushang being strong is within expectations. As the overlord of the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty’s accumulation of several thousands of years is not imaginable by you. Jiang Wushang is a rare genius, and I’m sure even within the Jiang dynasty, he is an outstanding existence.”

“A person like that gets the best development since birth. Not only will there be specialized people guiding him in martial cultivation, he can even receive the most excellent cultivation resources. As long as he can think of it, he can get it. So, it is reasonable that he has his current achievements.”

“But you’re different. Although you started martial cultivation at the age of ten, before fifteen years old of age, you didn’t even have much improvement. Why didn’t you have much improvement?”

“Because your body is special, yet you didn’t have any resources that could be provided for your special body to cultivate. This is the point where you are inferior to him, because in terms of the starting point, you were already a huge chunk behind him.”

“However, with a bit more than one year of time, you stepped into the 3rd level of the Profound realm from the 2nd level of the Spirit realm, and the martial cultivation resources that you acquired were all fought for by yourself. This is the distance between you and him. You rely on yourself, while he relies on his entire clan.” As Eggy said that, her face was filled with pride. She felt pride for Chu Feng.

“Heh. Eggy, thank you for your consultation. Actually, you don’t need to worry about anything. I have always had this confidence, and one day, I will leave this continent of the Nine Provinces. I will step onto the stage of the world because I still need to find my parents and I still need to find my family.”

“I will find out who sealed you in my body, and no matter who that person is, I will think of a way to get that person to open your seal to return your freedom.” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Eggy’s heart ached a bit and she went into silence...

“Actually, compared to that Jiang Wushang, I am more curious what stage she reached right now. After all, she has a Divine Body!”

Chu Feng’s thoughts couldn’t help floating back one year when he met the purple-clothed young female in the White Tiger Villa. The young female was the same as Jiang Wushang, being even younger than Chu Feng, but her strength was extremely terrifying.

One year ago, she was already so strong. So one year later, Chu Feng truly did not know what stage she developed into. After all, what she had was the same body as the master of the Emperor Tomb in the Azure Province, a Divine Body.

*knock knock knock*

“Brother Chu Feng!”

Just at that time, sounds of knocking and yelling rang out from the other side of the palace door. From the voice, Chu Feng was able to hear that it was Gu Bo.

Chu Feng quickly opened the doors, and only then did he discover that currently, the sky was dark, and without him even knowing, he had actually spent so much time.

Gu Bo was standing in front of his palace door. After seeing Chu Feng, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “Brother Chu Feng, let’s head out. The Marriage Gathering is going to start soon, and don’t miss such an exciting moment!”

“Also, my World Spirit Guild’s Big Brother Xu Zhongyu has already arrived and he even wants to see you.”