Chapter 340 - Royal Bloodline

MGA: Chapter 340 - Royal Bloodline

Eggy’s beautiful voice and solemn tone caused Chu Feng to react as if he woke up from a dream.

Although the two people in the distance were brutally strong and either one of their strengths was far above his, they were currently fighting for life and death, so they weren’t able to be distracted.

A situation like that worked well for Chu Feng. As long as Chu Feng was able to resist the pressure they created and pass through that pressure, he would be able to gain the benefit of the fisherman and take away the ten thousand Profound beads.

“Sorry you two!”

As he thought of that, Chu Feng did not hesitate. He walked forward and started to carefully circle around to pass. He wanted to walk towards the exit of the underground palace while avoiding their circle of battle.

However, their auras were really too strong and they pretty much sealed the roads to the exit. In a time like that, Chu Feng could only risk being discovered by them and step into the circle of battle enveloped by their pressure.

“So strong. The pressure from these two people are too strong. I just entered their region of pressure yet it’s already so powerful. If they cast their pressure towards me at full strength, I’m afraid that even if I used Eggy’s power, I would not be able to resist against it.”

At that instant, Chu Feng tightly clenched his teeth and concentrated all his Spirit power into maintaining the concealment Spirit Formation lingering around his body. If that Spirit Formation was destroyed, with their observation powers, they would certainly discover Chu Feng immediately, and at that time, Chu Feng would undoubtedly be dead.

But luckily, the more the two fought, the farther they went. If it was only remanent pressure, Chu Feng could still hold it back. In those circumstances, Chu Feng finally walked successfully onto the path that led to the exit, and finally, he arrived in front of the big doors.

In front of the big doors, there was a green-coloured jade stage. The jade stage was not even half a meter tall, and there was a golden-coloured badge stuck on it. On the front of the badge, there was “Presti”, and on the back, there was “gious”. Clearly, it was the Prestigious Villa’s Prestigious Badge.

When the Prestigious Badge was stuck into the jade stage, it was like a key. Intuition told Chu Feng that as long as he pulled the Prestigious Badge out, the huge doors that were ten meters tall would open.

But that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that in the area behind the Prestigious Badge, there was a Cosmos Sack. After lifting up the Cosmos Sack, Chu Feng rubbed it once, and a bead that was as translucent as crystal landed into Chu Feng’s palm.

The bead was extremely beautiful and it contained extremely strong Profound power within. Perhaps even several hundred high-quality Profound medicine would not be as strong as the Profound power in that single bead.

“So this is a Profound bead! Haha, it is truly a good thing!” Chu Feng at that instant was incomparably excited because there were still 9999 more Profound beads in the Cosmos Sack that were exactly the same as the one in his palm. Undoubtedly, Chu Feng had made a huge profit this time. It was the largest amount of wealth he had ever gotten since he was born.

“Haha, Chu Feng, quickly pull out the badge and leave this place. Let that old thing and the little guy continue fighting!” At the same time, Eggy was also endlessly happy.

“That won’t work. If I go out right now, everyone will know that I am the first person to pass and that will attract many people’s attention. That will be extremely detrimental to me.”

“The most important part is that the lewd old man Wang Qiang and the mysterious young man will also know that I took the opportunity and exploited them as they were fighting.”

“Right now, I already offended the people from the Jie clan so I can’t make any more big enemies in this place or else in the future, when I enter the Thousand Monster Mountain, I’m afraid without even Monstrous Beasts attacking me, I will die by their hands first.”

“Then what now? You can’t just leave the ten thousand Profound beads and not take them right?”

“There’s only one way. Act as if nothing happened: where I came from is where I will return.” As Chu Feng spoke, he put the Cosmos Sack that was full of Profound beads away, and quickly after, he headed towards the location where the two people were fighting.

“You can’t! This is too dangerous. There is no need to put yourself in such danger.” Eggy urged heavily.

“Don’t worry. I have the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens on me. If I get discovered, I can still escape from the scene. If I don’t get discovered, I can avoid making two big enemies.” Chu Feng firmly said.

And after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Eggy felt that they were very reasonable as well. If he directly exited right now, the two great enemies were certainly made and it would be hard to avoid conflicts in the future. But right now, if he could walk back, he would be able to avoid future conflicts. So, Eggy did not urge him otherwise.


However, just as Chu Feng walked a short distance back, a brutal wave of ripple came sweeping by, and after withstanding the ripple, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that the lewd old man Wang Qiang was currently laying in a distance with a blood everywhere on his body. One of his arms was snapped off.

Looking back at the young man, his body was emitting faint radiance, as if a god descended to the mortal world with might that could not be blocked. On his forehead, there was a golden and dazzling character, The “Royal” (皇) character.

“That’s an Royal Bloodline! No wonder he’s so fierce, it’s because he grasps such strong bloodline power.” Eggy explained.

“’re from the Jiang Dynasty! You are from the Jiang Dynasty!!” At that instant, the face of the lewd old man was already filled with fear and his voice of speaking was trembling. He was terrified by the young man’s strength and identity.

“It’s not too late for you to know right now, but the result is actually the same. Today, you are set to die by my hands.” The young man had a light smile on his face as he gradually got closer to the lewd old man.

“You want to kill me? It won’t be that easy.” However, the lewd old man flipped his hand and a black-coloured pill appeared in his palm. It was a Forbidden Medicine. The lewd old man swallowed the Forbidden Medicine, then after that, the Heaven power in his body instantly increased greatly. Then in a blink, he disappeared, and he escaped.

“Hmph. Want to escape? It won’t be that easy.” However, the young man coldly snorted, and quickly after, the tip of his feet touched the group and he also disappeared from where he stood. Undoubtedly, he was chasing after the lewd old man.

“So it turns out that a person from the Jiang Dynasty snuck in this place. No wonder he was so strong.”

“Just now, the aura emitted from his body was very special. That’s the power of bloodlines?” After the two people left, Chu Feng hurriedly ran towards another direction, but at the same time, he felt admiration towards the young man’s special power.

To be able to force a Heaven realm expert while being in the Profound realm showed that the bloodline power the Jiang Dynasty grasped was indeed not simple. Indeed, no wonder the Jiang Dynasty was able to develop as it wished towards powers in all directions, yet there were still no powers able to move the Jiang Dynasty’s position.

After getting the ten thousand Profound beads, Chu Feng did not hurry to leave this place. He hid and in a quiet corner to rest and counted the time. Only until he felt that the ten hour limit was almost up did he quickly go towards the exit.

When Chu Feng walked out the exit, he discovered that there were a large number of people gathered there. After they saw Chu Feng, within their gaze, there was more or less some amazement. But that amazement did not reach the stage of “shock”. So, for most people, after looking at Chu Feng once, they cast their gazes towards other directions.

The reason it was like that was because the time Chu Feng came out was exactly on time. They were amazed because of Chu Feng’s very young age, and to be able to pass the stage with that age showed that Chu Feng was a genius.

However, there were many geniuses in that level, so it was still unable to attract too much attention from others.

If Chu Feng held the badge and became the first to come out, doubtlessly, the gazes of those people would not purely have a bit of amazement. They would have incomparable shock. But right now, what Chu Feng did not want the most was to attract some unnecessary commotions. He wanted a low-profile.

“Brother Chu Feng!” Just at that time, a familiar voice suddenly rang out. Focusing his gaze and looking over, he saw Gu Bo and the other people from the World Spirit Guild’s young generation currently walking towards himself with a light smile. It could be seen that they also successfully passed the qualification test.