Chapter 327 - I Go To the Thousand Monster Mountain

MGA: Chapter 327 - I Go To the Thousand Monster Mountain

In front of Chu Feng, a small town appeared. But looking from afar, Chu Feng discovered that outside of a huge mansion in the small town, there were many people gathered. Those people were in a long line, as if there to get something.

As he came to that location for the first time, to avoid any unnecessary troubles, Chu Feng did not display his strong cultivation. Rather, he secretly descended from the sky, then walked into the town.

This time, Chu Feng discovered that it was truly only an ordinary small town. It was even inferior to the Leaning Mountain Town that his Chu family lived in before. In this town, most of them were commoners and there wasn’t even a restaurant.

However, there was a huge mansion in the town. At that instant, several hundred citizens were lining up like a huge dragon. They gathered outside of the doors of the huge mansion to collect food.

“Ahh, Lord Li is truly a good person! He gives out food every month to us poor people.”

“There were many natural disasters this year and the production of food was greatly diminished. If it wasn’t for Lord Li who provided us food to help us, I’m afraid that we would have already starved to death.”

From the citizens’ discussions, Chu Feng found out that free food was being given out in this place, and looking at Lord Li’s residence, despite not being dazzling in gold and jade, he did seem like a wealthy person. At least his residence was quite a bit stronger than the other citizens’ grass houses.

This meant within Lord Li’s home, even if he didn’t have luxurious delicacies, he still had delicious food such as chicken, duck, fish, etc. So, Chu Feng did not line up. As he was being stared by countless people’s different and strange gazes, he walked towards the Li mansion’s doors.

“Halt. To pick up food, you must line up. Who allowed you to cut the queue?” Seeing that, several residence guards, big men who had tall and large bodies, pointed at Chu Feng and shouted.

The several strong men had the cultivation of the 2nd level of the Spirit realm. Although their cultivation was extremely petty, it was quite good when compared to the citizens who did not have any cultivation.

“I am not here to pick up food. I am here to buy food.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said.

“Buy food?” After hearing those words, from within the courtyard, a middle-aged man with an eight-shaped mustache who wore gorgeous clothing walked out. After the middle-aged man saw Chu Feng’s beautiful clothing and young face, instantly, his eyes lit up as he quickly chuckled and said, “Young hero, may I ask how much food you wish to buy?”

[TN: Eight = “八”]

“I only want to buy a single meal of food. Bring your family’s best wine and meat over and make me a meal. I guarantee that I won’t treat any of you badly.” Chu Feng said.

“Okay, young hero, please come this way.” Seeing that, the middle-aged man with the eight-shaped mustache invited him in with an evil smile on his face, and he also yelled at the big men next to him, “What are you staring blankly at? Quickly go the kitchen and order them to prepare a table of top-level dishes for this young hero! The quicker the better!”

Who was Chu Feng? Although he was young, he was the person who flipped the entire Azure Province upside-down! Naturally, he could see that Eight-shaped Mustache felt that he was a wealthy person. Chu Feng’s age was also really young, so the man wanted to take the chance to cheat him.

However, Chu Feng was too lazy to bother with him because currently, he was really hungry. He only wanted to eat a good meal. As for money? Chu Feng was not even lacking in money.

Following that, Chu Feng was invited into a pretty nice hall. It also had to be said that Eight-shaped Mustache’s working efficiency was rather good. Very quickly, many dishes filled the table.

Perhaps because Chu Feng was too hungry, or because their dishes were very pleasant-smelling, as Chu Feng looked at the table of dishes, golden stars could truly appear in front of his eyes. As he drooled, he pulled back his sleeve and revealed his arm, preparing to fill himself with all the food.

“Wait.” But just at that time, Eight-shaped Mustache suddenly spoke. He chuckled while smiling and saying to Chu Feng, “Young hero, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but quite a few ingredients have been spent on this table of good dishes. Usually, my family’s lord wouldn’t dare to be so extravagant so if you can’t take out something that has equal value, I can’t really give a good explanation when I get back.”

