Chapter 334 - The Future's Number One Person

MGA: Chapter 334 - The Future's Number One Person

“Is it truly a person from my Azure Province’s young generation? Gu Bo, are you sure this isn’t a joke?” Chu Feng was several times more stunned as he heard Gu Bo’s firm tone.

As a person from the Azure Province, Chu Feng could not possibly understand even more about the young generation of the Azure Province. Within the Azure Province’s young generation, he really could not think of a person who had the qualifications to receive the so-called Prestigious Invitation Letter.

“Of course I’m not joking. Chu Feng, you’re from the Azure Province, so you should be able to guess who received this Prestigious Invitation Letter right?”

“After all, the name of a character like that should have already spread throughout the Azure Province and be invincible within their own generation.” Gu Bo said.

“Gu Bo, who exactly is the person you are talking about?” Naturally, Chu Feng was unable to guess which person received the Prestigious Invitation Letter.

“It’s Zhang Tianyi!” Gu Bo said.

“Zhang Tianyi?” After hearing that name, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be greatly shocked because he had heard of that name before.

Several years ago, there was a genius who appeared in the Azure Dragon School. When that genius was sixteen years old, he was already the number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School. The famous Wings Alliance within the inner court of the Azure Dragon School was also established by this person called Zhang Tianyi.

However, soon after Zhang Tianyi became the number one disciple of the Azure Dragon School, he left the school and no longer appeared. So many years had passed and there was no one who knew where he went.

Yet at that instant, Gu Bo had actually said Zhang Tianyi’s name. Also, from his words, Chu Feng could tell that the Zhang Tianyi he was talking about should have come from the Azure Province. So, Chu Feng was thinking whether the Zhang Tianyi he knew and the Zhang Tianyi from Gu Bo’s words were the same person or not.

“Chu Feng, you should have heard of this person called Zhang Tianyi right?” Seeing Chu Feng’s shocked expression, Gu Bo also felt extremely surprised and he couldn’t help asking back.

“I have indeed heard of the name Zhang Tianyi, and he was originally in the same school as mine. However, he left the Azure Dragon School many years ago and there were no more news about him in the Azure Province. So, I’m not sure if the Zhang Tianyi you’re talking about is the same as the one I know.” Chu Feng replied with the truth.

“That’s strange. A character like him shouldn’t be unknown in the Azure Province!”

“But Chu Feng, is the Zhang Tianyi you’re talking about a martial cultivation genius?” Gu Bo continued asking only after thinking for a while.

“Mm. He did indeed leave a legend behind in the hearts of the Azure Dragon School’s disciples. He is a rare martial cultivation genius.” Chu Feng replied.

“If it is like that, I feel like it is very possible that it’s the same person because in the recent year, Zhang Tianyi’s name completely rang throughout several big provinces! Even if he did not go to my Spirit Province, the peak powers of my Spirit Province still heard that an outstanding genius appeared in the Azure Province.” Gu Bo said.

“What actually happened?” Chu Feng impatiently asked very closely.

“This matter is quite a long story. At the earliest, it was something that happened in the Tang Province one year ago.”

“Although the Tang Province’s Yuangang School isn’t the ruler of the Tang Province, it is still the number one school of the Tang Province. The strength it has is extremely powerful, and the number one disciple of the Yuangang School, Tang Yixiu, is even a rare genius. Once before, with the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm, he battled an expert in the 1st level of the Heaven realm for three days and three nights without the outcome being decided.”

“However, just one year ago, on the elated day of the Yuangang School’s celebration, a young man arrived at the school and challenged Tang Yixiu.”

“As they faced that male’s actions, everyone on scene felt that it was idiotic because that person’s age was close to Tang Yixiu’s. They were both of the same generation. However, within the Tang Province, there was no one in the young generation who could contend against Tang Yixiu.”

“So, many people felt that the male was looking for humiliation, and Tang Yixiu even calmly agreed to the battle. However, the unexpected thing was that the male had the same cultivation as Tang Yixiu, as he also had the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm, and within ten short rounds, he defeated Tang Yixiu.”

