Chapter 335 - Lewd Old Man

MGA: Chapter 335 - Lewd Old Man

“Chu Feng, even I, Gu Bo, deeply believe and do not doubt that you are a genius, so you can’t doubt yourself because the facts prove that your talent is really far above me and Jie Bufan.”

“One year ago, I and Jie Bufan were already in the 7th level of the Origin realm, and with the time of one year, the two of us have both stepped into the 9th level of the Origin realm. There is only the distance of one step from the Profound realm, and everyone felt that the two of us are geniuses as we can reach this step at this age.“

“However Chu Feng, you and I are similar in age. One year ago, you were only in the 1st level of the Origin realm yet could resist against the pressure that neither I nor Jie Bufan could resist in the Asura Ghost Tower. You were even able to beat Jie Bufan like a dog who was six levels of cultivation over you.”

“Right now, with the time of one year, you stepped into the 9th level of the Origin realm from the 1st level of the Origin realm and caught up to both my and Jie Bufan’s realm of cultivation. I deeply express my admiration towards such martial cultivation speed because I feel that within the people in the same age, there is already no one who can be compared to you.”

As Gu Bo spoke, he was a bit moved because he already discovered earlier, as Chu Feng did not conceal his cultivation, that Chu Feng’s current cultivation was the same as his, being also a cultivator in the 9th level of the Origin realm. That speed caused him to feel shock and sigh with admiration.

“Brother Gu Bo, thank you for your reminder. I, Chu Feng, am very happy to know a friend like you.”

After Gu Bo’s words, Chu Feng also smiled from happiness. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand Gu Bo’s meaning; in reality, Chu Feng was, from start to finish, full of confidence and expectation about his future. However, he never would have thought that Gu Bo would actually approve of him so much.

After all, people like Gu Bo who were extraordinarily born with extremely strong talent should originally be extremely prideful of themselves. However, Gu Bo didn’t. Instead, he acknowledged Chu Feng’s strength and even felt that Chu Feng was stronger than him. Just now, he even unrestrainedly passed down the information he got from the World Spirit Guild to Chu Feng. It showed that he trusted Chu Feng a lot.

So, that was why Chu Feng was happy. Chu Feng felt that Gu Bo was a friend that he could make, and in the present, what he needed the most were friends in which he could open his heart to. Real friends.

In the later periods of time, for almost every day, Gu Bo came to where Chu Feng was to chat with him, to discuss about Spirit Formation techniques as well as things about martial cultivation. The relationship between the two also got closer and closer, and they became friends that talked about everything possible.

And as Chu Feng and the others were comfortably passing by the days in the Prestigious Villa, the Marriage Gathering selection was also happening.

Finally, after a while of screening, within the outer city of the Prestigious Villa, several tens of thousands of people already surged in. Those people came from every single place, and most of them were those in the young generation. However, there were also people who were older.

But no matter what their ages were or where they came from, they were equipped with a certain strength, and they all had the same goal. It was for the Prestigious Villa’s Marriage Gathering.

On this day, they were all gathered within the outer city of the Prestigious Villa because the Marriage Gathering qualification test that was planned for a long time was going to start today.

“Look! Isn’t that the lewd old man Wang Qiang? Why is he also here?”

“Heavens! Such a famous senior expert has actually come to join a Marriage Gathering like this? That’s too unacceptable is it not?”

“Rubbish! What kind of senior expert is he? He’s a despicable and shameless human failure who has done every type of evil possible. What is the Prestigious Villa actually thinking of? How can they let such a guy in? Aren’t they just letting their own ladies get defiled by such a beast?”

Suddenly the crowd went into an uproar. Chu Feng slanted his gaze and looked over. He saw a white-and-grey-haired short old man who was walking into the crowd as he was stared by countless gazes and mocked by all sorts of words.

The old man acted as if he didn’t hear the words of others. From start to finish, his mouth was brimming at an angle caused by the corners of his mouth raising up. His eyes restlessly swept over the Prestigious Villa beauties that were on the tall stage. He was indulged in looking, and without restraint, he even stuck his tongue out and licked his lips. He seemed just like an old rogue.

However, although the old man wasn’t respectful despite being an elderly person, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that his strength was extremely frightening. He was an expert in the Heaven realm.

“Gu Bo, who’s this old man? Why is he so famous? It seems like many people recognize him.” Chu Feng curiously asked Gu Bo who was next to Chu Feng.

“That old man is called Wang Qiang. He also has a nickname called ‘lewd old man’. He is a rapist whose lust can cover the sky, and he is also an escapee from the many provinces. Wanted posters have pretty much been posted everywhere in the Nine Provinces, and the women he has defiled are uncountable.” Gu Bo explained in detail.

“How can such a person possibly come into the Prestigious Villa?” At that instant, Chu Feng finally understood why those people had such disgust towards the lewd old man. It was because he was truly an unlikeable guy who committed countless sins.

“This lewd old man is very smart. Although his interest are beauties, he also know his limits. He will absolutely not extend his dirty hands towards powers that are stronger than him.”

“Exactly because of that, although the lewd old man has done the extremes of bad things, but he has not committed any crimes in the Qin Province, nor does he has any grudges with the Prestigious Villa. So naturally, the Prestigious Villa will not deny him entry.”

“Besides, the reason why the Prestigious Villa started this Marriage Gathering was originally so that they could invite some people to help them handle the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain. There is no reason for the Prestigious Villa to not accept a Heaven realm expert such as the lewd old man. ”Gu Bo explained.

“So it’s like that. It seems like humans and dragons are mixed together in the Marriage Gathering, and all sorts of people will be here.” Chu Feng couldn’t help but sigh. More and more, he felt that the Marriage Gathering wasn’t as simple as he imagined.

And after the lewd old man started a not-small commotion, the Prestigious Villa manager elders finally appeared. Five elders appeared, and they all had the cultivation of the Heaven realm. The one who led even stepped into the 2nd level of the Heaven realm.

And according to Gu Bo’s words, the elder in the 2nd level of the Heaven realm was absolutely not the strongest existence in the Prestigious Villa. From that, one could tell the strength of the Prestigious Villa.

But the most important part was that that elder told Chu Feng and the other tens of thousands of people what one had to do in order to gain qualification to participate in the Marriage Gathering.

“First, I represent the head of the villa and thank everyone here for coming here, despite the distance, to join my Prestigious Villa’s Marriage Gathering with a sincere heart.”

“In order to return everyone’s sincerity, in this Marriage Gathering, my Prestigious Villa meticulously chose a hundred excellent female disciples. They all have their special traits of beauty, and their cultivation and talent are well known within their generation.”

“I cannot show their excellent points with words one by one, but I dare to guarantee to all of you that the females in my Prestigious Villa’s Marriage Gathering this time are absolutely the most outstanding ones in the continent of the Nine Provinces. They will undoubtedly be worthy of any male in the world.”

“And right now, they are waiting for all of you in the main city. As for whether you have a chance to gain their favours and who exactly will be able to bring a beauty back will depend on your own strengths.”