Chapter 318 - Road of Extinction

MGA: Chapter 318 - Road of Extinction

“Heavens! This...this...this...Why did this happen?”

“Who did this?”

When Yan Yangtian and the strongest elites of the Lingyun School returned and saw the current state of the Lingyun School, their faces turned pale-white one after the other and fury and sorrow was within their eyes.

Although the current Lingyun School was not flattened, but saying that it could no longer be recognized was reasonable. Especially the core zone. The place that was the most luxurious and was the most invested towards already got destroyed into a complete mess.

The corpse of core disciples and core elders scattered everywhere and every single person was in such a wretched state that one could not bear looking at them. Martial Skills Building, Cultivation Building...all of them were ravaged. All of the martial skills were burnt into nothing and cultivation resources were destroyed.

Despite there were very few people who died or were injured within the inner court disciples and elders, they were still not lightly frightened. Many people escaped the Lingyun School and they were deeply afraid of being dragged down by it. The ones who remained were currently urgently saving and healing as they were led by the elders.

“Quick, go rescue, go rescue!” After being at a loss for quite a while, Yan Yangtian slowly came to his senses and loudly yelled.

And from then on, the elites on top of the White-headed Eagles quickly rushed down and started to help the people that hadn’t died yet.

However, when he was ordering others to rescue, Yan Yangtian gradually descended from the sky. He went over an area of ruined land. He did not say a single thing and he sank into silence.

“Lord School Head, this isn’t good! Over half of my school’s elite disciples and elders have died, and even the Resource Treasury has been looted completely with nothing left behind.” Several Protectors ran over with faces full of panic, and even they could not remain calm.

Because this time, the Lingyun School’s losses were really too big. The outstanding disciples and elders that had been developed for many years were almost completely slaughtered. Even the Resource Treasury that had been accumulating for many years was looted completely, and the excellent quality martial skills were burnt as well.

The Lingyun School, the grand, number one school of the Azure Province was made into that state by someone. Putting aside that today’s losses were heavy, causing their vitality to be greatly harmed, if this matter were to be spread out, the Lingyun School would become the laughing stock of the Azure Province.

“Who was it? Whose deed was this?! I must strip his skin and extract his tendons!” Yan Yangtian suddenly furiously howled. His voice spread past a hundred miles and everyone could feel his anger.

“Lord School head, Lord School Head, I know who did it! I know who did it!” Suddenly, several core disciples ran over with panic across their faces. They were even propping a person up. It was a rather well known elder in the core zone.

But currently, that elder had heavy injuries all over his body, cultivation that could not be kept, and he was also on the border of life and death. However, he was still conscious.

“Elder Liu, who was the one that actually did this?” At that instant, before letting Yan Yangtian speak, the several Protectors could not wait any longer as they went up to closely ask.

“It was...Chu...Chu...Chu Feng!” Elder Liu spoke Chu Feng’s name with an extremely feeble tone.

“What? Chu Feng, it was actually him?” After hearing that name, not a single person’s complexion on scene did not change greatly. Following that, another Protector quickly asked again, “Other than Chu Feng, who else? Was it Qi Fengyang? Was Qi Fengyang also there?”

“No, there was no one else. Only Chu Feng. All of you, run! He is simply the devil, the most terrifying person that I had ever seen!”

“He will still return, and at that time,” After speaking those words, Elder Liu’s head tilted to the side, and his body fell onto the ground. Thoroughly, he no longer breathed and he was already dead.


At that instant, the people on scene all took several steps back and they were so shocked that they could no longer stand stably. The legs of two of the Protectors went soft, and with a poof, they sat limply on the ground. On their faces, indescribable colours of terror surged as they were appalled.

Only after a while did those people recover from such shocking news. Everyone cast their gazes towards Yan Yangtian, the head of the Lingyun School. The backbone in their hearts.

“Heh. Without removing a great enemy, there will be endless future troubles. I, Yan Yangtian, have committed a grave mistake, and it would be that I shouldn’t have offended Chu Feng...”

“My Lingyun School is destroyed, destroyed by my hands. I, Yan Yangtian, am finished. I personally sent this life’s future to the grave.”

However, just at that moment, Yan Yangtian had an ash-like face as he muttered to himself with a bitter smile, and he started to slowly walk towards the outside of the Lingyun School.

“School head, school head, what are you doing?”

Seeing that, everyone was frightened because they could see that the present Yan Yangtian’s mental state was slightly unstable. But he was the head of the Lingyun School! Their backbone! If something were to happen to him at this time, who else could take control of the situation? What should they do? Who was going to fix their current broken circumstances?

But Yan Yangtian did not even care about the increasing number of elders and disciples following behind him. He only kept on walking west. Only after walking out of the Lingyun School did he suddenly stop his steps to speak to the people behind him,

“Everyone, leave. Cut off your relationship with the Lingyun School, or else he will still come back. At that time, no one will be able to stop him. No one will be able to return alive. The Lingyun School will also completely go extinct, and even your family will be affected by it.”

After saying those words, Yan Yangtian leaped, rose into the sky, and flew towards the western horizon. No matter how the Protectors, elders, and disciples of the Lingyun School yelled, he did not even turn his head around.

Today’s matter very quickly spread throughout the Azure Province and became the most shocking news of the province.

The Lingyun School was destroyed. Destroyed by a young man. That young man was the person who killed Dugu Aoyun and gained the title of being the strongest school head in the Hundred School Gathering. He was also the person who saved Qi Fengyang by himself from the sentencing grounds of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Chu Feng.

Relying on his own power, Chu Feng destroyed the number one school in the Azure Province, killed countless elite disciples and elders, and shook the foundation of several hundred years. News regarding the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian, was even all lost at that time.

The number one school of the Azure Province was immediately like a group of dragons without a leader and they went into complete chaos. Many disciples and elders started to leave the Lingyun School to rely on other schools. They even said to outsiders that they were instructions left by the school head, Yan Yangtian, before he departed. If they didn’t cut off their relationship with the Lingyun School, sooner or later, they would be met with the disaster of school extermination.

That matter was too shocking. However, to other schools, it was undoubtedly a good thing. The overlord-level school’s foundation was destroyed, and the Heaven realm school head abandoned his own school and escaped. It gave other first-rate schools a rare chance.

Even though there were some people who chose to remain behind in the Lingyun School, after all, there were quite a large number of people who left and since their cultivation resources were destroyed, it was absolutely impossible for the Lingyun School to rise again from the east mountains. To the many Azure Province’s schools, it meant that they were welcoming a new era. An era to fight over the position of being the number one school.

But no one would forget that the person who created this era was a young man called Chu Feng, and the person who also destroyed the Lingyun School was also a young man called Chu Feng.

Only because it offended the young man called Chu Feng, the Lingyun School, the number one school in the Azure Province that had been erected for several hundred years, walked towards the path of extinction with extremely quick speed.