Chapter 337 - Beat You Up Even More Miserably

MGA: Chapter 337 - Beat You Up Even More Miserably

Despite facing Jie Bufan’s provocation, Chu Feng lightly smiled, and unhesitantly followed. But just at that time, Gu Bo grabbed onto Chu Feng and said with a bit of worry, “Chu Feng, if you want to give him a lesson, you can at any time, and there’s no need to fight right now.”

“You’re afraid that he will ambush me?” Chu Feng said.

“Not only am I afraid that he will ambush you, but it’s just that the Profound level underground palace is indeed unsuitable for us.”

“Besides, that Jie Bufan intentionally waited for my World Spirit Guild’s seniors to enter the underground palace before provoking you. Clearly, he has malicious intents, and I’m afraid that the people who are waiting for you in there will not only be those people.” Gu Bo reminded.

“Don’t worry. As long as that Jie Qingming isn’t here, not a single Jie clan member can do anything to me.” Chu Feng calmly smiled, then quickly walked towards the Profound level underground palace.

How sensitive was Chu Feng’s Spirit power? He already found out that Jie Bufan and the others were hiddenly staring at him. However, as long as there were no one in the Heaven realm, Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest.

“Gu Bo, this boy is arrogant enough! We should still not bother with him. Big bro Zhao and the others just instructed us to enter the Origin level underground palace. We cannot defy them!” Seeing that, the several young men behind Gu Bu who were similarly not eighteen years old said.

“No. I cannot abandon him.” However, as “honor does not permit one to hesitate and look back”, Gu Bo followed Chu Feng over.

Seeing that, the remaining young generation of the World Spirit Guild looked at one another and hesitated a bit. But as they looked at Gu Bo’s departing back, they still bit down on their teeth and followed as well.

The underground palace was very big and it was also very intricate. There was a heavy feeling of an underground castle, but even if it was a castle, it was a super-huge castle.

But that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that soon after Chu Feng and the others entered the underground palace and before entering the zone of checkpoints, their paths were blocked by a group of people, and they were exactly the Jie Bufan and the other Jie clan members.

However, just as predicted by Chu Feng and Gu Bo, the ones who appeared at that instant were not only the several few people. There were over twenty or so.

Within the twenty or so people, only Jie Bufan himself was in the 9th level of the Origin realm. All others were actually in the Profound realm, and two of them even stepped into the 3rd level of the Profound realm while emanating oppressive auras.

“Dammit. There is indeed an ambush.”

As they saw the Jie clan members who surrounded them all around, the several people from the World Spirit Guild started to cast gazes of blame towards Chu Feng because they knew that this time, it was likely that they wouldn’t be able to pass the underground palace within the time limit. And all of that would have been caused by Chu Feng.

And after seeing the terrified faces on the World Spirit Guild’s crowd, Jie Bufan smiled as he was pleased and said, “Bu Go, today, I am settling a debt with Chu Feng. It is unrelated to your World Spirit Guild, and if you leave right now, you’ll still make it.”

“Jie Bufan, I think that you haven’t cleared up the situation. Chu Feng is already part of my World Spirit Guild. His matters are the matters of my World Spirit Guild, so how can it not be related?”

“I advise you to not do anything rash or else my World Spirit Guild will absolutely not leave this alone.” Gu Bo also knew that the situation wasn’t good, but he did not retreat. Instead, he stood in front of Chu Feng.

At that instant, there was no need to mention how warm Chu Feng’s heart was. The so-called “true feelings are seen with disaster strikes”. Seeing that Gu Bo was able to stand in front of himself in such a time showed that such a brother was worthy to make.

“Gu Bo, I, Chu Feng, am indeed a part of the World Spirit Guild, but I still want to solve today’s matter by myself.” Chu Feng stood out, stuck his arm out, and pushed Gu Bo behind him. Quickly after, he smiled while looking at Jie Bufan and said,

“Jie Bufan, I think you just said that I was able to defeat you that day in the Asura Ghost Tower is because I had an advantage right?”

