Chapter 274 - You Are Not Worthy

MGA: Chapter 274 - You Are Not Worthy

The boundless Profound power condensed in the air, and like a huge mountain, it crashed down onto Chu Feng. Although that strike could not kill Chu Feng, Nangong Xiao felt that with his cultivation, it would certainly put Chu Feng to the point of half-death. It was the best chance to perform in front of Yan Ruyu, and it was the best chance to display his manly grandeur.

After Nangong Xiao attacked, almost all of the disciples from the Jade Maiden School on scene looked forward to it. Cold smiles were hung on the corners of their mouths, because they really held Chu Feng in contempt. From the bottom of their hearts, they truly did not want Yan Ruyu to marry Chu Feng.

But they could not do anything about it or else they would not be giving the school head any face. No one dared to attack Chu Feng. So, Nangong Xiao attacking Chu Feng suited their intentions as well. It was the same as representing them to give Chu Feng a lesson.

At that instant, they even hoped that Nangong Xiao could pat Chu Feng to death with that one palm. After all, it would be even more fulfilling because they, who were always proud, felt that weak people were not even worthy enough to have any feelings towards them. If they did, they were looking to die.

However, Chu Feng was obviously going to disappoint them. Just as the Profound power was going to land on him, Chu Feng raised his hand and palmed. As the Origin power shot in all directions, the boundless Profound power exploded and scattered. Strong energy ripples forced the surrounding disciples from the Jade Maiden School to keep on backing away. Immediately, cries of surprise rang out.

“That boy actually blocked Nangong Xiao’s attack!!”

At that instant, the flowery faces of all the disciples from the Jade Maiden School lost colour and changed greatly. On their charming little faces, the word “shock” was written on them.

They could feel that Chu Feng had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm. Although it was quite decent for Chu Feng to have that cultivation at that age, he shouldn’t have had any ways to fight against the Profound realm.

However, with the cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm, Chu Feng easily broken Nangong Xiao’s attack. The battle power which crossed an entire realm was simply unbelievable.

At that instant, everyone couldn’t help but have a thought. Was the rumour truly true, and Chu Feng, with the cultivation of the 7th level of the Origin realm, really did defeat an expert in the 4th level of the Profound realm?

“Brat. You do have some methods, but after taking that, I wonder if you can take this as well.”

As the first strike failed, Nangong Xiao felt that his face was nonexistent. So, this time, he did not restrain himself. He used an extremely strong rank 6 martial skill.

When that martial skill was displayed, the entire sky seemed to dim down and lose colour. The overpowering Profound power formed into a boundless vortex in the air as it surged and rolled around. Finally, it became a huge sword that laid horizontally in the air.

The sword was a dozen meters or so long and it emitted frightening power, as though nothing could block a strike from it. At that instant, with terrifying power, it stabbed towards Chu Feng.

“Look! It’s the Swordless School’s foundation martial skill. Last year, in the Hundred School Gathering, Nangong Xiao used this skill to tie with Senior Yan.”

As they looked at the huge sword condensed by Profound power and emanated strong pressure, the people on scene couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air as fear emerged onto their faces.

It was because Nangong Xiao’s attack was extremely powerful. Within the disciples from the Jade Maiden School on scene, other than Yan Ruyu, almost no one else could block it. Even if Yan Ruyu came out, she could only block it but not break it.

“Ahh, it seems like Chu Feng is dead.”

After that skill was displayed, almost everyone felt that the outcome was set. Even if Chu Feng really had fearfully abnormal talent with so much battle power that it could rise to the skies as he was able to break a Profound realm attack with the cultivation of the Origin realm, they still felt that Chu Feng would absolutely not be able to block that attack.

“Hmph. Empty might.”

But as he looked at the huge sword which had oppressive pressure and contained terrifying power, Chu Feng did not dodge or avoid it. He clenched one of his fists, and threw a punch towards the air. However, the power that punch contained was several times stronger than before.


