Chapter 317 - Widespread Slaughtering

MGA: Chapter 317 - Widespread Slaughtering

*boom boom boom~~~*

The Azure Dragon Mountain Range, within the Azure Dragon School. The flames of battle never-ended and booms rang out everywhere.

Within the circumference of a hundred miles, both birds and beasts were frightened. Outside of the Azure Dragon Mountain Range, one could also clearly see the rolling thick smoke that rose to the sky and they could feel the slight trembling of the earth under their feet, as if there was an earthquake.

That situation shocked the powers and citizens around the Azure Dragon School. No matter if it were cultivators or commoners, as they looked at the distant ancient mountain range that was enveloped by fumes, they kept on sighing.

“Ahh, the school that has been erected for a thousand years gets destroyed in such a way. In the future, it seems like my children and grandchildren will need to rely on other schools for cultivation.”

“This is a matter that couldn’t be helped. Who told the Azure Dragon School to offend the Lingyun School right? They must pay for their crimes, so we can only hope that the flames of this battle will not also affect us innocent people.”

At that instant, people’s faces hung different emotions. Some felt pity, some felt regret, some felt worried that the battle would also affect themselves, but the thing that had to be admitted was that in the future, there would no longer be an Azure Dragon School in the Azure Dragon Mountain Range.

If the young people in that piece of land wanted to do martial cultivation, they could only walk a longer road to go towards other schools. To them, it was truly a huge loss.

At that instant, within the Azure Dragon School, the people from the Lingyun School and Qilin Prince’s Mansion were destroying everything in the Azure Dragon School as they wished because almost everyone in the Azure Dragon School left. The ones who remained were only people who did dishonest activities, so the Azure Dragon School was like an empty city.

Where were there any intentions of a battle of life and death? He was simply playing around with them, and they were tricked. So, no matter if it was the people from the Lingyun School or the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, they were extremely furious. Only wild destruction could vent the anger out in their current hearts.

Especially Lin Moli whose son got killed by Chu Feng. It was as if he went into a rage, and with the strength of the Heaven realm, he went around the Azure Dragon School’s core zone and caused chaos by himself. The gorgeous structures were no longer the same after he threw attacks at them, but he was still ravaging.

“We were tricked. We were tricked by that brat Chu Feng. At the start, he never planned to fight against us with his life, yet we believed him. Heh...” Yan Yangtian stood in the air while looking at the people who were devastating with everything they had. However, a bitter smile was hung on the corners of his mouth and his face was abnormally gloomy.

He wasn’t so gloomy because he was tricked. It was because today, a huge root of disaster was buried, a hidden disease that was impossible to heal. That was why he was so gloomy. He knew that Chu Feng was still going to return, but when Chu Feng reappeared in front of his face, the one who would die would certainly be himself.


Suddenly, Yan Yangtian insanely howled. The ear-piercing sound shook the air until it was trembling, and even the Lingyun School disciples and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion guards found it hard to endure it. They couldn’t help but cover their ears and painfully rolled on the ground.

Only after a long while did he stop howling. However, the current him was like Lin Moli. His face was filled with fury, then his entire person was like an arrow which left the bow as he shot into the Azure Dragon School and started to unrestrainedly destroy everything in the Azure Dragon School to calm his uneasy emotions.

At the same time, within the main hall of the Lingyun School, corpses stacked up to form mountains and the blood flowed to form rivers. Chu Feng was still sitting on top of tall stage. Not a single drop of blood stained his robe and as he sat on top of the Protector’s body, he smiled while looking at everything below.

Chu Feng personally killed several tens of thousands of people. Some were old, some were middle-aged, and some were people who were around the same generation as Chu Feng. All of them had extreme good martial cultivating talent and they were the elites who had very strong potential.

But currently, they all died by Chu Feng’s hands, but Chu Feng’s face did not change in the slightest because of their death.

This was a matter of position. It had no relation to morality, only grudges. On the battlefield, a soldier that had mercy towards the enemy was not a good soldier.