“Hmph. Is that not true?” Jie Bufan coldly snorted, and when the matter of that day was mentioned, traces of fury couldn’t help but surge in his gaze.

*whoosh* But just at that time, Chu Feng attacked like lightning. He raised his leg, and kicked Jie Bufan’s chest. The strong power directly threw Jie Bufan onto the ground.

With a bang, Jie Bufan ferociously fell on the ground. Quickly after were some painful cries because at that instant, cracking noises kept on coming from his breastbone and it was already forcefully broken by Chu Feng’s kick. He was no longer able to continue participating in the underground palace’s qualification test.

And after stepping Jie Bufan under his feet, Chu Feng indifferently smiled and said, “Actually, I want to say that outside of the Asura Ghost Tower, I can beat you even more miserably.”

“Heavens, this...” The sudden scene that arrived caused everyone to widen their mouths from terror. No matter what you said, Jie Bufan was still a genius within the young generation of the Jie clan members. His battle power within the people in the same age was top-level, and only Gu Bu from the World Spirit Guild could fight against him.

But at that very instant, in front of Chu Feng, Jie Bufan did not even have the chance to return any attacks. What did that mean? It meant that Chu Feng’s battle power was far above Jie Bufan’s, and simply comparable to the Profound realm.

“Brat, you’re looking to die!” But compared to the pure amazement of the World Spirit Guild’s crowd, there was none of that on the faces of the Jie clan members. The twenty powerful people in the Profound realm attacked all at once as they surrounded Chu Feng.

“Hmph. All of you, kneel down.” But just at that time, Chu Feng coldly snorted and at the same time, a wave of brutally strong pressure swept out and instantly engulfed the twenty or so people.

And after they were engulfed by it, the pressure formed by Origin power really forced all the twenty or so Profound realm Jie clan members to kneel onto the ground and it was difficult for them to climb back up. They completely lost any power to fight, and several of them even forcibly lost consciousness from that pressure.

At that instant, the people from the World Spirit Guild whose mouths were already widened roundly were even more amazed, to the point that they could not care for themselves. Their eyes endlessly flickered while emitting incomparable shock.

It was because they could clearly feel that Chu Feng’s aura was only the 9th level of the Origin realm, but at that instant, he was actually able to use his pressure to easily cause those in the Profound realm to fall to the ground. Such battle power that defied common sense truly caused disbelief for people.

“Look! That young man’s strength is so strong! Who exactly is he? He can actually rely on the cultivation of the 9th level of the Origin realm to defeat a group of cultivators in the Profound realm!”

“Impressive. Those people aren’t simple cultivators. They’re the Jie clan members who come from the Spirit Province! This young man can actually use his pressure to suppress them so that they cannot return any attacks. Isn’t that battle power a bit too strong?”

“It seems like in this Marriage Gathering, there are indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers. The glory of an apical genius can be seen so quickly. But I just wonder which province he comes from and what his name is.”

In reality, the action that Chu Feng and the others caused also attracted the attention of others. Many people even gave up the chase for being first, stopped their steps, and started to observe.

But Chu Feng did not care about the discussions of the crowd. He said to Gu Bo, “Brother Gu Bo, I thank you for being able to stand out for me, but believe me. This Profound level underground palace isn’t enough to cause difficulty for me.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng leaped and rushed towards the deep parts of the underground palace as he impatiently charged towards the attracting reward of being first.

And as he saw Chu Feng’s body that completely disappeared with a blink, Gu Bo ashamedly smiled and said, “So Chu Feng’s battle power that defies common sense is unrelated to the Asura Ghost Tower, and he is truly this strong. I, Gu Bo, still underestimated you!”

After that, Gu Bo did not continue deeper into the underground palace. He brought the World Spirit Guild’s group back out from the entrance and re-chose the Origin level underground palace.

It was because they didn’t have Chu Feng’s strength. In order to guarantee that they would be qualified to participate in the Marriage Gathering, it was safer to choose the Origin level underground palace.