“After defeating Tang Yixiu, that male left his name behind. Zhang Tianyi from the Azure Province.” Gu Bo said.

“He was actually that strong?” At that instant, even Chu Feng couldn’t help being greatly shocked. Tang Yixiu being able to have a battle with a Heaven realm expert for three days and three night without losing and with the cultivation of the 9th level of the Profound realm already stated that he was an extremely outstanding genius.

The Heaven realm was very different from the other realms. It was a boundary that was very hard to step over. Without being an apical genius, one would be unable to do what Tang Yixiu did.

However, Zhang Tianyi who was in the same realm as Tang Yixiu had actually defeated Tang Yixiu within ten rounds. What did that mean? It mean that Zhang Tianyi was not only slightly stronger than Tang Yixiu. He was a super genius who was an even greater genius than an apical genius.

“But that was not the end. Soon after Tang Yixiu’s event, the number one genius of the Song Province, Song Qingfeng, met the same fate. He was challenged by Zhang Tianyi when he arrived at the school, and within ten moves, he was defeated.”

“Quickly following that, the number one genius of the Yuan Province, Bai Yunfei, as well as the number one genius of the Ming Province, Liu Xiaoyao, were all challenged by Zhang Tianyi, and not a single person could surpass ten rounds by the hands of Zhang Tianyi.” Gu Bo continued saying, and a complexion of admiration covered his entire face.

“Huu~~~” And at that instant, Chu Feng also couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air. Currently, he already basically confirmed that that Zhang Tianyi was the Zhang Tianyi from his Azure Dragon School, but he never would have thought that Zhang Tianyi was a genius in such a stage.

“To be honest, right now, Zhang Tianyi’s name has already spread throughout the provinces, so I never would have thought that no one knew that he did such things in your Azure Province.” Suddenly, Gu Bo smiled.

“Heh. The powers in the Azure Province are weaker than other provinces, so it make sense that we are being shut-off from information.” Although Chu Feng spoke like that, his face also had a bitter smile.

“Ahh, don’t say it like that. Several hundred years ago, the Azure Province was always the strongest province in the Nine Provinces. Especially the Azure Dragon Founder one thousand years ago. He was an existence that even the Jiang Dynasty feared.”

“Although the Azure Province has been in the decline for the recent two hundred years, right now, hasn’t an exceptional genius like Zhang Tianyi appeared? Besides, other than Zhang Tianyi, there’s also you, Brother Chu Feng.” Gu Bo smiled and said.

“Me? Brother Gu Bo, don’t joke around. Being also in the young generation, yet can only listen to the achievements of others. When it’s said like that, it is truly sad.” Chu Feng bitterly smiled. Currently, in the Azure Province, he was indeed a top-level character, but that was only because he relied on Eggy’s power.

If Eggy wasn’t here, Chu Feng would only be a little cultivator in the 9th level of the Origin realm. Perhaps he would have his place in the Azure Province, but in the grand stage of the continent of the Nine Provinces, his own cultivation could simply not be taken onto the table.

“Brother Chu Feng, how can you think like that? Yes, right now, Jie Qingming, Zhang Tianyi, as well as my World Spirit Guild’s Xu Zhongyu are indeed very strong, and they are representative characters in the young generation, but how old are they? How long have they been martial cultivating for? How old are we? How long have we been martial cultivating for?”

“Five more years, seven more years, ten more years...When we grow up, when we reach their current age, how would it be possible that we be inferior to the current them?”

“Brother Chu Feng, I’ll say this to you. I, Gu Bo, have this confidence. A few years later, big bro Xu Zhongyu’s current position in the World Spirit Guild will be mine.”

“But I believe even more that when I become a well-known person in the young generation of the continent of the Nine Provinces, Brother Chu Feng, you will certainly become the number one person in the young generation of the continent of the Nine Provinces. Don’t forget. You’re the person who climbed to the top of the Asura Ghost Tower!” Gu Bo extremely sincerely vowed as his face was filled with confidence.