Chapter 338 - Slight Mastery of Dragon Travelling

MGA: Chapter 338 - Slight Mastery of Dragon Travelling

The design of the Limitless Underground Palace was very mysterious. The mechanisms were limitless. In other words, when the first person passed through here, they had to charge past the mechanism. But after that person passed through, the mechanism would not be destroyed and it would still exist.

That formed a rule. If one wanted to pass through the hurdle, they had to rely on their own abilities. Follow an expert’s butt, run behind them, and after they destroy the hurdle, pick up the advantage and pass with deception? Don’t even think about those things.

Also, the Limitless Underground Palace was extremely large. The hurdles at the beginning were not too bad, and those in the Profound realm would not be pressured. However, when they reached the middle, most of the people in the 5th level of the Profound realm were stopped by them. As for the later parts, they were even more difficult.

With such difficult hurdles, if Chu Feng wanted to use his own cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm to walk around in the Limitless Underground Palace, it was a nearly impossible thing.

So, Chu Feng could only borrow Eggy’s power to walk around the Limitless Underground palace. Chu Feng’s actions could be said to be cheating, but in reality it was also not. Eggy was one of Chu Feng’s World Spirits, so she was also one of Chu Feng’s abilities.

It was just like the people who had Elite Armaments protecting them. Compared to the people who had the same level of strength, it was like having an absolute advantage. If two people were fighting, were Elite Armaments not allowed if they had one? Of course that was not possible, so gaining benefits by borrowing Eggy’s power was a reasonable action.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The current Chu Feng already used his Imperial Sky Technique to the extreme. With his own detection power of a World Spiritist as well as Eggy’s cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm, no matter what mechanisms they were, they could not trouble Chu Feng.

In a situation like that, countless people started to be passed by Chu Feng, and when they saw the person who pass them was actually a young man, not a single person weren’t extremely shocked as they deeply remembered the face of the young man because they felt that that person would very possibly be a genius whose name would be spread in the continent.

“This isn’t working. It isn’t a way for this to continue on. There are too many expert who participated in this Marriage Gathering, and because Jie Bufan and the others wasted some time, with my current methods, I have no way of catching up.”

However, Chu Feng presently was tightly furrowing his brows because he was able to feel that there were still many martial cultivation experts in front of him. Those people grasped special methods, and some had bodily martial skills that were no weaker than his Imperial Sky Technique. In that situation, not to mention getting the first place prize, Chu Feng would not even be able to cram in the top ten.

“It seems like I can only stake it on this or else this journey will be for nothing.”

At that instant, Chu Feng grinded his teeth, and had actually suddenly stopped his quickly forwarding steps. He cross his arms in front of his chest, and simultaneously, he closed his eyes.

“Why is this boy standing and not moving?”

“Wasn’t this the boy who just passed me? What is he doing?”

“He only has the cultivation of the 3rd level of the Profound realm, so I’m sure that the terrifying speed just now was certainly because he used some forbidden methods, and right now, he is getting the rebound right?”

Chu Feng stopping his steps and not going forward caused many people, who were passed by Chu Feng, to catch up to him. Seeing that Chu Feng stood there without moving, many people guessed one after the other and some people even spoke to mock him. However, not a single person stopped to observe. They gave it their all to continue madly running forward.

Actually, any one of the people who were able to reach this stage could be said to be famous people in the Profound realm. All of them had enough confidence to pass through this underground palace and to gain the qualifications to join the Marriage Gathering.

And the reason why they were giving it their all was naturally because they drooled over the ten thousand Profound beads. In the continent of the Nine Provinces, most likely not a single person would not be moved by ten thousand Profound beads. So, they were giving it with everything they had and charged towards the ten thousand Profound beads.

But how would they know that even though Chu Feng seemed calm on the surface as he stood there, in reality, change that was turning the sky and earth upside down was happening within his body.

The Profound power that surged within Chu Feng’s body was currently quickly shrinking, causing characteristical change that had never happened before. And the Profound power that was changed characteristically was, right now, condensing under Chu Feng’s feet.


Suddenly, a large area of azure-coloured fog appeared under Chu Feng’s feet. The fog surged and rolled like clouds and mist. However, the azure-coloured gas was not simple fog, because at the same time it churned around, it was condensing into a shape, and it was actually an azure dragon.

That azure dragon was five meters long, both of its eyes were empty, its body was blurry, but it was indeed a shape of a dragon. Although from its outer appearance, the azure dragon that the Azure Dragon Founder condensed out that day, which looked like a real dragon, had far more might and domineeringness than the azure dragon Chu Feng condensed out, its body also similarly contained spiritual energy, as if it was a real dragon that had life.

“Haha, I succeeded!”

As he saw the azure dragon under his feet, Chu Feng was unceasingly joyful. With a strike towards the ground with both his feet, Chu Feng rode on top of the azure dragon. Because the azure dragon was too small, standing was clearly not as comfortable as sitting. But it had to be said that riding the azure dragon was much more comfortable than riding a horse.

But being able to ride it wasn’t the important part. The important part was with a thought from Chu Feng, the azure dragon had actually became a row of light and started to fly. With a blink, it already disappeared.

“Aaoo!” The azure dragon under Chu Feng was like a little dragon that just was just born. Although the atmosphere it gave off wasn’t strong, its speed was extremely quick and at the same time, it was also able to make low roars that had a bit of overbearingness.

In a situation like that, the people that just caught up to Chu Feng were all passed by him again, and this time, the speed that he passed them was many times quicker than before. They did not even have a chance to see Chu Feng’s appearance clearly. They only saw a row of azure light brush past their bodies, and after that, they no longer saw any traces of him.

“What was that? Is it someone in the Heaven realm?” Since then, almost everyone who were passed by Chu Feng were dumbstruck by Chu Feng’s strangely fast speed from surprise.

A large portion of the people felt that it was a powerful person in the Heaven realm, or else it would not be possible to have such fast speed. But some people also felt that it was only their hallucinations because the azure-coloured object passed with a flash. It was really too fast, and it was unclear whether it truly happened, or if their eyes were broken.

“Haha, I never would have thought that this Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens would be so profound! I haven’t even mastered it yet I can already reach such speed. If I do master it, wouldn’t even Heaven realm expert be unable to do anything to me?”

The current Chu Feng was in endless elation. In terms of speed, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens already completely surpassed the Imperial Sky Technique. At the end, he could not even catch up to any life forms in front of him. It meant that Chu Feng very possibly became the number one person in the underground palace.

But Chu Feng did not dare to underestimate his opponents because he clearly remembered the powerful person in the Heaven realm, the lewd old man Wang Qiang, was the first to step into the underground palace.

And up until now, Chu Feng still did not discover the traces of the lewd old man, which meant that he, Wang Qiang, was always in front of Chu Feng and he also flung Chu Feng far behind himself.

So, not only did Chu Feng not reduce his speed, he even gave it his all and did the preparations to compare against the Heaven realm expert, the lewd old man. At least in terms of speed, he had to surpass him.