Chapter 328 - Help Him Out

MGA: Chapter 328 - Help Him Out

“Friend, I didn’t hear wrong did I? You said that you wanted to go to the Thousand Monster Mountain?” Lord Li had shock across his face, and within the gaze that he looked at Chu Feng with, it was filled with curiosity and alarm. How was he even looking at a person? He was simply looking at a monster.

And from the reactions of Lord Li as well as the people on scene, Chu Feng could guess that most likely, the Thousand Monster Mountain was an unknown land, or a forbidden zone. So, with a clever thought, he said,

“Actually, without hiding anything, I am a martial cultivator. When I was in the Azure Province, I heard that the Thousand Monster Mountain in the Qin Province was a strange land and it had great benefits towards martial cultivation. So, with a far and hard journey, I came to this place because I wanted to experience the glory of the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“Martial cultivator? A little brat like you?” However, after hearing the two words “martial cultivator”, Eight-shaped Mustache and the other big men instantly hiddenly shot gazes of disdain. Obviously, they did not believe that Chu Feng was a martial cultivator.

“Friend, I don’t know whether or not the Thousand Monster Mountain has great benefits towards martial cultivation, but the Thousand Monster Mountain is a forbidden land for humans. It is the world of Monstrous Beasts.”

“The Prestigious Prince’s Mansion had once ordered that any power or person were not allowed to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain without permission. Or else, if they angered the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain, a huge battle would be initiated.” Master Li gravely reminded as he was deeply afraid that Chu Feng did not know good or bad and would enter the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“Prestigious Prince’s Mansion? They’re the ruler of the Qin Province?” Chu Feng curiously asked.

“Friend, it seems like this is truly the first time that you’ve come to the Qin Province, and you seem to not know anything about it.” Seeing that, the old man was first taken aback, then later on, he explained in detail,

“The Prestigious Prince’s Mansion was originally called the Prestigious Villa and it is the number one power in my Qin Province. Because the Prestigious Villa got stronger by each day and had already surpassed the original ruler of the Qin Province, the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion, the dynasty removed the ruling power of the Thick Ground Grass Prince’s Mansion and handed the Qin Province over to the Prestigious Villa for managing.”

After hearing the words of Lord Li, Chu Feng was also able to understand the strength of the Prestigious Villa. To be able to use their own development to exceed the dynasty’s recognized ruler meant that the Prestigious Villa did indeed have some methods. At least the Lingyun School was unable to do that.

“The Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain are truly that powerful? Even the strongest body of power don’t dare to offend them?” Chu Feng tried to inquire more news about the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“Of course! The Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain are really scary. The Monstrous Beasts within have already ruled over the Thousand Monster Mountain for almost a thousand years. I heard that the number of Monstrous Beasts that are living in there reach several million. Every single of them are extremely savage and some can even transform into a human shape.”

“Especially the Four Great Monster Kings inside the Thousand Monster Mountain. They have extremely strong power, and even the lord of the Prestigious Prince’s Mansion fear them.”

“But luckily, their activities stay within the Thousand Monster Mountain or else the citizens of the Qin Prince would come across misfortune.”

“And also because of that, the Prestigious Villa gave an order and stated that no one is allowed to step in the Thousand Monster Mountain or else, if it stirs up the anger of the Monstrous Beasts and causes them to attack humans, it would be a huge crime worthy of family extermination.” Lord Li continued saying.

“So it’s like that. It seems like Lord Li, you truly understand quite a bit regarding the matters of the Qin Province.” Chu Feng couldn’t help but admire Lord Li a bit. One’s knowledge was usually quite limited, so those in lower positions would know less.

Especially the little town that Lord Li and the others were in. It was the border area of the Qin Province, so normally, as they had the status of commoners, they shouldn’t know a lot.

“Ho...Actually, I heard it from my grandson.”

“My grandson is a core disciple of the second-rate school, the Illusionary Thunder School. To be honest, my family were originally poor citizens, but because my grandson has quite some potential, that is why we can have our current wealth.” As he mentioned his own grandson, Lord Li had pride across his face.

“Lord, Lord!” But just at that time, bursts of yelling suddenly rang out within the hall. Following the yells, a thin and weak young person quickly ran over.

“So it’s Wang Er! What happened? Why so hurried?” Lord Li chuckled and asked when he saw the person who came was. It could be seen that he treated the servants in the mansion quite well.

“It’s a letter from the Illusionary Thunder School.” The male called Wang Er handed the letter over.

“It’s my grandson.” At that instant, Lord Li was greatly joyed. After taking the letter, he tore the letter open in a very practiced way and started to read it with a full face of happiness.

However, Chu Feng discovered that Lord Li’s face became more and more off. First, it was a bit pale. Then, it was a bit blue. At the end, it was a bit purple and even his body started to tremble. At the end, his body leaned to the side and he fainted away.

“Lord Li, are you okay?” Luckily, Chu Feng extended his hands and propped him onto a chair. That scene also frightened the people from the Li mansion and they hurriedly went over to check out what happened to Lord Li.

On the other hand, Chu Feng picked up the letter Lord Li dropped on the floor. After reading, Chu Feng generally understood the situation that happened as well as the reason why Lord Li fainted away.

That letter was not sent by his grandson. It was secretly sent over by one of his grandson’s closest friend in the Illusionary Thunder School.

The rough contents of the letter was that Lord Li’s grandson, accidentally, offended the young school head of the Illusionary Thunder School. Currently, he was imprisoned and his friend hoped that Lord Li could think of a way to save him.

However, how could Lord Li, a person who was born into a poor family, have the strength to help his grandson get out of imprisonment? The current wealth he had was all brought to him by his grandson.

Besides, to them, the Illusionary Thunder School was an untouchable enormous monster. They would be afraid even if they merely thought about them, not to mention going to such a place to save their own grandson.

So, Lord Li could not be blamed for fainting away after getting hold of that news, because to him, it was truly like a thunder in a clear sky. A terrifying nightmare.

“Oi. What’s the name of Lord Li’s grandson?” Chu Feng asked the man with an eight-shaped mustache.

“What’s that for?” Eight-shaped Mustache looked at Chu Feng with alert.

“I’m asking you for his name.” Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk and a touch of cold glare appeared.

Eight-shaped Mustache was terrified by Chu Feng’s gaze. With a poof, he sat limply on the ground. He did not dare to even conceal anything as he said with a trembling voice, “He’s...He’s called Li Datou.”

[TN: Li = Surname | Datou = “Big head”]

“Which direction to the Illusionary Thunder School?” Chu Feng asked again, and Eight-shaped Mustache told him the direction to the Illusionary Thunder School as well as the distance from here to there.

After hearing everything, Chu Feng left with quick steps. As for the servants of the Li family, they had faces full of confusion as they did not understand why the young man with such a young age was asking about things like that.

On the other hand, the man with an eight-shaped mustache blankly sat there and for a long time, he did not come to his senses. He was still submerged within the horror that was brought along with Chu Feng’s gaze.

As for why Chu Feng asked about those things, naturally, it was to help Lord Li. Chu Feng could see that Lord Li was a good person. A true good person, and the citizens of the entire town agreed with that.

Putting aside that he told him about the things regarding the Thousand Monster Mountain, he even gave him a meal. Purely based on his goodwill and his exceptional character, Chu Feng felt that there was a need to help him out.