Chapter 333 - Prestigious Invitation Letter

MGA: Chapter 333 - Prestigious Invitation Letter

“There’s actually something like that? Could it be that coming here this time, it wasn’t for any Marriage Gathering, but for the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain?”

Chu Feng finally understood how the Prestigious Villa was able to rally the strongest powers from everywhere in the Nine Province to this place. So it turned out that everyone didn’t come here for some Marriage Gathering, nor was it for any true alliance. It was for the treasures in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“Although it’s said like that, it is clearly not as simple as imagined. The Prestigious Villa wants to use the power of others to get rid of the thorn that is the Thousand Monster Mountain to take the treasures within the Thousand Monster Mountain, but they also don’t want everyone to come to the Thousand Monster Mountain, the land of treasures, to take a part of the profit.”

“So, that’s why they set up the so-called Marriage Gathering. That also means only the people and powers who gained the approval of the Prestigious Villa can have a chance to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain.” Gu Bo explained.

“That feels so troubling. From what I see, why not directly join up with the strongest bodies of powers and attack the Thousand Monster Mountain all together? The people that this Marriage Gathering can mobilize are only the powerful people within the young generation. Even if they are genius-level characters, they still wouldn’t be able to defeat the group of Monstrous Beasts within the Thousand Monster Mountain right?” Chu Feng felt slightly puzzled.

“You don’t understand. Actually, the strongest few powers in the Nine Provinces have a hostile relationship. Everyone wants to fight over the title of the number one power in the Nine Provinces, so unless there isn’t any choice, they will absolutely not truly ally together. At most, they will temporarily join hands, but there will still be a lot of exploitations and worries.”

“Besides, if the several big powers openly join hands, there will be suspicions of rebellion, and it would be hard to avoid the Jiang Dynasty from being displeased. At that time, everyone would have to face the consequences.”

“And this Marriage Gathering isn’t only for allying with the several big powers. It is open to everyone in the continent of the Nine Provinces, and there is even no age restriction. As long as one has strength, they can come to this place.”

“That’s a benefit. The hidden experts who lives in seclusion within the mountains and forests and also doesn’t belong to any school or faction can come and take a part of the reward. The geniuses and monsters with peak strength can also come and take a part of the reward.”

“If any accidents happen to any geniuses within the Thousand Monster Mountain, the responsibility does not get carried by the Prestigious Villa. It gets carried by the Monstrous Beasts within the Thousand Monster Mountain. So, the power behind that genius would absolutely not ignore and not do anything about the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“In simpler terms, since the Prestigious Villa wants to take care of the Thousand Monster Mountain yet doesn’t have sufficient strength, it has to ally with other people and powers who do have strength. However, since there is the giant, the Jiang Dynasty, who is standing by the side, there are many restrictions if they wanted to ally with other powers.”

“Besides, temporarily joining hands with powers against the enemy is always a double-edged sword. If one place is handled poorly, there will be double losses and their own vitality will be harmed.”

“But the Prestigious Villa set up this Marriage Gathering, and the biggest thing it does is reduce the degree of self-damage. If there’s something that goes wrong, they can be clean of all responsibilities.” Du Bo explained.

“So it’s like that.” Only after hearing Gu Bo’s explanation did Chu Feng understand the specific situation about the Marriage Gathering. It had to be said that Gu Bo who came from the World Spirit Guild was much better informed in terms of information than Chu Feng.

“Besides, because of face, even peak-level powers will only send people of the young generation to join this Marriage Gathering, However, in here, there is no one who has strength that doesn’t surpass others.”

“Chu Feng, you should know that the Prestigious Villa sent out eight Prestigious Invitation Letters right?” Gu Bo continued speaking.

“Prestigious Invitation Letters? I don’t know. What are Prestigious Invitation Letters?” Chu Feng truly did not know.

