Chapter 320 - The Fusion of Ice and Fire

MGA: Chapter 320 - The Fusion of Ice and Fire

“Ancestor.” Turning his head around to look, Chu Feng discovered that it was the Azure Dragon Founder. As he clapped, he walked towards him and there was even a smile of admiration hung on his face.

Radiance shot in all directions from the Azure Dragon Founder’s body and he was completely different than normal consciousnesses. It was as if he was still truly living with extremely horrifying power hidden within his body.

“Impressive! My Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was originally a martial skill with Heaven power based as the root, so normally, only people in the Heaven realm should be able to learn it.”

“Although I hypothesized that if one’s Spirit power was extremely strong, they could specially concentrate, control, and even use their Profound power. But I never would have thought that you would be to reach that stage while only being in the Origin realm with only Origin power pregnant in your body.” The Azure Dragon School’s face was filled with praise.

“Ancestor. Does the current me really have no way of cultivating this Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens? I am able to feel that this is an extremely strong bodily martial skill and I really want to grasp it.” Chu Feng said.

“Ho…Of course it’s a very strong bodily martial skill. It’s a martial skill that I gave fruit to from a Secret Skill! Its original form is a Secret Skill!”

The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled, and following that, his body quickly floated up. Underneath his illusionary feet, boundless azure-coloured gas had actually been condensed out. The gas surged more and more, and at the end, it was condensed into the appearance of a huge dragon.

That huge dragon was a dozen meters or so long. Although it was shaped by the condensation of gas so its eyes were empty without light, its body emanated a type of strong vitality as if it originally had a spirit. A single claw could cut open a mountain peak, and a roar could shake ten thousand creatures.

But that wasn’t really much. He then saw the Azure Dragon Founder stand on the head of the huge dragon with both of his hands behind his back. His robe fluttered as though he was the master of the huge dragon and suddenly, he pointed towards the distance and loudly yelled, “Go!”

*roar* The huge dragon instantly angrily howled and following that, its huge claws slashed through the air. The might of the dragon swayed to cause wind, then it became a row of light and it had actually disappeared with a blink.

“Heavens, what a fast speed!” At that instant, even Chu Feng was stupefied.

Because at that moment, he could not feel the slightest bit of the Azure Dragon Founder’s aura, but deep in the Emperor Tomb, Chu Feng could still hear the roar of the huge dragon. It meant that the speed of the Azure Dragon Founder was already fast to the extreme and even Chu Feng’s naked eye could not pick it up.


Another angrily roar caused a wave of wild wind to be lifted. That wind was strong and even Chu Feng found it difficult to stand still as he was blown by it and he couldn’t help but back away. And at that moment, the huge dragon reappeared in front of Chu Feng’s face while the Azure Dragon Founder was still standing on the head of the huge dragon as he smiled and looked at Chu Feng.


The Azure Dragon Founder waved his sleeve and the huge dragon turned into a lump of gas and it was absorbed into the Azure Dragon Founder’s body. But he slightly helplessly shook his head, sighed, and said, “Ahh, without my original body, it is impossible for me to display the power of this martial skill. It is only one-tenth of how it was when I was alive!”

“What? Such strong might is actually only one-tenth from when he was alive? Then when the ancestor was living, how strong was he?”

Chu Feng widened his mouth from shock, and following that, he fiercely gulped. He was truly stunned by the strong methods of the Azure Dragon Founder. That was a real expert. Worthy of being the number one person in the continent of the Nine Provinces back then.

“Chu Feng, I just showed the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens to you. How was the feeling?” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled and asked.

“Impressive. It is really impressive. It is the most profound martial skill that I had ever seen.” Chu Feng had admiration across his face. He admired the Azure Dragon Founder’s strength, and he also admired how he used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens so naturally.

“Ho...I said it before, but this is only a copy of a Secret Skill. If I was still living, I would have displayed that Secret Skill for you to see, and then, you would have known what true impressiveness would be.”

