Chapter 275 - Hundred School Gathering

MGA: Chapter 275 - Hundred School Gathering

“Don’t go everywhere and say that I’m your fiancé, because you are not even worthy enough for me!”

After Chu Feng spoke those words, he urged his sedan chair forward and left. He left a crowd of dumbfounded and endlessly stunned beauties behind.

If Chu Feng said that others were not worthy, it was still reasonable as after all, he was a genius. He was qualified to say that. However, who was Yan Ruyu? She was the number one disciple of the Jade Maiden School!

In terms of cultivation, it could be said that Yan Ruyu was the strongest within the young generation of females in the Azure Province.

In terms of appearances, if Yan Ruyu said she was the number two beauty in the Azure Province, it was likely that no one would dare to stand out and say that they were number one. And in reality, within people’s hearts, Yan Ruyu was the number one beauty in the Azure Province.

Also, those who understood Yan Ruyu knew that she wasn’t as pretentious as other outstanding females, nor was she as arrogant as other females. It could be said that she was the most kind and amiable one in the entire Jade Maiden School. Even though others would not believe it when it was said, that was the truth.

Also, Yan Ruyu did not have any scandals with other males. She truly guarded her body, and she was as clean as jade and as clear as ice. That did cause almost all young geniuses from various schools throughout the entire Azure Province to be moved by Yan Ruyu and they wanted to marry that sacred lady

Even the number one person in the young generation of the Azure Province, Dugu Aoyun, indicated in the past that he admired Yan Ruyu quite a bit. Although he did not poke through that paper window, everyone knew that if Yan Ruyu was willing to, Dugu Auyun would also be willing to take her as his wife.

However, such an almost perfect female was said to be unworthy by Chu Feng. Naturally, it caused people to feel shocked. If even Yan Ruyu could not enter Chu Feng’s eyes, what kind of female could capture Chu Feng’s heart?

However, compared to the astonishment of others, Yan Ruyu did not feel any fury at all. Rather, within her eyes which were as beautiful as the river of stars, there was even a strand of apologetic intention revealed. As she looked at Chu Feng’s departing back, she said quietly, “Sorry. I really did not mean to put you in a difficult situation, but...”

“School Head Situ, I wonder if you overestimated Nangong Xiao from your Swordless School, or if you underestimated Chu Feng from my Azure Dragon School. At the end, this result is quite surprising for you right?”

There were three silhouettes hidden within a forest. They were the school heads of the Azure Dragon School, the Swordless School, and the Jade Maiden School.

It turned out that the commotion caused by the exchange of blows between Chu Feng and Nangong Xiao already alerted the three of them. However, when the head of the Jade Maiden School as well as when Li Zhangqing wanted to go up to stop them, they were blocked by the head of the Swordless School since he said that that he wanted to see the fight between the young generation.

No matter if it was Li Zhangqing or the head of the Jade Maiden School, they were clear that he wanted to use Nangong Xiao to give Chu Feng a lesson because not only would that show Nangong Xiao’s strength, it would also show the Swordless School’s strength.

However, at that moment, the result undoubtedly caused the head of the Swordless School to be stunned. Not only him, even the head of the Jade Maiden School felt surprise.

“School Head Li, I never would have thought that an exceptional genius like him appeared in your Azure Dragon School. It seems like the current rumours are true, and this time, your Azure Dragon School will truly display your abilities greatly in the Hundred School Gathering.” After being stunned, the head of the Jade Maiden School smiled and congratulated.

“Hmph. The Hundred School Gathering isn’t only about the cultivation of the disciple. The most important are still the abilities of the school heads. School Head Li, this is the first time that you are participating in the Hundred School Gathering right? I’m sure that you don’t know the strengths of the various school heads. I will only give you a single sentence of advice. It is best to be careful.”

However, the head of the Swordless School who had no more face only coldly snorted, turned around, and left. After that, he who shamelessly requested to go along the Jade Maiden School led his Swordless School army and went ahead of them.

Li Zhangqing did not even put the actions of the Swordless School in his eyes. Even if the head of the Swordless School talked about cultivation, he was only in the 8th level of the Profound realm. Even if he had enmity in his heart and wanted to fight him in the Hundred School Gathering, Li Zhangqing was not afraid of him.

On the other hand, Chu Feng’s cultivation made him feel happy surprise. After all, Chu Feng was only in the 7th level of the Origin realm a few days ago; yet now, he was in the 9th level of the Origin realm. It didn’t really matter if Chu Feng raised his cultivation again or if he concealed his cultivation before.

But he knew that Chu Feng who was already outstanding in the 7th level of the Origin realm would be even more insane when he was in the 9th level of the Origin realm. So, he looked very forward to the Hundred School Gathering as well as the number one disciple from his own school displaying his skills. He would certainly bring back the lost glory of the Azure Dragon School.

After a few days of hurrying, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at the number one school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School.

The Lingyun School was not created on a mountain range. It was created within a plain. It was a vast city, and the creation of it gave out quite a grand atmosphere.

Today, the gates to the Lingyun School were opened to welcome guests coming from all directions. Almost all of the first-rate schools in the Azure Province arrived at that place to keep their appointment in the Hundred School Gathering hosted by the Lingyun School.

The various first-rate schools sent out their strongest elites. No matter if they were elders or disciples, their cultivation was extremely strong because the Hundred School gathering was a gathering for displaying one’s own strength. There was not a single school who did not want to not give enough face out.

So, outside of the Lingyun School, there were White-headed Eagles in the air and all sorts of colourful banners on the ground. That scene was indeed a rare one and it was quite majestic.

However, there were always exceptions, and in this Hundred School Gathering, an outlier appeared. It was the Azure Dragon School who only sent the school head as well as a single disciple.

“Who are they? I don’t seem to recall seeing them from last year.”

“It’s the Azure Dragon School right? They got promoted to a first-rate school this year, and from what I heard, there is only one Azure Dragon School, so I’m sure that it’s them.”

“They are too unpresentable aren’t they? They only sent two people? A school like this is able to get an invitation to the Hundred School Gathering?”

“The most important thing is, why are they going with the Jade Maiden School? This is truly ‘a toad eating swan meat’. Look at that old man. He isn’t the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing, right? How can he be so ugly? He is even talking and laughing to the head of the Jade Maiden School! I can’t watch this anymore...”

At that instant, Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing were riding on a horse. Along the head of the Jade Maiden School, they were at the very front of the group.

Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng’s special treatment attracted the attention of people. In addition to the highly raised Azure Dragon Banner, it let the other schools know what their statuses were.

But no matter if it was the entrance of the Azure Dragon School or their past position in the Azure Province, they were being contemptibly snorted at. Other than the people from the Jade Maiden School, almost no one else had any respect for them.

However, Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng were quite at ease. Not only did they ignore the countless gazes of disdain, they even chatted happily and that infuriated many schools that wanted to set up a relationship with the Jade Maiden School yet could not. They hiddenly decided if they met Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng in the Hundred School Gathering, they were certainly going to make things difficult for them.

*rumble rumble rumble*

Just as the big army of a hundred schools were going to surge into the Lingyun School, a group of people walked out of the Lingyun School. At that instant, almost everyone couldn’t help but quiet down because some of the most powerful people in the Azure Province were gathered with that group.