Chapter 323 - Sealed for Two Years

MGA: Chapter 323 - Sealed for Two Years

“Chu Feng you bastard! I won’t stop you if you want to die, but don’t drag me down with you!” Eggy started to insanely howl when she saw Chu Feng was determined to die.

Chu Feng was in quite a predicament as he heard Eggy’s yell. He could not bear leaving Su Rou and Su Mei, but he also didn’t want Eggy to be harmed because of his own actions.

“Dammit. These two pearls have actually survived. I was truly careless.”

Suddenly, an aged voice rang out, and when Chu Feng raised his head to look, he couldn’t help but rejoice. It was the Azure Dragon Founder.

The current Azure Dragon Founder was standing on an azure dragon while the robe on his body fluttered without wind. After seeing Su Rou and Su Mei’s conditions, although he was very shocked, he did not panic too much, and he had many manners of a peak expert.

“Chu Feng, move!” The Azure Dragon Founder loudly yelled. Chu Feng did not dare to be slow as he hurriedly let Su Rou and Su Mei who was in his embrace go.

*hmm* Just at that time, with the wave of the Azure Dragon Founder’s big sleeve, a blue-coloured Spirit Formation was condensed out. With strange and special patterns, it enveloped both Su Rou and Su Mei.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* Quickly following that, the Azure Dragon Founder wrote two “seal” characters in the air continuously. The character “seal” was condensed and created by symbols and it stood in the air, as if it had life. Then, the Azure Dragon Founder pointed at Su Rou and Su Mei and lightly yelled, “Seal.”

The two characters “seal” landed respectively on Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s Spirit Formation. At that instant, Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s expression had actually seemed less painful, as though the horrifying pearls in their bodies were controlled.

“Not bad. Chu Feng, your school founder’s Spirit Formation methods are pretty decent. I’m guessing if he was still alive, he would absolutely not be a simple Blue-cloak World Spiritist. He should have infinitely neared the level of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.” Eggy said while giving a rare praise.

As for Chu Feng, he was stunned by the Azure Dragon Founder’s methods. Being also a World Spiritist, what Chu Feng’s chose to do when faced with Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s situation was to die together with them, because other than that, he really did not know what else to do. He was very powerless.

But the Azure Dragon Founder, who did not even have a physical body right now; the Azure Dragon Founder who was only a consciousness relied on his own World Spiritist techniques and temporarily suppressed the two pearls in their bodies. It had to be said that this was the huge difference in strength.

“Fortunately, even though the two pearls have not died yet, they aren’t as strong as back then. But even so, they are still not something that I can suppress. If I want to control them, I will need to rely on that pearl.”

As the Azure Dragon Founder spoke, he waved his big sleeve again. A gust of wind rose up from Chu Feng’s feet and blew him, Su Rou, and Su Mei into the air, then they landed on top of the huge azure dragon.


With the roar of the huge dragon, Chu Feng felt that the scene around him became blurry. But after an instant, he returned to where everyone was resting at. He arrived in front of the crystal coffin that stored the Azure Dragon Founder’s remains.

*bang* At that instant, the Azure Dragon Founder raised his hand and palmed, and he actually shattered the crystal coffin that preserved his own remains. At the same time, the pearl on top of the Azure Dragon Founder’s remains also gave out extremely dazzling brilliance.

“Ancestor, this is?” Seeing that the Azure Dragon Founder destroyed his own coffin immediately, Chu Feng’s face was filled with doubt.

But later on, he finally knew what the Azure Dragon Founder wanted to do. After shattering his own crystal coffin, with practiced methods, the Azure Dragon Founder started to lay a Spirit Formation. It wasn’t a simple Spirit Formation, but a sealing Spirit Formation.

It was a very high-level sealing formation, so high-level that Chu Feng could only tell what type it was but he could not even touch that sealing formation. Even if he knew the method of laying the formation, it would be impossible for him to actually lay the formation.

After laying the sealing formation, the Azure Dragon Founder individually put Su Rou and Su Mei on both sides of his remains. After urging the sealing formation, the pearl emitted dazzling brilliance and it materialized. It became a huge crystal casing that shrouded Su Rou, Su Mei, as well as the remains of the Azure Dragon Founder.

“Chu Feng. Although the power of the two pearls aren’t as strong as before, with the current me, I have no way of completely suppressing them, let alone extracting them from Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s bodies.”

“Sealing them right now is the only method to save them right now. But with my power, although I can temporarily lock their life force in their bodies, I can only guarantee that they will survive for two more years in the sealing formation.”

“That also means that if I open the sealing formation right now, it is very possible that they will immediately die. But if I completely seal this sealing formation, two years later, they will die as well. Right now, give me a forthright answer. Do you choose to let them die right now, or to give them two more years?” The Azure Dragon Founder seriously asked.

“No. I don’t want them to die!” Chu Feng was frightened by the words that came from the Azure Dragon Founder.

“I am letting you choose. Right now, or two years later. Quickly speak. If you don’t, I will undo the sealing formation right now and destroy them along with the two pearls.” The Azure Dragon Founder’s attitude became forceful.

“No! Don’t! Seal them, protect their lives for now!” Seeing that, Chu Feng completely panicked and he quickly begged.

“Mm. That’s right.” Only then did the Azure Dragon Founder nod his head in satisfaction. Following that, he opened his arms, then immediately overlaid several thick chains that had surged out from his body.

The chains were not normal chains. They were transparent chains condensed by Spirit Formations. At that instant, with clanking noises, they coiled around the crystal casing. At the end, they twisted around it densely and almost the entire crystal casing was covered. One could only see Su Rou and Su Mei who were within through the cracks.

“Seal!” Finally, the Azure Dragon Founder drew a huge “seal” character and it landed on the enormous sealing formation. Finally, it completely locked the sealing formation.

At that instant, almost everyone already came over as they nervously looked at everything the Azure Dragon Founder was doing. Especially Su Hen and Su Long. Their faces were extremely ugly. Although everyone knew something must have happened, no one dared to go up to ask. They only silently watched.

“Chu Feng, you are still young! Remember, as a man, no matter what event you meet, you must not panic as you face danger.”

“In reality, I wasn’t even sure that I could destroy the two pearls, so even if you didn’t choose to seal, I would have sealed the two of them with the two pearls.”

“However, the reason why I asked you just now was because I wanted you to have such an experience that you cannot forget. An experience in which you had to choose the life and death of a person close to you so that next time, when you face a situation similar to this, you can be more at ease.”

The Azure Dragon Founder said to Chu Feng. To him, it was as if he was teaching Chu Feng in a classroom. He was not concerned about Su Rou and Su Mei lives.

“Ancestor, is there any way to save them?” But to Chu Feng, the thing he was most concerned about right now was whether he was able to save the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei.

“It is almost impossible. The pearl will always be sealed in there, but with my ability, I can only guarantee that they will survive for two more years as they don’t eat nor drink in that state. Two years later, they will undoubtedly die, unless...”