Chapter 325 - Cold-Faced Jiang Han

MGA: Chapter 325 - Cold-Faced Jiang Han

“Jiang Dynasty?!”

After seeing the words on the army banner, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but tighten because it was the first time he saw people from the Jiang Dynasty. The first time he saw the ruler of the continent of the Nine Provinces.

It had to be said that the army of the Jiang Dynasty, in terms of might, was completely incomparable to any power Chu Feng had ever seen before. Putting aside the powerful strength and excellent quality, people would feel fear purely from the unique atmosphere that they gave off.

Chu Feng had heard before that the people from the Jiang Dynasty were not ordinary people. They had special blood, battle power that surpassed others, talent that surpassed others, and they were far superior than normal people in all areas.

Even saying that everyone in the Jiang Dynasty was geniuses would be appropriate. That was the main reason why the Jiang Dynasty was able to rule over the continent of the Nine Provinces for so many years.

“Strange. Why have the Jiang Dynasty’s army appeared in this place? Did they come to my Azure Province for something, or are they just coincidentally passing by?”

Chu Feng was deeply stunned by the Jiang Dynasty’s might. Although he did not feel fear like how normal people did after seeing the Jiang Dynasty’s grand army, Chu Feng still had to admit that the Jiang Dynasty was truly not simple.

“Who cares. After all, you already prepared to leave the Azure Province and your family has been arranged well. Even if the people from the Jiang Dynasty are going to the Azure Province, it would be unrelated to you.” Eggy said.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, but he had a thought in his heart. If the Jiang Dynasty was only passing by, then whatever. But if their target was truly the Azure Province, most likely, it would be for the Emperor Tomb.

After all, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion had already discovered the Emperor Tomb. When they discovered that they did not have the ability to open it themselves, for assistance, they would certainly report that news to the Jiang Dynasty. By doing so, even if they could not get the treasures from the Emperor Tomb, at least the Jiang Dynasty would still give them some rewards.

But Chu Feng was not too worried because he who knew how scary the Emperor Tomb deeply understood that even if it was the army of the Jiang Dynasty, they would still be unable to enter deep into the Emperor Tomb. Only if they sent out their peak experts did they have a chance to get some benefits from the Emperor Tomb.

So, after the Jiang Dynasty army left, Chu Feng also rushed out of the white clouds and continued towards the Qin Province.

As for where the Jiang Dynasty army went, as predicted by Chu Feng, they came to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. However, the thing that was different from Chu Feng’s guess was that this time, the Jiang Dynasty did not come by invitation.

“Quick! Quickly call for the Mansion Lord!!”

The army of the Jiang Dynasty grandly and mightily descended from the sky. They truly looked just like soldiers and generals from heaven that came down to the mortal world. It caused people to be endlessly afraid, and at that very instant, the overlord of the Azure Province, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, was already in chaos. The formerly prideful people from the Prince’s Mansion were all terrified to the extreme.

“Milords, I am Lin Moli. I didn’t know that you would honor your presences to this mansion so I didn’t come out to greet you. Please forgive my mistakes!”

Lin Moli also panicked. If only one or two people from the Jiang Dynasty came, he could still bear with it. But currently, a genuine Jiang Dynasty army came to his Qilin Prince’s Mansion. That caused him to not know what to do and he was extremely terrified. Uncontrollably, he felt uneasiness.

*ta* And just at this time, from the golden-coloured chariot that was pulled by a Monstrous Beast, a male wearing a golden-coloured robe gradually walked out.

It was a young man. Two meters tall, well-built body, golden dragon crown on his head, black hair that draped along his shoulders, and a face as white as snow yet gave people an abnormally icy-cold feeling. Especially his eyes. They emitted incomparable overbearingness and ferociousness, causing one to not dare to look straight into his eyes.

“Lor...Lord Jiang Han!!” After seeing that male, Lin Moli’s face instantly turned deathly-white like paper and there wasn’t any trace of the colour of blood anymore. Within his eyes, indescribably, fear surged. It could be seen how scared he was towards the young man in front of his eyes who was even so much younger than him.

[TN: Jiang = surname, Han = cold.]

“Lin Moli, do you know your crimes?” The cold-faced male called Jiang Han asked with an equally cold tone.

“Milord, what….what do you mean? I...” Lin Moli was terrified. When he was asked by Jiang Han in such a way while he was already originally extremely uneasy, it caused him to be instantly scared to the point he did not know what to do, nor how to respond.

*whoosh* But before even letting Lin Moli finish speaking, Jiang Han suddenly raised his hand, formed an eagle’s claw with that hand, and endless suction power emitted from his palm. Instantly, it plucked Lin Moli from the ground and into his palm.

At that very instant, Jiang Han used a single hand to tightly grab onto Lin Moli’s brain. No matter how the Heaven realm Lin Moli struggled, he could not escape his palm.

At that instant, Jiang Han cast his icy cold gaze towards the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion who knelt on the ground with faces full of fear and said,

“The lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Moli, was assigned to rule over the Azure Province by the imperial court. However, when he discovered a mysterious tomb in the Azure Province, not only did he not immediately report it to the dynasty, he even privately opened the tomb, planning to keep the dynasty’s treasure for himself. This is a crime of death, and he should be beheaded right now!”

“Milord, have mercy! Milord have mercy!” After hearing Jiang Han’s words, Lin Moli’s faced turned purple from fear as he started to loudly beg for his life.

However, Jiang Han did not even care about him. His palm suddenly grasped, and with a bang, in front of the many people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, he crushed the head of Lin Moli, the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, into pieces.

“Milord have mercy, milord have mercy!”

At that instant, everyone from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion on scene started to kowtow for their lives and started to beg for their lives. They were deeply afraid that they would receive the same ending as Lin Moli.

Because in the continent of the Nine Provinces, the Jiang Dynasty was the only boss, and they were the only laws. No one dared to offend them, because as long as you offended them, there would only be one result. Death.

“Listen up everyone. From today on, the Azure Province will be directly managed by my Jiang Dynasty. All of you can still serve my dynasty, but if any of you have any trace of disloyalty, in the future, you will end the same as how Lin Moli ended today.” Jiang Han’s voice was like thunder and his tone was like ice as he loudly said to the crowd.

“We are willing to serve the dynasty! We do not dare to have half a bit of selfishness!” Seeing that, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion crowd acted as though a heavy burden had been lifted as they kowtowed with faces full of gratitude.

After that, the Jiang Dynasty’s army took over everything in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. They truly planned to personally manage the Azure Province.

At that instant, within an extremely luxurious palace in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Jiang Han was all ready to go. He seemed to be planning to go somewhere, and behind him, there was an aged old man with white and grey hair.

That old man had very strong aura, clearly also a Heaven realm expert. But in front of Jiang Han, he seemed abnormally petty as he asked with a very respectful tone, “Milord, everything is arranged. Do we go investigate that tomb?”

“No. The tomb is already under our control, so we can go at any time.”

“On the other hand, since I’ve arrived at the Azure Province right now, I must go pay someone a visit.” Jiang Han’s tone was icy cold as if there was not a single trace of emotion. Even if it was someone from his own clan, he acted the same.

“Do you need me to accompany you?” The old man seemed to know who Jiang Han was going to look for, so he pettily requested for instructions.

“No need, I myself am enough.” Jiang Han waved his hand, and after that, a wave of wind rose and his body disappeared completely. He did not even leave a single strand of aura, and he was already heading towards where he wanted to go.