Chapter 326 - Arriving at the Qin Province

MGA: Chapter 326 - Arriving at the Qin Province

Within the Azure Province’s Valley of Hundred Bends, outside of the hall in the clouds, Jiang Han was quickly approaching. However, he did not enter the Spirit Formation outside of the hall without permission. With a face of respect, he stood on top of the clouds and said with a respectful tone, “Milord, I am Jiang Han, and I have come to pay you a visit.”

“Enter.” From within the temple hall, Jiang Hengyuan’s voice rang out. It was not high nor low; not light nor heavy.

Only then did Jiang Han dare to go forward. As he walked, all the protective layers were open. Even the door to the hall was opened.

Within the hall, Jiang Hengyuan was playing chess with another person. As for who that person was, it was naturally Qi Fengyang who was saved by Jiang Hengyuan that day.

“Finished?” Jiang Hengyuan did not look directly at Jiang Han. As he played chess, he spoke to inquire.

“Milord, I have already followed your instructions and it has been finished. Lin Moli has been killed on scene by me.” Jiang Han respectfully replied.

“Mm. Lay a good concealing Spirit Formation in the entrance to the tomb. Lead your army and personally guard there. Without my order, don’t open it for now.” Jiang Hengyuan said.

“Milord. Before sealing the entrance, should we go and look around it to determine the ranking of the tomb?” Jiang Han spoke.

“No need to determine it, it’s an Emperor Tomb.” Jiang Hengyuan calmly said.

“What? It is actually an Emperor Tomb?” After hearing those words, Jiang Han’s face changed greatly and he was stunned. He seemed to have already understood why Jiang Hengyuan told him to seal the entrance of the tomb to not permit him to lead his army to open it.

“Come. Let me introduce you to him. This is Qi Fengyang, the chief of the Qi clan in the Qilin Prince’s Manson. After moving your army to the Black Tortoise Mountain Range, hand the Qilin Prince’s Mansion over to him for management.” Jiang Hengyuan cast his gaze towards Qi Fengyang

“I pay my respects to senior.” Jiang Han humbly paid his respects to Qi Fengyang. To people that Jiang Hengyuan introduced, even if his strength was inferior to his own, he did not dare to have a single strand of arrogance. Rather, he had to politely treat him.

“Since you’re here, might as well eat a meal before leaving right?” Jiang Hengyuan lightly smiled, then walked towards the kitchen. Jiang Han also smiled and nodded his head towards Qi Fengyang, then also followed.

“Milord. When I came here, the ancestor told me to pass word to you. The Divine Body has not appeared in many years, and the abnormality that year was very possibly only an abnormality and that no Divine Body had descended.”

“So, he hoped you can quickly return to the dynasty after solving the matter of the tomb to help the emperor handle the matters within the clan.” Jiang Han said.

“For no cause or reason, why would an abnormality appear in the sky? Actually...I understand the ancestor’s painstaking efforts. He just doesn’t want me to continue suffering in this place, so that’s why he wants me to go back to the imperial court.”

“However, you see it as well. I am very well in this place. Free and at ease with no worries. Besides, if I didn’t insist on staying in this place, it would be impossible for the Emperor Tomb to be discovered in the Azure Province.” Jiang Hengyuan smiled and said.

Hearing that, Jiang Han really didn’t urge him anymore. He only curiously asked, “Milord, is the Divine Body really that important? Is it worth it for you to wait in such a desolate location, to hide your name to guard this location for many years, just to look for traces of that person?”

“Everyone in my Jiang imperial clan has emperor-level blood, and in the recent years, many geniuses have also appeared. If they were diligently developed, perhaps they would not be inferior to the so-called Divine Body?”

“Ho...” As he faced Jiang Han’s questioning, Jiang Hengyuan first lightly smiled, then followed up and said, “I can’t say for sure as for how powerful that Divine Body is. After all, I have not personally seen it. All sorts of records regarding Divine Bodies only exist in records.”