“Damn.” Chu Feng got angry. You think that I don’t have enough to eat your meal?! So, Chu Feng put his hand towards the Cosmos Sack on his waist and wanted to just casually take something out to stupefy Eight-shaped Mustache.

“Crap.” Although it seemed like an insignificant touch, Chu Feng’s face changed because he astonishedly discovered that within his Cosmos Sack, other than the World Spirit Compass and some other backup equipment, it was completely empty. There wasn’t even fur.

At that instant, Chu Feng recalled at first when he was in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, he tidied up his Cosmos Sack. He handed the things he felt were useless over to Li Zhangqing, and the Profound medicines and whatnot that he left for himself were all used up when he cultivated.

Currently, Chu Feng was truly unable to take out an item of equal value to pay the table of dishes. After all, what he left behind were things he needed to use, and all of them were priceless materials. Putting aside that giving it to this Eight-shaped Mustache would be very troubling, even if he took it out, that man might not be able to recognize what it was.

“I say, young hero. You aren’t planning to eat and run right?” Seeing that, Eight-shaped Mustache shot his gaze sideways. The previous solicitous smile completely dissipated, and replacing it was a hint of dark fierceness. At the same time, several big men also rushed in from outside. Looking at how they were, they seemed to want to attack Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng was furious as well. He thought of his identity, his strength. Yet he was actually being looked down upon by the group of beggars? Chu Feng’s first thought was to raise his hand and throw a punch to lift their roof off and away so that they could see his own strength and deeply realize their mistake.

But thinking in more detail, Chu Feng discovered that he was indeed unreasonable. Eating a meal without money to pay the bills was a fact, and it was truly not too good to use force to solve the problem. Although Chu Feng was not afraid of things, he wasn’t an evil person who did nothing but commit crimes. Naturally, he could not do so overbearing and arrogant things while bullying the weak.

“What are all of you doing?” But just at that time, from outside of the hall, an old man’s stern yell rang out. Following that, an old man in his sixties walked in.

That old man wore very ancient clothing and his appearance was very dirt-like as well. He really seemed like an old man who walked around striking gongs in the night to indicate time. However, when that old man appeared, no matter if it was Eight-shaped Mustache or the several big men, they instantly turned more humble.

“Lord, this guy wants to eat and run.” Obviously, Eight-shaped Mustache was very afraid of that old man as he quickly went up to explain.

At that instant, Chu Feng finally knew that the old man who did not look like anyone special was the lord of this big residence, the Lord Li who was said, by the citizens, to be kind and liked to give his wealth out for others.

“Really...The so-called ‘those who come are guests’. It is but a single meal, so is there truly a need to ask for money, and to even attack him?”

“Why aren’t you apologizing to this guest?” However, after hearing Eight-shaped Mustache’s explanation, Lord Li was even angrier as he pointed at their heads and harshly reprimanded.

In a situation like that, Eight-shaped Mustache and the other big men could only apologize to Chu Feng one after the other. On the other hand, it caused Chu Feng to feel slightly bad.

“Friend, you aren’t a native person right? Where are you heading towards?” Lord Li sat next to Chu Feng and smiled while asking.

The current Chu Feng already did not restrain himself as he started to stuff himself with food as he swept away everything. Only after hearing Lord Li ask did he wipe his mouth that was full of oil and said, “I am indeed not a native person. I came from Spirit Province and I want to go towards the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“What? Thousand Monster Mountain?!”

After hearing the three words “Thousand Monster Mountain”, not only Master Li, almost the faces of everyone on scene changed greatly as they were not lightly frightened. Lord Li’s body even swayed and he almost fell off from the chair. If Chu Feng didn’t have quick hands and sharp eyes, and caught him, he was certainly going to fall down with four of his limbs pointing towards the sky.