Chapter 272 - No Road to Retreat

MGA: Chapter 272 - No Road to Retreat

That female had quite a good figure and quite good looks as well. Especially the noble grandeur that came from her body. It was incomparable to any females on scene.

The most important thing was that from her, Chu Feng felt strong aura that was not inferior to Li Zhangqing. That woman was an expert in the 8th level of the Profound realm.

After the woman appeared, all the elders and disciples from the Jade Maiden School quickly went up to pay their respects. From all that, Chu Feng knew that she was the head of the Jade Maiden School.

However, the most shocking thing to Chu Feng was that a middle-aged female who had both looks and strength, the grand head of the Jade Maiden School, was tightly staring at the old and ugly Li Zhangqing. Within her gaze, there was even a special emotion surging forth. After a while, she said with deep feelings, “Zhangqing, you are finally willing to see me.”

“Damn. This isn’t true is it? What is this? Was it really as how Li Zhangqing said it was, and he really captivated the soul of the head of the Jade Maiden School?”

At that instant, Chu Feng’s widely opened his mouth from shock, because it meant that Li Zhangqing did indeed speak the truth. He really captured the heart of the Jade Maiden School’s head to the point that she had never forgotten about him. But looking back at the difference between the two persons’ appearance, people still truly felt that it was inconceivable.

In reality, not only was Chu Feng shocked. Even the elders and disciples from the Jade Maiden School were so shocked that they could not care for themselves. However, they could only shock themselves for a bit. There was no one who dared to raise any questions because in the Jade Maiden School, no one dared to offend the school head.

After that, the head of the Jade Maiden School even specially set up a feast to treat Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing. Chu Feng sat next to Li Zhangqing, and as no one was paying attention, he secretly went over to Li Zhangqing’s ear and said,

“Lord school head, you are quite awesome. You said that you had some fated marriage with the head of the Jade School Head? Does that mean that you captured her heart when she was young?”

Chu Feng’s words were not said without reason, because the difference in age between the two was simply too big. Li Zhangqing was a standard little old guy, and even though the head of the Jade Maiden School was not that young, she did not pass the middle-ages. She was even the type who maintained herself well. It was very hard for Chu Feng to think how the two of them intertwined with love.

“You damn brat, what are you thinking about? Don’t you know that the Mysterious Techniques the Jade Maiden School cultivate are very special? As long as they don’t break their chastity, they can be forever young. So, although the head of the Jade Maiden School seems so young, in actuality, she is only two years younger than me.” Li Zhangqing quietly replied.

“Damn. So awesome.”

Chu Feng was incomparably astonished. He never would have thought that there was such a Mysterious Technique in the world. He truly learnt something new. However, the most astonishing thing was that the head of the Jade Maiden School as well as the elders could guard their bodies for so many years. It was truly impressive. That required quite some perseverance!

When she saw the private conversation between Li Zhangqing and Chu Feng, the head of the Jade Maiden School even thought that Chu Feng was impatient and wanted to see his fiancée. So, she asked a female disciple, “Where’s Ruyu? Why isn’t she here to welcome the guests?”

“Reporting back. Senior Yan said she felt a bit sick, so she isn’t going to participate in today’s feast.” That disciple replied timidly.

“Oh?” The head of the Jade Maiden suspiciously blinked her eyes but didn’t ask anything more. She only apologetically said to Chu Feng,

“Chu Feng, I am really sorry. Ruyu’s health is preventing her from coming, so I’m afraid you cannot see her today. But it’s fine. Tomorrow, you will be going with us to the Hundred School Gathering, and at that time, I can arrange a chance for you two to meet together alone.”

“Heh, you are too polite. I, Chu Feng, came to this place to visit you and I have no other goal!” Chu Feng smiled embarrassedly.

“Chu Feng, if that Yan Ruyu is truly sick, then whatever. However, if she is faking sickness, that means she is dissatisfied with you right?” At the same time, Eggy’s voice rang out in Chu Feng’s body.

“Of course I know. But even if she is satisfied towards me, I still need to be satisfied towards her.” Chu Feng was quite displeased in his heart, and his favourable impressions towards Yan Ruyu went from zero to negative.

On that day, Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing was invited to stay for the night. On the next day, they followed the Jade Maiden School’s group and headed towards the Lingyun School together to participate in the Hundred School Gathering.

In order for better communication between Chu Feng and Yan Ruyu, the head of the Jade Maiden School specially arranged for the sedan chair Chu Feng was in to be next to the sedan chair Yan Ruyu was in. However, the efforts were in vain as Yan Ruyu was still unwilling to leave. Not to mention chatting, Chu Feng didn’t even know what she looked like, and naturally, Chu Feng would not be so low as to take the lead to beg to see Yan Ruyu.

On the other hand, Li Zhangqing and the head of the Jade Maiden School talked about what they liked. They chatted and laughed as though no one was around them, and it caused many people to be speechless.

After a day of travelling, the Jade Maiden School’s group even met another school, and it was the first-rate school who ranked as 4th, the Swordless School.

The Swordless School was also invited to the Hundred School Gathering, and the head of the Swordless School even shamelessly requested to walk along the Jade Maiden School. Because she did not want to fight faces, the head of the Jade Maiden School could only allow it.

But then, the number one disciple from the Swordless School, Nangong Xiao, was even more shameless as he came in front of Yan Ruyu’s sedan chair and requested to meet her.

At that instant, Chu Feng who sat in the sedan chair which was next to Yan Ruyu’s couldn’t resist but to spread his Spirit power out. Because of that, he heard the following interactions.

“This Nangong Xiao is a shameless person. I don’t want to meet him, so tell him to leave.” An arrogant yet still gentle voice rang out, and it was undoubtedly Yan Ruyu.

“Senior, I suggest that you meet Nangong Xiao.”


“Think about it. Right now, the school head arranged a marriage with Chu Feng, and because of her face, it is not good for you to refuse. However, who is Chu Feng? He’s like a toad! Because the school head is forcing this, he is truly going to benefit greatly from this!”

“Pretending to be sick isn’t a method since it wouldn’t be good if the school head gets angered. Nangong Xiao already loves you and he is also the number one disciple in the Swordless School. No matter if it is in terms of strength or status, he is far above Chu Feng. If he knows that you have a fiancée, he will certainly be displeased, and with his temper, it’s likely that he will directly attack Chu Feng.”

“Coincidentally, right now, Chu Feng is here. So, why not use Nangong Xiao to give Chu Feng a lesson? So, that can let Chu Feng know that he’s in trouble and back away, and it can also let our school head see how useless Chu Feng is. Perhaps she will change her mind and cancel the marriage between you and Chu Feng.”

“Is that fine? Wouldn’t she be unhappy?”

“Why wouldn’t it be fine? It is the best method right now. If you miss this chance, I’m afraid that the marriage between you and Chu Feng will be set.”

“That’s...that’s fine.”

“God damn. These two women. They dare to say that I’m a toad?” Chu Feng who heard everything was extremely furious.

“Heh, Chu Feng, your fiancée has quite some methods huh? What are you planning to do now?” Eggy giggled, and she simply added oil to the fire.

“Damn fiancée. Even if she gave me presents, I would not have wanted them; yet now, you want me to know that I’m in trouble and back away? Fine. Today, I’ll give her no road to retreat!”