Chapter 336 - Attracting Reward

MGA: Chapter 336 - Attracting Reward

*rumble rumble rumble* Just as the old man finished speaking, the ground in front of the crowd started to slowly shift with ear-piercing rumbling noises. Finally, two huge entrances appeared. So it turned out that underneath the ground, there were two deep and wide tunnels that led towards a vast underground palace.

“Everyone, these two tunnels lead to my Prestigious Villa’s Limitless Underground Palace. Everyone, you only need to pass through this Limitless Underground Palace to be qualified to participate in this Marriage Gathering.”

“And because there are many people who are going to take part in his test, in order for fairness, the Limitless Underground Palace is split into two levels. One level is suitable for Profound realm cultivators and those who are eighteen years old. Those people must enter the Profound level Limitless Underground Palace.”

“The other level is suitable for Origin realm cultivators and those who haven’t reached eighteen years of age. They can choose to enter the Origin level underground palace, and as long as they can pass it, similarly, they can gain the qualifications to participate in the Marriage Gathering.”

“Also, if those who haven’t reached eighteen years of age feel that the Origin level underground palace is too simple and feel that it is injustice towards their own strength, they can choose to enter the Profound level underground palace. However, those are already eighteen years old can absolutely not enter the Origin level underground palace.”

“And no matter if it is the Origin level underground palace or the Profound level underground palace, the first person to pass it will get a generous reward.”

“For the Origin level underground palace, the first one to pass will be awarded a Prestigious Badge. The person who has a Prestigious Badge can receive the most superb treatment within the range of my Prestigious Villa’s control. They can exit and enter my Prestigious Villa at any time they wish without being stopped.”

“Other than the Prestigious Badge, the first person to pass can also get ten thousand Origin beads as reward.”

As for the first person to pass the Profound level underground palace, not only can that person get a Prestigious Badge, they can also get ten thousand Profound beads as reward.“ The manager elder loudly said.

“What? It’s ten thousand Profound beads?!” After hearing those words, almost everyone on scene revealed expressions of elation. Even Gu Bo and the others who were born in the World Spirit Guild couldn’t help but excitedly lick their lips and said, “This Prestigious Villa is truly wealthy and imposing. Indeed, if they give out something, it’ll be in a huge scale.”

“Heavens, they used Profound beads as a reward, and it’s even ten thousand of them!” But compared to others, the one who was most shocked was none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng who came from the most lonely province in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Azure Province, he had never even seen what Profound beads were. He even flipped the strongest school in the Azure Province, the Lingyun School, upside down, yet he could not even find a single Profound bead.

But at that very instant, the Prestigious Villa had actually taken ten thousand Profound beads as reward. Such a reward was simply far from achievable even with everything the Lingyun School had.

From that, it could be seen how big the distance was between the Prestigious Villa and the Lingyun School. No wonder the Lingyun School could title themselves as overlord in the Azure Province, but was unable to even step onto the stage of the continent. It was because when compared to the top-level huge powers such as the Prestigious Villa, the Lingyun School was simply too weak.

“Chu Feng, with ten thousand Profound beads, not only can it allow you to easily break into the Profound realm, perhaps it can even bring you to another level and directly step into the 2nd level of the Profound realm. This is truly great!”

“If you are able to enter the 2nd level of the Profound realm, your cultivation and mine will only be separated by one level. Even without relying on my power, you can still be able to call yourself as king within the powerful people in the Profound realm. It is indeed not a mistake by coming to this Prestigious Villa. You are going to be huge profits!” In reality, not only Chu Feng, even Eggy was endlessly excited.

“The ten thousand Profound beads are indeed attracting, but you’ve seen it as well. Within the tens of thousands of people here, over half of them are in the Profound realm, and many are in the peak of the Profound realm. Within them, who knows how many have the strength that is far above Dugu Aoyun’s.”

“Besides, other than them, there’s also the lewd old man Wang Qiang. With that Heaven realm expert, it isn’t easy to get first place!” Chu Feng first sighed, then quickly after, he decisively said, “But the attraction power of the ten thousand Profound beads is really too big. No matter what, I still need to give it a try.”

“Everyone. The reward for first place is in the exit area of the passageway. The first person to pass can get it.”

“However, I need to remind all of you that this Limitless Underground Palace is the result of many of my Prestigious Villa’s seniors’ several hundred years of transformation. Not only is it extremely big inside, it is extremely dangerous. After entering, those who do not have sufficient strength can very possibly lose their life.”

“So, if there is anyone who know the difficulty and wish to retreat, it is best to not step in or else life and death will be left up to fate. If there is anyone who meets with misfortune within the Limitless Underground Palace, my Prestigious Villa is not responsible.”

“The limit of the test is ten hours. After ten hours, those who passed through either of the Limitless Underground Palace and participate in the Marriage Gathering that comes after. But those who are unable to pass are all disqualified.”

“Okay. Useless words are finished now. I will wait and see who will get the two Prestigious Badges.”

Immediately after the manager elder finished speaking, the tens of thousands of people in the middle of the plaza started to move. They separated into two batches and surged towards the entrances to the two tunnels.

There were two entrances to the tunnels. In the Origin level entrance area, there was a layer of special Spirit Formation. The Spirit Formation was created after combining with special equipment. It could invisibly assess a person’s age.

So, when many people who already reached eighteen years of age wanted to take advantage of the chaos, as they chose to enter the Origin level underground palace, were all stopped by the invisible Spirit Formation. Some were even harmed, and the people who wanted to exploit it had their qualification instantly canceled and chased out of the Prestigious Villa.

“Oh? Isn’t this the Azure Province bumpkin Chu Feng? I never would have thought that even you would come here! You have truly come here to get something that you will never get.”

Suddenly, an ear-piercing voice rang out. Looking towards the voice, a familiar person was seen. The person who was gradually approaching Chu Feng was a Jie clan member, Jie Bufan.

The current Jie Bufan was the same as Gu Bo, being also in the 9th level of the Origin realm. There were also several Jie clan members following behind him, and they were people in the Profound realm.

“I even wondered who it was. So it’s the trash who was completely frightened by me after being beaten up by me in the Asura Ghost Tower.” Chu Feng disdainfully shot a glance at Jie Bufan.

“Haha, what a joke. At first, you were only able to defeat me because you were not bound by the suppression in the Asura Ghost Tower. If now, being outside the Asura Ghost Tower, are you able to?”

“Want to give it a try?” Chu Feng was not afraid of Jie Bufan because currently, behind him, there were also Gu Bo and the other people from the World Spirit Guild. Besides, with Chu Feng’s current strength, not to mention Jie Bufan, he did not even put the even the several clan members in the Profound realm behind him in his eyes.

“Very well. Right now, I’ll be waiting for you inside. If you have the guts to, come in.” After leaving those words behind, Jie Bufan walked towards the Profound level underground palace’s entrance, and after the people behind him coldly glared at Chu Feng, they also followed and one after the other, they followed the human current and stepped into the Profound level underground palace.