“But regretfully, the Secret Skill is in my corpse and it has been sealed. Only after you revive me can I pass it down to you. Before that, it is best for you to train well with this copy.” The Azure Dragon Founder said.

“But you said that this Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens requires at least Heaven power in order to use it. What should I do?” Chu Feng asked while requesting for a solution.

“Of course there’s a way. Like I just said. Your Spirit power is extremely strong, and the quality of the Origin power in your body is high as well. The two combine into one, and it can cause your Origin power to become strong, perhaps even stronger than the Profound power of normal Profound realm cultivators. That is also why your battle power is so exceptional.”

“Right now, I have a training method that trains you on how to concentrate to gain more control over your Origin power. As long as you can completely grasp your Origin power, it won’t be any problem for you to grasp the early step of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.” The Azure Dragon Founder said.

“Then what should I do?” After hearing his words, Chu Feng started to get impatient because he truly wanted to grasp the profound Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

“Follow me.” The Azure Dragon Founder indifferently smiled, turned around, and walked deeper into the Emperor Tomb.

Seeing that, Chu Feng also followed. Actually, he was very excited at that moment because within the Emperor Tomb, the Azure Dragon Founder made a boundary for their range of movement. He did not permit them to step out of the boundary

And Chu Feng who always had his mind on the treasures of the Emperor Tomb was naturally very curious as for what things were outside of the boundary. Currently, the Azure Dragon Founder was actually personally leading Chu Feng to pass that boundary, so obviously, Chu Feng was very excited because it meant that there was certainly something outside of the boundary.

“Chu Feng, the reason why they call this the Thousand Bone Graveyard is because they don’t know anything. But I’m sure that more or less you understand, and you should have already been aware that this is a huge tomb. It is the grave of an absolute expert, and where we are right now is only the entrance to the tomb.”

“Tombs are based on ranks according to the size of the system as well as the danger factors within. Based on my personal experience, this tomb is of an Emperor Tomb level.” The Azure Dragon Founder said.

“Emperor Tomb?!” Despite already knowing that it was an Emperor Tomb before, after the Azure Dragon Founder gave his confirmation, Chu Feng still felt a bit shocked. If even the Azure Dragon Founder who was strong got forced to his current state, it could be seen how terrifying the Emperor Tomb was.

“To be honest, there were truly a lot of people who entered this place back in that year. Pretty much all the peak experts on the continent of that era were gathered, but sadly, no one returned alive. If I didn’t get that magical pearl, in reality, even if I became a broken spirit, I would have already been dissipated, not to mention being able to keep my current strength.”

“But Chu Feng, actually, we discovered three magical pearls that year.” Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder smiled and spoke.

“Three? Where are the other two?”

Chu Feng felt shocked. If one pearl was already so magical, how would the other two be? But he was more curious as for why there were two, yet such a capable person such as the Azure Dragon Founder did not take them. Was it possible that he could not have taken them? Or were there other reasons? At that instant, Chu Feng was truly curious to the extreme.

As for the Azure Dragon Founder, he also stirred up some suspense this time. He chuckled, then said to Chu Feng, “No need to rush. You will see the two other pearls very soon.”

Chu Feng did not ask anymore after hearing that. He only followed the steps of the Azure Dragon Founder and walked deeper in. At the end, in front of Chu Feng, a huge cave world appeared. It was so vast that one could not see the borders, and it was even vaster than the cave world underneath the Black Tortoise Mountain Range.

But at that very instant, the thing that attracted Chu Feng’s eyeballs the most was not the vast underground world. It was the huge and bizarre lake within the underground world.

The reason why the lake was said to be bizarre was because on one half, it was ice. The ice was thick, as though it froze straight to the deepest parts of the lake and it emitted extremely bone-piercing chilliness.

As for the other half of the lake, flames rose to the sky. A large area of fire snakes rolled and raged while making ear-piercing and fierce howls. It created a sharp contrast with the ice from the other side. Truly, ice and fire existed together, and the fusion of ice and fire was happening right in front of his eyes.