Chu Feng wasn’t a soldier, but in this place, it was his battlefield. The people from the Lingyun School were Chu Feng’s enemy, so Chu Feng would not have mercy towards his enemies. He would not have the tiniest bit of self-blame by killing them, because in Chu Feng’s heart, his enemies deserved to die.

*hmm* Suddenly, with a thought from Chu Feng, large amounts of Spirit Formation power started to surge out of his body.

Following Chu Feng’s command, more large amounts of strange symbols were condensed out. With special patterns, they started to wander around in the ocean of corpses. It was a huge Spirit Formation.

With lightning fast methods and after laying another Spirit Formation, Chu Feng removed the Spirit Formation that sealed the main hall, leaped down from the tall stage, gradually walked towards the outside of the hall, and lightly said, “Even though we were enemies, this time, I’ll give all of you a dignified funeral.”


Just as Chu Feng walked out of the main hall, the Spirit Formation started to activate. Flames that rose to the skies surged out from the formation and it quickly lit the corpses up and ignited the entire palace.

“Look! The main hall is on fire! What happened?”

“This isn’t good! Quickly go fight the fire!!” Seeing that the most sacred palace was being burnt by raging flames, many elders and disciples of the Lingyun School instantly panicked. They hurriedly ran towards the main hall, and they even rang the big bell as they wanted to fight the fire.

However, they did not know that a demon with thick bloodlust was grasping a formless death god’s sickle as he awaited for their approach. This time, Chu Feng truly prepared for a widespread slaughtering.

The Lingyun School was extremely big, and the abilities of Chu Feng himself were limited. So, Chu Feng set his target all onto the Lingyun School’s core disciples and core elders. The ones he wanted to kill were the elites of the Lingyun School, but even so, Chu Feng could not completely kill them all.

Since he could not kill them all, Chu Feng chose destruction. He started to destroy the most sacred, most important place in the Lingyun School. He wrecked the luxurious and dazzling palaces, burnt Mysterious Techniques and martial skills, and after the time of a full day and night, he turned the Lingyun School upside down, then he swaggeringly left whenever he felt like it.

Then after two more days, several hundred huge White-headed Eagles from the east of the Lingyun School appeared. They were the elites of the Lingyun School, and after they were led by Yan Yangtian and flattened the Azure Dragon School, they were returning back victoriously.

At that instant, Yan Yangtian was not flying. By himself, he sat on the White-headed Eagle in the front. He did not speak anything while he had his eyes close for resting. No one knew what he was thinking about.

On the other hand, the elders and disciples all had pleased faces and they started to announce their achievements.

“But it has to be said that this Azure Dragon School is rather large. One would really not think that it was a second-rate school before.”

“Hmph. So what if it’s big? Was it still not flattened by us without leaving a single strand of fur behind?”

“That’s right. Those who offend my Lingyun School in the Azure Province will only end up like this. That Chu Feng so impudent, but this time, didn’t he just run away with his tail between his legs? I couldn’t even see his shadow.” Several young core disciples were proudly bragging.

As for the elders, although they weren’t as open as the disciples, after hearing them talk about that, their faces also brimmed with smiles of pride.

It was because after that matter were to spread out, at least it would stabilize the Lingyun School’s position of being the overlord of the Azure Province and it would let everyone know what result one would get if they were to oppose the Lingyun School.

“Look, what’s that?!” But just at that time, a disciple with sharp eyes suddenly stood up. He pointed at the direction of the Lingyun School and extremely anxiously yelled.

“What are you making such a big fuss of...Heavens! This...” When others saw it as well and reacted to it, their faces similarly changed greatly and they were incomparably shocked as they appeared abnormally terrified.

After Yan Yangtian opened his eyes, even his pupils abruptly shrunk. On his originally calm demeanor, uneasiness surged. Without saying anything, he rose into the air and after leaving the White-headed Eagle, he quickly flew towards the Lingyun School.

At the same time, other people steered the White-headed Eagle underneath them with all they had and hurried towards the Lingyun School with their fastest speed.

At that very instant, their hearts were filled with uneasiness. Although they had not seen everything clearly yet, they already knew that the Lingyun School they were so proud of was attacked by someone!