Chapter 339 - Young Genius

MGA: Chapter 339 - Young Genius

Chu Feng’s hand was grasping the dragon’s horn while he was riding on the dragon’s back. With light-like speed, he quickly surged in the underground palace. He was truly too fast. So fast that just as the Limitless Underground Palace’s mechanisms were activated, Chu Feng already disappeared like the light.

However, the Limitless Underground Palace was truly too big. Even if he used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heaven, the extremely profound bodily martial skill, and was able to dodge any mechanisms, from start to end, he still felt that there was a very long distance to the exit of the Limitless Underground Palace.

Without him knowing, two hours had already passed since Chu Feng entered the Limitless Underground Palace. However, even has he flew with such quick speed, he still did not reach the end.

Chu Feng truly suspected whether the Limitless Underground Palace was even bigger than the Prestigious Villa which was above ground. Truly as expected of the painstaking efforts of the seniors of several generations, because they truly dug it deep enough.

And after quickly travelling for a further distance, in front of Chu Feng, there were actually no more mechanisms. However, Chu Feng entered an endless underground world in which he could not tell the direction.

The thing that ached his head the most was in this place, Chu Feng’s World Spirit Compass was actually ineffective. His Spirit Formations techniques were not useful, and in this place where one could not see the sun, yet wanted to figure out the direction and wanted to find the endpoint of the underground palace, it was truly too hard.

“Damn. What is this Prestigious Villa doing? A single test has been made to such difficulty? Are they even letting people pass it?”

At that instant, Chu Feng felt extremely helpless and even a bit irritated. If even he found it difficult to determine the direction, wouldn’t it be even harder for the people, who he left far behind, to want to find the end point when they came to this place?

So, Chu Feng felt that even if many people could pass through the difficult mechanisms, if they wanted to get out of the underground palace within the limited time, it was still very difficult. In this test, it was fated that many people would fail.

But Chu Feng did not care about other people’s successes or failures. What he was worried about was him being stuck in this place and the reward of being number one getting taken away by someone first.

“Chu Feng, don’t panic. If even you get locked in here, I’m sure that the lewd old man will have a very hard time finding the exit as well. Right now, what you are betting on is speed and luck.”

“As long as your speed is fast enough, it wouldn’t be a difficult thing for you to go around in this place, but to want to quickly find the exit still requires some absolute luck.” Eggy reminded.

“Mm. There’s no time to waste. For the ten thousand Profound beads, I can only bet on this.” Chu Feng gnashed his teeth and rushed deeper into the vast underground world. At that instant, Chu Feng could deeply feel that he was like a headless fly that flew randomly in this world, yet there was nothing he could do.

*boom boom boom* But just as Chu Feng entered the underground world for a short while, he heard bursts of rumbling noises from afar. The rumbling was extremely deafening, and Chu Feng was able to hear that there were people fighting. Experts were fighting.

“There was indeed someone who entered his place before me. Why is there a battle here? Could it be that they already found the exit, and they are fighting over the price of being first?” After hearing the noises, Chu Feng did not panic. Instead, he secretly rejoiced, turned his body, and rushed towards that direction

Simultaneously, he also laid a layer of Spirit Formation around his body. It was able to completely conceal his aura, and if one did not carefully observe, they could even be unable to see Chu Feng. It was a concealment Spirit Formation that only Grey-cloak World Spiritists could lay.

And when Chu Feng neared, he astonishedly discovered that the rumbling had already dissipated. In a situation like that, Chu Feng also did not dare to spread out his own Spirit power to observe. He had to meticulously hide his aura, approach bit by bit, and use his naked eye to see what had actually happened.

“This is!” But when Chu Feng came close, his pupils abruptly shrunk and an expression of extreme shock emerged onto his face.

In a distant place, there were imposing and majestic big doors. Without question, the big doors were the exit to this underground palace.

And from a nearby place, two people stood. Clearly, those two people were fighting over the right to approach the big doors.

One of them was a short old man who had an evil smile on his face. That person was none other than the infamous lewd old man, Wang Qiang.

But the reason why Chu Feng was so shocked was because the one opposing the lewd old man was a young man.

That young man wore gorgeous clothing, had a white and handsome face, and looking at his tender appearance, he seemed to be even a bit younger than Chu Feng. However, when such a young man stood in front of Wang Qiang who was in the Heaven realm, not only was he not afraid, instead, within his gaze, there was even a trace of contempt.

“Haha, I never would have thought that a genius like you appeared in the continent of the Nine Provinces who is able to fight on par with me! Boy, what’s your name, where did your master come from, and where did you come from?”

The lewd old man Wang Qiang suddenly loudly laughed, but his eyes were never-endingly assessing the gorgeously garbed young man, seemingly trying to find a flaw in his opponent.

“You are not worthy enough to know my name. Also, you are also unable to fight on par with me. I was just testing you just now.”

“But the results were very disappointing. So it turns out that the infamous lewd old man, Wang Qiang, is only a normal character. Indeed, you can only bully the weak, the ones with mediocre cultivation, or even citizens that had never done martial cultivation.” The corners of the young man’s mouth rose into a cold smile. The disdain in his gaze also became a bit denser.

“What an arrogant brat! Today, I will give you uneducated thing a good lesson in place of your family. ”

Being humiliated by such a small young man, the lewd old man’s expression changed as he was furious and he emanated the aura of the Heaven realm. Even the air twisted and cracks appeared from the slabs under their feet which were made out of special materials. Quickly after, they were shattered from the stress.

The lewd old man was truly furious. The aura he emanated was a lot savage than Yan Yangtian’s and Lin Moli’s. It could be seen that even though they were both in the 1st level of the Heaven realm, the strength of the lewd old man was far above Yan Yantian’s and Lin Moli’s.

“Hmph. You’ve done the ends of horrible deeds, and your conscience has been completely lost. Today, I will carry out judgement for the heavens and remove an evil like you.”

However, as he faced the berserk lewd old man, the young man only faintly smiled then lightly waved his sleeve. A layer of Profound power engulfed out from his body.

“The 9th level of the Profound realm.” Chu Feng was greatly shocked. He never would have thought that the young man who seemed to be even younger than him would actually have the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm.

But that wasn’t even much. The scariest thing was after the Profound power swept out, it interweaved with the Heaven power that the lewd old man emanated out.

The two invisible powers already shaped in the air. Even explosions were compressed from the air, causing bursts of rumbling. Layers of ripples kept on spreading out from the two as the middle. It blew the special rocks from the ground up, and the young had actually fought Heaven power with Profound power, and fought equally so.

“Chu Feng, take the chance right now and sneak in. The reward of being first will be yours!”

And as Chu Feng was deeply attracted to the young man’s brutally strong methods that defied common sense, Eggy’s voice suddenly rang out next to Chu Feng’s ears.