After punching, even the sky trembled, and when the formless power of the fist struck that huge sword, the originally incomparably sharp huge sword split inch by inch, and at the end, it shattered and disappeared in the air.

“Heavens! Look! The Swordless School’s foundation martial skill got destroyed by Chu Feng with one punch!”

As they looked at that scene, almost everyone was dumbfounded because such a scene surpassed their imagination and it did not belong within reason anymore.

“This...How is this possible? This brat actually...”

At the same time, the face of the displayer of the martial skill, Nangong Xiao, turned ashen. The martial skill was his strongest one and it was even his trump card. He originally wanted to defeat Chu Feng in one strike, but he never would have thought it would be so easily dissolved. At that instant, he simply did not know what to do and he was deeply provoked.

“You want to give me a lesson with this bit of skill? You truly overestimate your capabilities.”

Just at that time, Chu Feng suddenly attacked. His body flashed, and like a ghost, he appeared in front of Nangong Xiao. He raised his leg and kicked Nangong Xiao onto the ground. As the crowd was staring, he swung his arms, and strongly slapped Nangong Xiao’s face.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

Chu Feng did not give any mercy and every slap after the other rang louder than previous one. When the multiple slaps were connected together, they were like firecrackers being set off. It was truly crackling, and Nangong Xiao’s brain in between Chu Feng’s palms was like a pellet drum. It went back and forth, back and forth.

Chu Feng’s ferocious slapping kept on ringing out and did not end. The observing crowd were all stupefied. Not to mention the other disciples from the Jade Maiden School, even the eyes of Baixi and Yan Ruyu were perfectly round from widening. Their mouths were slightly opened, and they were completely subdued by the strength Chu Feng displayed.

In the world, the most shocking things were not things that were expected. They were the things that you did not believe. Things that you felt were impossible yet still forcefully happened in front of you, and things like those were the things that caused the most shock, because you did not believe that they were true before.

At that very instant, Chu Feng did that very thing. Before, even though the news of Chu Feng’s fearful battle power was already spread out, no one believed that it was true. But at that moment, Chu Feng used facts to tell them that all of it was true.

“He is too scary. This Chu Feng actually has such horrifying battle power. Nangong Xiao, who is fairly equal to Senior Yan, can’t even take a single blow from him.”

“So that means if Yan Ruyu exchanged blows with him, would she also not be able to defeat him? If Senior Yan can’t defeat him, doesn’t that mean the distance between us is huge?”

“This young man from the Azure Dragon School is unexpectedly so terrifying! Is this the reason why Yan Ruyu was chosen to be his fiancée?”

“Too outstanding. He is clearly so young, yet he has such strong strength. If he reaches our age, how frightening would he be?”

After being astonished, the gazes that everyone looked at Chu Feng with changed. It was no longer the contempt and disdain from earlier. It was a type of indescribable adoration and admiration.

Before, when they looked at the relationship between Yan Ruyu and Chu Feng, they had some sympathy for Yan Ruyu. They felt if she was married to Chu Feng, it would be like a fresh flower stuck on cow crap so they cried unfairness for Yan Ruyu.

However currently, when they looked at the relationship between Yan Ruyu and Chu Feng, they had incomparable admiration and even envy. They admired that Yan Ruyu had a marriage set with a young man like him.

If Chu Feng had such terrifying battle power at such an age, they could completely imagine how strong he would be after he developed for a bit more time.

How was the young man from the Azure Dragon School a lewd bumpkin? He was simply an incomparable dragon within men. A real cultivating genius. From their perspectives, in terms of talent, there would not be over three people who could be compared to Chu Feng in the entire Azure Province.

However, when everyone discovered Chu Feng’s powerful strength and their opinions on Chu Feng changed as they felt that the school head giving Yan Ruyu over to Chu Feng was a correct thing, Chu Feng stood up and swept his gaze of disdain over to Yan Ruyu and coldly said,

“Don’t go everywhere and say that I’m your fiancé, because you are not even worthy enough for me!”