Chapter 273 - Unqualified

MGA: Chapter 273 - Unqualified

A tall and big male with a pretty face stood outside of Yan Ruyu’s sedan chair.

The male was standing there, and even the normally proud core disciples from the Jade Maiden School were deeply attracted by him. Within some of their gazes, there was a bit of love and admiration.

That person was the number one disciple from the 4th ranked school in the Azure Province, Nan Gongxiao of the Swordless School. He was a genius who entered the 5th level of the Profound realm at the age of twenty.

Nan Gongxiao did like the gazes of love and admiration from the Jade Maiden School’s disciples. If it was any other time, he would have already went over and started a conversation. However, right now, he did not dare. He pretended to stare at Yan Ruyu’s sedan chair with deep emotions.

*whoosh* Finally, the tightly closed door was opened, and female with a beautiful figure as well as a good appearance walked out.

After that female appeared, every female disciple from the Jade Maiden School was completely outshined because that female truly had a quite good appearance. A protruding front and a behind that stuck out. Those who wanted chests had the chests, and those who waited waists had the waists. Both her figure and face were of top-quality. Especially her white skin. It was as smooth as jade, and it was extremely attracting.

“Junior Baixi, how is it? Is Junior Yan willing to see me?” After seeing the beautiful female, Nan Gongxiao quickly went up and asked.

Although that beauty was not Yan Ruyu, she was still the number two beauty in the Jade Maiden School. Like her name, she looked quite abnormally white. The most important thing was that she was Yan Ruyu’s closest sister. So, Nan Gongxiao did not dare to be disrespectful towards Baixi.

[TN: Bai means white, and Xi is an exclamation character. So, her name means “white!”.]

“Senior Nangong, I already said that Senior Yan does not feel well, and it is inconvenient for her to see anyone.”

“However, seeing that you have such sincerity, Senior Yan decided to meet you.” As Baixi spoke, she cast her gaze towards Yan Ruyu’s sedan chair.

At that moment, when the door on the sedan chair opened again, everyone couldn’t help but send their gazes over because at that very instant, an absolute beauty stepped out of the sedan chair and entered everyone’s line of sight.

That female had excellent figure, comparable to Su Rou; a sweet face, comparable Su Mei. It was as if she was the combination of both Su Rou and Su Mei.

The most important thing was that her skin was even whiter than Baixi. It was simply like snow, yet there were dots of red. Truly, red permeated through white, and water could be pinched out. With a single glance, one’s heartbeat would quicken, and then they were really tempted to go up and have a touch. It was a type of feeling where it was worth it to die today as long as you could touch that female once.

That person was the number one disciple of the Jade Maiden School, Yan Ruyu, and as expected of the number one beauty of the Jade Maiden School. After she appeared, even Baixi seemed quite a bit more ordinary. At that area, there was not a single person who could be compared to that female.

“Oh? Your fiancée is quite pretty huh?” At that instant, through the cracks of the sedan chair, Chu Feng was able to see Yan Ruyu’s appearance, and Eggy gave a rare praise to that woman.

“How is she pretty? She is too far away from my Eggy.” Chu Feng curled his lips and what he said came from his heart. Although Yan Ruyu was indeed very beautiful, from Chu Feng’s perspective, she was only on the same level as Su Rou and Su Mei.

From all the females that Chu Feng had seen before, the most beautiful was Eggy. Her perfect figure. Her perfect face. Every expression. Every action. All of that emanated a special grandeur that no one else had.

When she was gentle, she was a pure sacred lady. When she was wild, she was still an alluring woman. She was simply incomparable to this world’s females. Of course, originally, she didn’t even come from this world. At least in terms of outer appearance, Eggy was near perfect in Chu Feng’s heart.

Following that should be the purple-clothed young lady he met in the White Tiger Mountain Range. Chu Feng could not forget the clear eyes she had as well as her glamorous face. Her beauty could truly be said to destroy counties and cities, and was a rarity in the world.

Although the young lady’s strength was abnormally terrifying as she had the legendary Divine Body, a ruthless heart, didn’t care what methods she used, and was a truly dangerous character, Chu Feng had to admit that she was the only female who could be compared to Eggy. She was truly a beauty in the demonic level.

