Chapter 319 - Cultivating with a Calm Heart

MGA: Chapter 319 - Cultivating with a Calm Heart

The so-called “For the matters of the world, if there are people who are happy, there are people who are sad.”

The news of Chu Feng destroying the Lingyun School caused all other schools to be incomparably joyful, but as the real overlord of the Azure Province, the Qilin Prince’s Mansion who also offended Chu Feng, sank into unprecedented terror.

“Mansion Lord, what should we do? Yan Yangtian has already escaped, and look at us...”

In the broadest hall within the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Moli sat on the head seat and all the experts who had fame, strength within the Prince’s Mansion were all in there.

However, the current them no longer had their arrogance of being high up on top. Every single one revealed fearful faces and they were extremely uneasy.

They were all terrified by the matter of the Lingyun School. They were terrified by Chu Feng’s actions. They were deeply afraid that after the Lingyun School, their Qilin Prince’s Mansion would come next, that they were included within the next wave of people being slaughtered.

“What is there to be afraid of? Don’t forget, we are the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and we have the Jiang Dynasty behind us. No matter how much nerves Chu Feng has, he will not dare to do anything against my Qilin Prince’s Mansion unless he doesn’t want to continue in the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

Lin Moli suddenly stood up and his powerful palm abruptly dropped. He shattered the chair underneath his body as he angrily roared, causing the entire hall to tremble.

It still had to be said that after hearing his roar, everyone in the hall quieted down and their panicked expressions also calmed a bit. After that, Lin Moli spoke a lot more to the crowd.

Such as already reporting Chu Feng’s matter to the Jiang Dynasty, that they would prepare to help the Qilin Prince’s Mansion catch Chu Feng, that Chu Feng could no longer protect himself, that it would be impossible for him to rise from the east mountains, that he would sooner or later get killed, etc.

Those words successfully comforted the shaken hearts of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion experts, but the experts did not see Lin Moli’s full face of terror and extreme uneasiness in the instant he turned around.

As Chu Feng’s achievements were being noisily spread and as the outside world was being flipped upside down, underneath the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, there was this section of untainted land.

Li Zhangqing and the Azure Dragon Elites, Chu Yue and the Chu family, as well as Su Rou, Su Mei, and the two others, were living quite well within the Thousand Bone Graveyard. After Chu Feng told everyone about the matter of him taking Qi Fengyang away and destroying the Lingyun School with the assistance of a mysterious expert, everyone in that place was extremely happy.

“Chu Feng, you boy, you are too outstanding! You have actually brought back so many treasures, but it’s just that these things are too precious and I would feel quite bad if I were to take them.” Li Zhangqing looked at the rare treasures in front of his eyes and he had smiles all over his face from excitement. His old wrinkles pleated together and he looked just like a meat-filled steamed bun.

It was because there were many good things placed in front of his face. Large amounts of Origin medicine, special weapons, and also protective equipment. All of them were taken from the Lingyun School’s Resource Treasury, and currently, he gave them all to Li Zhangqing for free.

“School head. Since I, Chu Feng, caused the Azure Dragon School to be flattened and a thousand years of foundation to be destroyed in a single moment, I truly feel endless shame in my heart, so if you take these, I will feel a bit better.” Chu Feng said with an apologetic face.

“Ahh, you idiot boy. What they destroyed was only an empty frame. My Azure Dragon School’s foundation has all been moved to this place. These are the roots for reestablishing my Azure Dragon School.”

Li Zhangqing cast his gaze towards a nearby place. There was a simple shelf over there, but all sorts of martial skills and Mysterious Techniques were neatly placed on that shelf. There was also the Azure Dragon School’s resource register. These things were truly what a school needed to establish itself.

“But...” Chu Feng still felt rather bad.

“There are no ‘buts’. These are just worldly materials and they are just the foundations for the rise of my Azure Dragon School. The ones over there are the true necessities for the rise of my Azure Dragon School.”

Li Zhangqing then looked towards the direction of the Essence Pool. Ever since entering this place, all the young generation disciples of the Azure Dragon School as well as the elders started to cultivate as they were in the pool, gaining great benefits.

After that, Li Zhangqing patted Chu Feng’s shoulders and said, “And you are the hope who will lead them and strengthen my Azure Dragon School!”

“Mm. Lord School Head, don’t worry. From today on, I, Chu Feng, will build an even grander Azure Dragon School on the Azure Dragon Mountain Range. At that time, not only will my Azure Dragon School be the overlord of the Azure Province, it will also have its part in the continent of the Nine Provinces.” After hearing Li Zhangqing’s words, Chu Feng’s knot in his heart was undone and he solemnly vowed to guarantee.

The reason why Chu Feng did not directly leave but rather returned to this place again after destroying the Lingyun School was…

First, to let everyone who worried about him know that he, Chu Feng, was fine and also that the Lingyun School received a rare heavy blow and paid the price that should have paid.

Second, after experiencing the pursuit by Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli, Chu Feng was deeply aware that how weak he was in front of the Heaven realm.

So, Chu Feng wanted to learn the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens that the Azure Dragon Founder passed down to him. That martial skill was very profound, and if Chu Feng were to completely grasp it, even if he could not reach the powerful speed of Eggy’s Demonic Wings of that day, in front of Heaven realm experts, he could at least have some chances to escape.

After all, where Chu Feng was heading towards was a completely unknown land. Chu Feng could not hope that kind-hearted people would help him if he met danger. So, Chu Feng could only rely on himself. He had to guarantee that he had a certain life-saving method before departing.

Using an entire day, Chu Feng refined all the Profound medicines that he got from the Lingyun School. It caused change to happen from Chu Feng’s dantian which was silent for a long time, but at the end, Chu Feng was still unable to break into the Profound realm.

But Chu Feng was not discouraged. It was not far from what he had predicted, and although he was unable to break through, Chu Feng could still feel that it was not far off. If he got a few more high-quality Profound medicine, he should be able to make a breakthrough.

At that instant, Chu Feng was in a place deeper in than the Essence Pool. That place was quieter and it was the best place for him to cultivate. He closed his eyes and from that, used his mind to control the Origin power within his body.


A layer of azure-coloured gas visible by the naked eye was currently lingering around Chu Feng. They surged out from Chu Feng’s body, then interweave and fused together. More and more gathered, and gradually, it formed fog that was azure-coloured. The fog surged underneath Chu Feng’s feet and slowly lifted him up from the ground. He floated in mid-air, and he continued floating higher.

But the thing that was most mysterious was that as the azure-coloured fog carried Chu Feng and floated up, it was actually changing and becoming a snake-like dragon-like form. One could even feel the aura of life from it.

*whoosh* But suddenly, the fog disappeared like smoke and clouds, and Chu Feng also fell down from mid-air.

“Dammit. This Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens is rather hard.” Chu Feng’s face was very ugly, because the difficulty of control over the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens surpassed his imagination. Even if it was him, he could not quickly grasp it. Right now, he did not even reach the simplest first stage.

*clap clap* But just that time, bursts of loud and clear applause rang out behind Chu Feng.