Chapter 277 - Invitation From a Beauty

MGA: Chapter 277 - Invitation From a Beauty

At that very instant, everyone was waiting for Qi Fengyang to announce the results. They wanted to know which school was going to get the special position.

As he was being stared by countless gazes, Qi Fengyang first lightly smiled, then cast his gaze towards the location where the Jade Maiden School was.

“So it is indeed the Jade Maiden School huh. It looks like that I was right. Only beauties can enjoy such special treatment.” At that instant, everyone felt that the answer was already revealed. However, when Qi Fengyang spoke the next sentence, they were instantly stupefied.

“The school that gets this special position is the Azure Dragon School!!” Qi Fengyang declared with a loud and clear yell.

“What? The Azure Dragon School? How did this happen? It’s the Azure Dragon School that just recently got promoted to a first-rate school!”

At that moment, no one could remain calm anymore because that result was completely unexpected. Even the people from the Lingyun School were bewildered.

“School head, this...” The Protectors from the Lingyun School cast their worried gazes towards Yan Yangtian.

Although the Lingyun School gave the decision to choose the special position over to Qi Fengyang, no one would have expected that he would so ridiculously chose a school that no one liked or approved of.

But even so, at that moment, Yan Yangtian could really do nothing about it and nothing more. Although his cultivation was quite outstanding and he was the grand head of the Lingyun School, it wasn’t good for him to say much in front of a huge character like Qi Fengyang from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. At least in that situation, he could not sweep Qi Fengyang’s face away. So, he could only secretly wave his hand towards his own subordinates, indicating them to not speak rashly.

“This...This doesn’t seem to be too reasonable. How can such a special position be given to the Azure Dragon School? What virtue or ability do they have to be deserving of that?”

“Why? Why did this happen? Does Qi Fengyang truly have a special relationship with the Azure Dragon School? If that is true, doesn’t it mean that he is using his position for private matters? This is too unfair!” With that, the ocean of people went into an uproar and some people even publicly protested.

They did that because Qi Fengyang chose a school that no one acknowledged or respected. It could be said that Qi Fengyang decision was not enough to cause the crowd to be satisfied. Even if his position was even more distinguished, it would still cause people to be displeased.

*boom* But just at that time, Qi Fengyang suddenly extended his hand and punched the air. After that punch was thrown out, it instantly exploded like thunder. Strong force caused the air and the land to sway, and the people from the various schools underneath were also affected by that punch.

After that, the originally incomparably noisy ocean of people instantly quieted down. Qi Fengyang then swept his fierce gaze over the crowd and coldly said, “What is the meaning of all of this? Do you not approve of the decision done by me, Qi Fengyang?” Qi Fengyang’s voice was abnormally loud.

After he spoke, the already quiet crowd immediately became even quieter. Even if they did not approve in their hearts, at that very instant, no one dared to say the words “I don’t approve”.

“Lord Qi Fengyang’s sharp eyes knows the pearl, so I believe that the school he chose will certainly give us an unthinkable good surprise.” Just at that time, Yan Yangtian stood out and as he spoke, he clapped.

At the same, the elders from the Lingyun School who were on the tall stage also clapped one after the other. Following that, the sound of clapping came from the schools underneath as well and it became more and more loud. At the end, it rang throughout the entire Lingyun School. Although they did not approve, at that moment, they could only helplessly allow that result.

So, Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng, the outliers in innumerable people’s eyes, got the best treatment in this year’s Hundred School Gathering. Not only were they exempted from the various competitions, Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng even got two extremely luxurious palaces which were the residences for them. In short, the two of them got the most excellent services.

But the one who was the most odd was still Qi Fengyang. He, who was already suspected to use his position for private benefits, had actually ignored the views of others and kept on running towards the residence in which Chu Feng lived in and chatted with him as they played chess. He only took his leave and left when he had something to do in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion later on.

Qi Fengyang’s actions cleared up a fact for everyone. How was the news of Qi Fengyang and Chu Feng being brothers a rumour? It was clearly true.

Many people felt that it was unbelievable as they faced that fact. But some people with careful thoughts started to contemplate whether Chu Feng really had areas that exceed others. Perhaps he truly had extremely strong battle power and was a rare cultivating genius who could skip many levels to defeat the strong as the weak.

But no matter what, at least within the Lingyun School, no one dared to cast any gazes of disdain towards Chu Feng anymore. Not for any other reason but because he had a Qi Fengyang behind his back. Just because of that, very little people dared to offend Chu Feng.

With a blink, the Hundred School Gathering officially started. Chu Feng did not go and look at the competitions between the schools, but he did hear an explosive news.

It was that the formation the Lingyun School sent out in the Hundred School Gathering this time was truly completely revolutionary. Not only did the school head, Yan Yangtian, not participate in the competition, even the elders did not. No matter if it was the competitions between the school heads or disciples, the Lingyun School sent disciples for both of them.

The number one disciple of the Lingyun School who was already famous throughout the Azure Province, Dugu Aoyun, represented the head of the Lingyun School and participated in the competition.

Many school heads were displeased when they saw what the Lingyun School did, because no matter how much more outstanding Dugu Aoyun was, after all, he was still of the young generation. He was still a disciple. Having Dugu Aoyun competing with the school head level characters like them meant that they were humiliating their status.

But because of the Lingyun School’s strength and because the Hundred School Gathering was hosted by the Lingyun School, many people dared to be angry, but did not dare to speak. Ultimately, they silently accepted that.

“Junior Chu Feng, so you’re here? It was quite a pain trying to find you, you know~”

On that day, Chu Feng was originally taking a nap at ease as he was next to a lake and bathing in sun. But suddenly, a gentle and sweet voice rang out and woke Chu Feng up from his dream.

After raising his head to look, Chu Feng’s curious expression instantly became icy cold because he recognized the one who called out. It was Baixi who hiddenly incited Yan Ruyu that day on how to use Nangong Xiao to give a lesson to himself.

“Junior Chu Feng, you wouldn’t hate me because of the matter that day right?” Even after seeing Chu Feng’s icy cold face, Baixi did not back away. She kept on swinging her little waist, and as it swayed left and right, she walked in front of Chu Feng, charmingly smiled, and sweetly asked.

“No need to speak such empty words. If you have anything, just say it.” Chu Feng coldly shot a glance at Baixi. It could be said that Chu Feng was really disgusted and hated that woman to the extreme.

“Junior Chu Feng, I do have something that I need you for. But it isn’t me who needs you. Senior Yan wants to invite you over for a chat.” Baixi smiled and said.

“You can go back and tell Yan Ruyu that I am not interested in her.” Chu Feng threw himself up and he prepared to leave.

“Eei~ Junior Chu Feng, I know you are angry because Senior Yan wasn’t willing to see you on that day. But I guarantee to you that she isn’t a female who you think she is.” Seeing that, Baixi extended her jade-like hand and grabbed Chu Feng’s palm.