Seeing that, Gu Bo didn’t ridicule him for having blocked-off information. He continued explaining, “Then I’ll tell you. Although my World Spirit Guild was invited over, but for example you and me, as well as many people in the young generation of the World Spirit Guild, we still need to pass some tests before we can truly enter and participate in the so-called Marriage Gathering, and only then do we have the qualifications to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“But the people who received the Prestigious Invitation Letter do not require any tests or examinations. It could be said to be a symbol of strength and position.”

“But the Prestigious Villa sending the eight Prestigious Invitation Letters isn’t any secret. What I want to tell you is who the eight invitation letters invited.” Gu Bo said.

“Who are they?” Chu Feng got more and more curious.

“These eight people can be said to be truly famous people within the young generation of the current continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“Tang Province. The number one disciple of the Yuangang School, Tang Yixiu.”

“Song Province. The number one disciple of the Fire God School, Song Qingfeng.”

“Yuan Province. The number one disciple of the Hidden White Sect, Bai Yunfei.”

[TN: Bai Yunfei = White clouds fly.]

“Ming Province. The number one disciple of the Free and Unrestrained Valley, Liu Xiaoyao.”

[TN: Xiaoyao = free and unrestrained.]

“Sui Province. The number one disciple of the Sword God Valley, Murong Yu.”

“Also the Jie clan member, the future chief, Jie Bufan’s elder brother, Jie Qingming.”

“As well as the number one person in the young generation of my World Spirit Guild, Xu Zhongyu.”

“Those people are very strong. Some already entered the Heaven realm, and even those who haven’t, they are in the peak of the Profound realm. Some grasps unique strong methods, and some even grasp Elite Armaments. They are existences who even those in the old generation do not dare to easily offend.”

“However, within those people, Chu Feng, you must be careful of a person: Jie Qingming. Jie Qingming has already stepped into the Heaven realm, and not only does he have the Elite Armament of the Jie clan, the Armor of Thorns, he is even a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. That person is so strong to the point that he can disdainfully look at the people from his own generation.”

“The most important thing is that extremely dotes on his little brother, Jie Bufan. Last time, you attacked Jie Bufan in the Asura Ghost Tower. This time, if you meet Jie Qingming, I’m afraid that he will not let you go.”

“However, you don’t need to be too worried. You’re part of my World Spirit Guild, so this time, if we can smoothly gain the qualifications to the Marriage Gathering and successfully enter the Thousand Monster Mountain, it will be fine as long as you keep on following us.”

“Because, my World Spirit Guild’s big bro Xu Zhongyu stepped into the Heaven realm not too long ago and he is also a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. With him there, even if Jie Qingming wants to touch you, he will still need to think about it three more times.” Gu Bo seriously reminded.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded his head. He knew that he unintentionally offended a huge enemy. The Heaven realm. Chu Feng deeply knew how terrifying people in that stage were.

Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli who were people in the 1st level of the Heaven realm could force him to that state, let alone the strongest genius in the Jie clan, Jie Qingming, who had a Elite Armament within his grasp.

“Eh? Gu Bo, that’s not right! You said that there were eight Prestigious Invitation Letters, but you only stated seven people. Who’s the eighth?” Suddenly, Chu Feng curiously ask.

“Brother Chu Feng, you should be able to guess who the last person is.” Gu Bo said.

“I can guess it?” However, Chu Feng’s head was filled with fog.

“Yeah! Think carefully. There are nine provinces in the continent of the Nine Provinces. The Han Province is occupied by the Jiang Dynasty, and that giant won’t participate in the activities of other powers because from the bottom of their hearts, they look down on us.”

“As for the number one disciple of the Prestigious Villa, Liu Zhizun. Although he is very strong, since this Marriage Gathering is open to the outside, it would be impossible for him to receive an invitation letter.”

“Think about it. Other than the strongest people in the young generation within those provinces, which other province was not mentioned?”

“This...You’re talking about my Azure Province?”

“That’s right. The person who was invited by the last Prestigious Invitation Letter was from your Azure Province’s young generation.”