Chapter 276 - Special Position

MGA: Chapter 276 - Special Position

Although the strongest schools in the Azure Province were gathered in the Hundred School Gathering, after the people from the Lingyun School appeared, the might from the various schools were instantly suppressed.

The Lingyun School was indeed worthy of being the number one school in the Azure Province. No matter if it was the disciples’ talent, or the strength of the elders, they surpassed the other schools. Immediately after the characters from the Lingyun School appeared, it caused everyone to feel more respect.

The person who led them was a tall and straight old man with hair as black as ink. That old man’s eyes were like the eyes of an eagle and they were extremely lively. Whoever his gaze landed on would cause them to tremble even though it wasn’t cold. That person was the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian.

There were even twelve old people next to Yan Yangtian. Those twelve old people had very strong auras, and they were all experts in the 9th level of the Profound realm.

If a single person in the 9th level of the Profound realm appeared in any other schools, it would already be extremely impressive. However, there were twelve people like them in the Lingyun School. From that, it could be seen how overpowering the strength of the Lingyun School was, and how great the distance was when compared to other schools. As for those twelve old people, they were the famous Twelve Protectors of the Lingyun School.

Other than the Twelve Protectors, the number one disciple of the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun, was also next to Yan Yangtian. The number one person in the young generation of the Azure Province still had the cultivation of the 8th level of the Profound realm, but his aura was quite a bit stronger than before.

The strength of the Lingyun School simply caused people to be tongue-tied. Not a single school dared to be disrespectful because the Lingyun School did have strength that they could not defeat. However, as many people were blindly praising the powerful strength of the Lingyun School, Chu Feng was observing the cultivation of the head of the Lingyun School.

“This unfathomable aura... Yan Yangtian is absolutely not only in the Profound realm. Has he already entered the Heaven realm?”

Chu Feng felt shocked because from Yan Yangtian’s body, he felt a special feeling. Even with his Spirit power, it was hard to determine the depth of his strength. It wasn't because he used some special methods to conceal his strength. His strength already reached a stage in which Chu Feng could not detect it anymore.

The biggest possibility for this would be that Yan Yangtian already broke through the bindings of the Profound realm, entered a completely new realm of walking in the air, and grasped entirely new power. The realm of the Heaven power, the Heaven realm.

However, the Heaven realm already disappeared for several hundred years in the Azure Province. Even the Imperial Sky Sage was unable to step into that realm, yet Yan Yangtian could?


But just as Chu Feng felt astonished, he suddenly felt a strong Spirit power wave engulfing him and it was currently scanning his position. In response, Chu Feng quickly put his Spirit power away and he didn’t dare to observe Yan Yangtian anymore.

He shockingly discovered that behind Yan Yangtian, there was an old man wearing a World Spirit Grey-cloak, and obviously, he was the Grey-cloak World Spiritist of the Lingyun School.

“What’s wrong?” At the same time, Yan Yangtian couldn’t help but slightly turn his head around to ask the Grey-cloak World Spiritist behind him.

“I felt a very strong Spirit power and it should be a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.” The World Spiritist replied.

“Oh? Did you find who it was?” Yan Yangtian lightly raised his eyebrows as he was aware that the person wasn’t simple.

“I didn’t. Their reaction was very sensitive, and I’m afraid their attainment in the Spirit Formation technique isn’t inferior to me. It is very possible that he’s the Mr. Grey-cloak who disappeared for quite a long time.” The World Spiritist said.

“It’s fine. If Mr. Grey-cloak really did come here, it may not be a bad thing.” Suddenly, Yan Yangtian smiled as if it didn’t matter, then after that, he invited the various schools to enter the Lingyun School. A completely new and extremely big welcoming ceremony started right then.

There was a huge plaza in the Lingyun School The plaza was very vast and it was created just for the Hundred School Gathering.

At that instant, the many school heads, elders, and disciples gathered within that plaza as they listened to Yan Yantian’s welcoming speech as well as to the rules of the Hundred School Gathering.

“The Hundred School Gathering gathers the strongest schools in the Azure Province. In order to allow the outstanding schools to get the treatment that they should get, there is a special position prepared in this year’s Hundred School Gathering.”

“The school who gets this position can be exempted from all the competitions in the Hundred School Gathering. At the end of the Hundred School Gathering, the school head and the disciple can directly challenge the strongest school head and the strongest disciple.” Yan Yangtian announced with a loud voice.

“No need to participate in any competitions and they can challenge the strongest disciple and the strongest school head? How much strength would be needed for that?

“Yeah, every year, the position of the strongest disciple and the strongest school head gets monopolized by the Lingyun School. In the current Azure Province, which school has the strength to challenge the Lingyun School?”

“Although it is said that no matter which school gets selected, they would have no way of defeating the Lingyun School, at least it means that the school who gets chosen can be said to have gained the approval of the Lingyun School, as it would be the strongest school in the Azure Province other than them.”

“That’s right. This position is a rare honor, and from what I see, the school who is able to get this position should be the one ranked as second from the last year’s Hundred School Gathering. The number two school in the Azure Province, the Three Emperor School.”

“That may not be so. In the Hundred School Gathering last year, the Three Emperor School only barely won. From what I see, the Spirit Mountain School and the Swordless School both have very high possibilities in winning.”

“All of you are wrong. Obviously, only beauties can receive such special treatment. I feel that the Jade Maiden School is the most likely one.” As they faced the special position that came suddenly, the various schools kept on guessing. But the targets of who they guessed were only limited within the few schools in the top five.

“As for which school the flower lands on for this special position, I welcome the special guest to this Hundred School Gathering, Lord Qi Fengyang, to announce it.” Yan Yangtian stood on the stage and declared in a loud voice.

At the same time, Qi Fengyang also stepped onto the stage and appeared within people’s line of sight.

“It’s the Qi clan’s chief from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lord Qi Fengyang! I’ve heard that Lord Qi Fengyang already entered the 9th level of the Profound realm many years ago and currently, he is invincible within the Profound realm. He is a true expert!”

“No one from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion came from the past Hundred School Gathering to congratulate, so this year, why did the Qilin Prince’s Mansion send out such a high-level character here?”

“I even heard that Lord Qi Fengyang has a special relationship with the Azure Dragon School as he became sworn brothers with the number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng. A few days ago, the Azure Dragon School’s promotion was also personally hosted by him. I wonder if it is true or false.”

“Nonsense! You even believe such news? What virtue or ability does the Azure Dragon School have? How is it possible for them to be related to Lord Qi Fengyang?”

“With Lord Qi Fengyang’s status, not to mention the formerly insignificant second-rate school, the Azure Dragon School, Lord Qi Fengyang would not even look straight at some first-rate schools.”

“Also, don’t even mention being sworn brothers with Chu Feng who is in the Origin realm. That is undoubtedly a rumour that the Azure Dragon School intentionally spread after announcing that they became a first-rate school.”

After Qi Fengyang appeared, it give birth to many more sighs of surprises from the various school. Because of the special status of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, even if the other schools got even stronger, they did not dare to be disrespectful towards the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

However, at the same time, Chu Feng from the Azure Dragon School was paid attention to because no one believed that such a huge character like Qi Fengyang would become sworn brothers with a little brat like Chu Feng. So, they hoped that Qi Fengyang could expose the truth and let the Azure Dragon School as well as Chu Feng to enter an embarrassed situation.

They hoped for that because other schools being shamed was always something that everyone enjoyed to see. Especially a school like the Azure Dragon School who they looked down upon from the bottom of their hearts.