Chapter 271 - Meeting the Jade Maiden School

MGA: Chapter 271 - Meeting the Jade Maiden School

“Yan Ruyu?” Chu Feng’s eyes lit up and a hint of surprise couldn’t avoid emerging onto his face. He had heard of the Jade Maiden School, so naturally, he knew about Yan Ruyu.

Yan Ruyu was an absolute beauty. Her appearance was like a fairy from stories. When she was young, she already charmed countless males, and even females were moved by her beauty. From that, she gained the title of “girl from drawings”.

Also, Yan Ruyu was a martial cultivating genius. Although she wasn’t really a young girl anymore, she was not even nineteen years old. She already had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm, and she was one of the famous characters within the young generation of the Azure Province.

However, there was something Chu Feng was curious about. The disciples from the Jade Maiden School were proud and arrogant. As the number one disciple, no matter if it was in terms of appearances or cultivation, no one could be compared to Yan Ruyu in the Jade Maiden School. She could rise to the heavens from all the praises she got and she was an existence that was treated like a goddess.

How could such a female decide to marry him? Although the current Azure Dragon School was already a first-rate school, Chu Feng knew that the Azure Dragon School and the Jade Maiden School were simply incomparable to each other even in discussions. The weight of the title, number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School, was really quite light, and it shouldn’t even be put in Yan Ruyu’s eyes.

“Ha, boy. You’re not doubting my words are you?” Li Zhangqing smiled and said as he looked at Chu Feng’s face which was full of suspicion.

“To be honest, I am indeed very curious how you did that.” Chu Feng chuckled and asked.

“Not hiding the truth, back when I was young, I was still a beautiful and elegant young man with extraordinary grandeur. The school head of the Jade Maiden School and me were actually fated for marriage.”

“However, become of various reasons, we could not go on the same road. But she was always thinking about me and she has not married even once up until now.” Hearing Chu Feng’s question, Li Zhangqing waved his big sleeve, and unrestrainedly bragged about his outstanding past.

As he looked at Li Zhangqing’s foul appearance, Chu Feng had quite some trouble imagining that he was a beautiful young man back when he was young. However, he still curiously asked, “School head, what happened after that?”

“After that, the news of my Azure Dragon School becoming a first-rate school was spread out so she sent a letter to me, hoping that we can set up an alliance by arranging a marriage between you and Yan Ruyu. Although the two of us cannot be together, she hoped that her favourite disciple and my favourite disciple can become one.” Li Zhangqing said.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air and he looked at Li Zhangqing once again. No matter what, he could not see why the head of the Jade Maiden School always thought of Li Zhangqing and never forgot about him. So, Chu Feng said with incomparable shock, “I never would have thought that you had such charm.”

“You damn brat, what you mean by that? You doubt my charm?” Seeing Chu Feng’s surprised expression, Li Zhangqing was quite angered. He followed up and said, “Pack up. We will go today.”

“Go where?” Chu Feng was confused.

“I’ll bring you to see the woman who was captivated by me, and whether she is as crazy about me as before. As we do that, I’ll let you see your fiancée, Yan Ruyu.” Li Zhangqing replied.

“No need to pack up. Let’s go right now.” As Chu Feng spoke, he whistled towards the air. Very quickly, the top-quality White-headed Eagle, Little White, appeared from the air and it flew down. Chu feng lept into the air and landed on it.

“This boy is quite impatient.” Seeing that, Li Zhangqing helplessly shook his head, and after that, he also leaped and brushed up onto the White-headed Eagle. The one old and one young from the Azure Dragon School hurried towards the Jade Maiden School.

The mountain range in which the Jade Maiden School was located at was very small. However, the scenery was abnormally pretty. Tall mountains, flowing waters, rainbows floating around and clouds lingering around the mountain peaks. It was beautifully tall and big, as if it was a land of fairies.

The Jade Maiden School was built on the peak of the mountain range. The path uphill was quite steep and normal people could not climb it. So, if one wanted to enter the Jade Maiden School, they needed a martial cultivation expert to lead them. So, the disciples from the Jade Maiden School were from noble families and they were innately beautiful.

Currently, the Hundred School Gathering was nearing, and as one of the top five schools, the Jade Maiden School naturally wanted to go further in this year’s Hundred School Gathering. So, no matter if it was the disciples or elders, they were nervously preparing and picking the most elite disciples and elders to get ready to head towards the Hundred School Gathering.

Although there were only a few people who were going to stand out in the Hundred School Gathering, selecting a few good disciples to help with the grandeur would give more face at the end.

And on such a day, a White-headed Eagle streaked through the air and landed directly into the Jade Maiden School’s core zone. That caused the Jade Maiden School to be on high alert. Countless disciples and elders aggressively surrounded them.

“Who are you? The Jade Maiden School forbids males from entering. What intentions do you two have by intruding without permission?”

As expected of the sacred land that all males in the Azure Province yearned for, the Jade Maiden School. Not to mention the young female disciples who were quite gorgeously dressed, even the elders didn’t look like old grandmothers. Although the traces of age were left behind on their faces, it could still be seen that they were certainly beauties when they were young.

“Truly disappointing. I even thought that there would be quite a few beauties gathered in the Jade Maiden School which was titled as the gathering area of the Azure Province’s beauties. It turns out that they are only ordinary. Not a single one can be comparable to my little Rou and my little Mei. Of course, it would be impossible for them to be compared to my Eggy.”

“Nonsense. Who’s yours? If you dare to have any thoughts about me, I’ll castrate you.”

However, such a big group of beautiful females could not enter Chu Feng’s eye. But even so, Chu Feng’s gaze still shot everywhere. He especially attacked the convexing areas of the females as well as the snow-white, beautiful legs under their skirts.

“What are you looking at? Little pervert, if you look anymore, I’ll scoop your eyes out.” Chu Feng’s unrestrained gaze caused the little faces of the Jade Maiden School’s female crowds to redden as they pointed at Chu Feng and loudly reprimanded.

“Oh? You aren’t allowing me to look? If you don’t allow it, cover yourself more tightly! Why else would you reveal so much if it’s not for looking?” Chu Feng curled his lips and stared even more ferociously.


“I am the head of the Azure Dragon School, Li Zhangqing, and I received your school head’s invitation to come here.”

Seeing that, Li Zhangqing quickly stood out. At that instant, sweat beaded his forehead because he discovered that Chu Feng was really an imp who stirred up troubles. If he did not report where he came from, there was truly going to be a huge battle.

“Head of the Azure Dragon School? Which means that the little pervert is senior Yan’s...”

After speaking those words, everyone in the Jade Maiden School were stunned. Every single one widened their mouths, and they cast their gazes of disbelief at Chu Feng.

They already knew about the marriage between the Jade Maiden School and the Azure Dragon School. But they never would have thought that the person who was set to marry Yan Ruyu was a little lewd brat like him.

Despite feeling disbelief, after knowing Li Zhangqing’s and Chu Feng’s status, the elders from the Jade Maiden School did not dare to be disrespectful. They quickly welcomed them into the main hall of the Jade Maiden School, and before they even stepped into the main hall, a graceful middle-aged female led a group of beauties and walked out of the main hall to quickly greet them.