Chapter 324 - Grand Dynasty Army

MGA: Chapter 324 - Grand Dynasty Army

“Unless...” The Azure Dragon Founder hesitated for a bit.

“Unless what?” Chu Feng anxiously asked closely.

“Unless you can become a Purple-cloak world Spiritists within two years, because you can take the two pearls out of their bodies at that point. Or else, they will doubtlessly die.”

“But are you confident that you can become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist within two years? To be honest, no matter how much more talent you have, it is almost an impossible thing.” The words that the Azure Dragon Founder said more or less struck blows at Chu Feng.

“I...” At that instant, Chu Feng face was also filled was complications. He no longer spoke because he was indeed not confident that he could become Purple-cloak World Spiritist within two years.

“Chu Feng, don’t be discouraged. It is indeed very difficult to become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist within two years, but with your talent, there shouldn’t be much of a problem to become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Do you still remember the Monstrous Beast locked in the Asura Ghost Tower in the Spirit Province? Don’t forget, it was a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, and it had a request for you!”

“As long as you become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, perhaps you would be able to help it get free. At that time, wouldn’t it be fine to ask it to save Su Rou and Su Mei?” Just at that time, Eggy seriously reminded.

“That’s right. Eggy, you’re right! Little Rou and little Mei can still be saved! As long as I can get the thing that the Monstrous Beast left behind, perhaps I can very quickly become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. At that time, it will work if I save it then ask it to save little Rou and little Mei!”

After hearing Eggy’s reminder, Chu Feng also came to the realization and his originally face that was like ash instantly surged with a hint of hope.

“Chu Feng, you wouldn’t truly feel you can become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist within two years right?” The Azure Dragon Founder lightly furrowed his brows when he saw a strand of hope surging within Chu Feng’s gaze

Because with his entire life’s worth of time, he could not step into the Purple-cloak realm. So, he deeply knew how difficult that realm was. He did not doubt that Chu Feng could become Purple-cloak World Spiritist, or else he wouldn’t have entrusted his rescue on Chu Feng, but to do that within two years was almost an impossible thing.

“Ancestor, indeed, I cannot become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist within two years of time, but I will do my best to think of other methods to save Su Rou and Su Mei.”

“The two of them are too important to me and I must save them. So, in the period of time that I am not here, I hope that you can take care of the people close to me.” As Chu Feng spoke, he swept his gaze towards the surrounding people.

“Don’t worry. As long as I am here, no one will be able to harm them. Absolutely no problems will happen to the two sisters in these two years.”

“However, although I don’t know what method you have that can save them, I hope that you can remember before saving them, you must guarantee your own safety first or else all will be for naught.” The Azure Dragon Founder advised.

“Ancestor, don’t worry. I have my plans.”

After that, Chu Feng simply took care of his own injuries, then explained to the crowd what had actually happened. Only then did he say his farewells to everyone and left the Thousand Bone Graveyard. He officially left that place, and stepped onto a road that was filled with unknown dangers, yet was a road that had to be walked on. It was the road towards the Qin Province.

The continent of the Nine Provinces was split into the Azure Province, Tang Province, Song Province, Ming Province, Han Province, Sui Province, Spirit Province, Yuan Province, and Qin Province.

The Qin Province was rather far from the Azure Province. One required to go through the Spirit Province which was in between in order to reach it. As for why Chu Feng needed to go to the Qin Province, it was because the Monstrous Beast in the Asura Ghost Tower told Chu Feng that there was a treasure which could polish up Spirit power, and that treasure was in the Qin Province.

Chu Feng’s goals of his current journey was very clear. To find that treasure, then to perfect his Spirit power so that he could more quickly become a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.

Then, return to the Asura Ghost Tower, coordinate with the imprisoned Monstrous Beast and after saving it, request help from the mysterious and unfathomable Monstrous Beast so it could save the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei from the hands of the pearls.

Although that plan seemed to be very simple, Chu Feng knew that within it, there were certainly thousands of difficulties and tens of thousands of risks because at first, the place that the treasure was hidden in was an unclear place called the Thousand Monster Mountain.

“I will leave here soon, and who knows when I will return to this place.” As Chu Feng sat on the White-headed Eagle, he looked at the familiar land and scenery underneath as his thoughts were extremely complicated.

This time was different from last time when he went to the Spirit Province. Last time, he was only there for the White-cloak World Spiritist qualification exam, but this time, he had a heavier mission, and the time he was leaving for was longer as well.

“Chu Feng, do you want to go to the World Spirit Guild and ask for assistance? Although they don’t have any Purple-cloak World Spiritists there, I’m sure they can help a bit.” Eggy said.

“No. I’m not too familiar with the World Spirit Guild, so I’m afraid that greed will rise from their hearts if they see the treasure left behind by the Monstrous Beast and that they will take it for themselves.” Chu Feng replied.

“Mm.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Eggy felt that it was extremely reasonable as well. After that, she giggled and said, “It looked like you’ve matured quite a bit huh? I have indeed not been mistaken. Boy, you will have quite a future.”

Eggy was even like a pistachio. She who knew Chu Feng had heavy worries in his heart did not stop comforting and amusing Chu Feng on the road. That caused his pressure to be diminished quite a bit, and confidence in which he could save Su Rou and Su Mei also increased quite a bit.

[TN: “Pistachio” in Chinese can be directly translated as “Happy Fruit”.]

“This aura.”

But just as Chu Feng was going to leave the border of the Azure Province, he suddenly tightly frowned and quickly steered Little White towards a lump of cloud in the distance and drilled in since Chu Feng could feel an extremely powerful aura approaching.

Indeed, after Chu Feng hid in the white clouds, huge bangs rang out from the nearby horizon. That sound seemed to be like thunder, but it seemed more like the sounds of ten thousand horses galloping. The sound of them galloping in the air.

“Heavens! That is?!”

Although Chu Feng was hidden in the white clouds, he was still able to see everything outside. At that instant, he astonishedly discovered that at the end of the horizon, a large group of people and horses appeared. People and horses that walked in the air.

The group of people neared ten thousand, and on the bodies of every single person, they wore a golden-coloured robe. That robe was not armor, but it was more gorgeous than armor and even harder than armor.

Underneath the near ten thousand people, every single one was riding an excellent horse. The horses were a lot bigger than normal ones, and they were also abnormally domineering, as if they were the kings within horses as they had unordinary auras. The most important thing was that the horses could stay in the air with extremely quick speed.

However, that wasn’t even much. Other than the horses that could walk on air, there was even a huge golden-coloured chariot. The thing that pulled the chariot was not a horse. It was a huge beast. A huge beast that could walk on air, and if Chu Feng was not mistaken, it should be a Monstrous Beast that reached the Heaven realm.

A Heaven realm Monstrous Beast was tamed by someone and became a slave that pulled a chariot. That caused people to be rather shocked.

And when Chu Feng cast his gaze towards the army banner that was fluttering around, he finally knew the origin of the group of people, because on top of the golden-coloured army banners that had dragons and phoenixes carved and drawn on them, there were two big words. “Jiang Dynasty”!