Also, within the Su sisters, one was like an alluring spirit, and one was as sweet as honey. Both had their special places, but they were both bewitching and beauties that could not be easily found.

As for Yan Ruyu, despite having a face that was comparable to Su Mei and a figure that was comparable to Su Rou, she only matched the strong points of the two, but did not exceed their strong points. So, if Chu Feng were to judge her prettiness, she could only be on the same level as Su Rou and Su Mei. Of course, being able to do that did not shame the name of beauty.

“That is, the female who is more beautiful than me hasn’t be born yet eh.” As her beauty was mentioned, Eggy proudly stuck her chest out. Although the girl was slightly small, her pair of evil weapons were not small at all. If Chu Feng saw that scene, his nose would certainly be bleeding.

“Junior Yan, back in that year, after separating from the Hundred School Gathering, a year has passed. I, Nangong Xiao, have missed you!” After seeing Yan Ruyu, Nangong Xiao could not control his own emotions anymore. He excitedly opened up a happy smile and quickly walked forward. He wanted to get closer to Yan Ruyu and take some small advantages from her.

“Ahh, Senior Nangong. Males and females are different so it is best not to get too close to one another. Besides, currently, Senior Yan is already arranged to be married, so it is not too convenient for you to get too close.”

However, before letting Nangong Xiao go near, Baixi stood up and stopped Nangong Xiao. She said her words extremely loudly, and she even intentionally looked towards Chu Feng’s sedan chair as she wanted to Chu Feng hear about it.

“Junior Baixi, what are you talking about? Junior Yan has an arranged marriage? When was that? Who set the arranged marriage with Junior Yan?” Indeed, after knowing that matter, Nangong Xiao’s expression changed greatly. With fury, hatred, anxiousness, and annoyance, he asked.

“Ahh, on this topic, even Senior Yan cannot do anything about it because it is not her wish, but the school head’s wish.”

“As for Senior Yan’s fiancé, I’m sure you have heard of him as well. He’s the current number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng.” Baixi helpless sighed and said.

“Chu Feng? He’s that little brat from the second-rate school? How is he even worthy for Senior Yan?” After hearing Chu Feng’s name, Nangong Xiao’s face even turned purple from anger. Although Chu Feng’s big name was abnormally famous in the past few days, he, Nangong Xiao, did not even put Chu Feng in his eyes because he felt that Chu Feng was trash with false might.

“Yeah. If Senior Yan marries Chu Feng, it will truly be sticking a fresh flower into cow crap.” With a face full of grievance, Baixi acted as though she was being forced to marry. On the other hand, Yan Ruyu stood on the side and didn’t say anything at all. She only looked at Chu Feng’s sedan chair, and complicated emotions were filled on her sweet face.

“Junior Yan, don’t worry. I will absolutely not let you marry that second-rate school trash. Right now, I’ll go and talk about this with your school head and get her to cancel the marriage between you and Chu Feng.” Nangong Xiao solemnly vowed, then after speaking, he turned around and walked.

“God damn, who do you think you are to be qualified to cancel other people’s marriage?” Just at that time, an explosive yell rang out and Chu Feng finally came out.

“Who are you?” After seeing Chu Feng, Nangong Xao’s sword-like brows slanted inwards and he coldly questioned.

“Senior Nangong, he’s Chu feng.” But before even letting Chu Feng reply, Baixi walked forward, pointed at Chu Feng and spoke.

“You’re Chu Feng?” Nangong Xiao was a bit surprised, but quickly after, eerie killing intent emerged into his gaze.

“That’s right. I’m your grandfather, Chu Feng.” Chu Feng stuck his chest out, raised his head, and he put both of his hands on his waist.

“Damn. Trash like you even dare to appear in front of me? Today, I will give you a lesson for Junior Yan. I’ll let you know that you are still unqualified to marry her.”

Nangong Xiao was even worried about having no excuse to take care of Chu Feng. He never would have thought that Chu Feng would insult him like that, so it incidentally gave him a reason to attack Chu Feng.