“However, that year, when the Divine Body just descended and when we prepared to head towards the Azure Province, the ancestor said a sentence to me. The Divine Body must be found, regardless of the cost.”

“If the Divine Body cannot be used by my dynasty, then what we face in the future can very possibly be the disaster of clan extermination.”

“They dare?! No matter if that person has a Divine Body or not, as long as they are born in the continent of the Nine Provinces, they are the people of my Jiang dynasty. Would they dare to commit treason and great crimes, while offending the superiors in a lower position? That person would simply be looking to die.” Jiang Han had a face full of unacceptance.

“Ho...Those with Divine Bodies have the airs of a king. They would absolutely not be willing to be underneath another person. If they receive kindness when they were young, even if that person cannot be used by the dynasty, they will still be grateful in their heart.”

“However, if my dynasty cannot give kindness to them, and rather, cause hatred and grudges to grow in their heart because of the unfair world, they would certainly have the thought to pacify the chaotic world, and to rule the world. And if they want to rule the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang imperial clan will obviously be that person’s biggest obstacle. If you were the one with the Divine Body, would you get rid of that obstacle?” Jiang Hengyuan smiled and asked.

“This Divine Body is so troubling. Why not kill him before he develops?” Within Jiang Han’s gaze, killing intent surged.

“It is indeed troubling, and at first, the ancestor had carefully thought of it as well. If the Divine Body was found, should he be killed, or should he be developed? However, ultimately, he chose to develop because if an exceptional genius appeared in front of you, who could bear killing off such a good seedling?”

Jiang Hengyuan indifferently smiled, then patted Jiang Han’s shoulders and said, “Also, do not ever doubt the power of Divine Bodies. If you truly feel that the Divine Body is inferior to our emperor-level blood, why not recall the Nine-coloured Divine Lightning that year? Let me ask, within the imperial clan, who has that power?”

“This...” After hearing Jiang Hengyuan’s words, even Jiang Han’s face changed. His originally fierce eyes started to uneasily flicker.

It was because he would never forget the heaven-shocking scene that night. The aura of destruction emanated by the Nine-coloured Divine Lightning engulfed the entire continent. That aura, even if he thought about it again currently, he would still feel fear.

That time, even he who had martial cultivation achievements worried whether the continent would be destroyed by the Nine-coloured Divine Lightning just like that or not.

So, later on, as per Jiang Hengyuan’s instructions, Jiang Han moved the Jiang clan’s dynasty army to the Black Tortoise City and he personally guarded the entrance to the Emperor Tomb.

As for Qi Fengyang, he returned to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and became the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

That news was undoubtedly explosive. The traitor who was almost beheaded in the Prince’s Mansion recently became the lord of the mansion with a blink. That was truly too shocking.

But as long as they recalled the ones who supported Qi Fengyang’s back was the Jiang Dynasty, the shock they had turned into not as shocked as before. Rather, they felt that Lin Moli was too pitiful.

Pitiful as he offended a person that he should not have offended. Not only did he lose his position of the mansion lord, even his little life was not kept and his entire head got crushed and exploded.

Just as great transformations happened in the Azure Province, after the journey of several days, Chu Feng passed through the Spirit Province and entered the land of the Qin Province.

Although the continent was divided into Nine Provinces, the area of land of the Nine Provinces were all different. Without a doubt, the Azure Province was the smallest within the Nine Provinces. The Spirit Province was very big, but it was said that the Qin Province was the province with the vastest area of land within the Nine Provinces.

Because he was hurried in his current journey, he did not prepare enough food. So, after the journey of several days, Chu Feng’s stomach was already rumbling from hunger and it was really hard for him to continue on.

He couldn’t help but reduce his flying speed. He wanted to search for a place below that could fill his stomach, and as he was there, he also wanted to inquire about the direction to the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“Haha, finally, a small town has been found by me!”

“Ehh, that’s not right. Why are there so many people gathered there?”