Chapter 316 - Returning a Present

MGA: Chapter 316 - Returning a Present

After coming out of the treasury, he did not rush to leave that area. Instead, he carefully strolled around the Lingyun School because from the words “luring the tiger to leave the mountain”, he got some information out of them.

He wanted to confirm to see whether the old guy Yan Yangtian returned to the Lingyun School or not. If he didn’t, then he could cause huge chaos in the Lingyun School because other than Yan Yangtian, there was no one who could threaten, or even stop, the current Chu Feng within the Lingyun School.

“Ahh, I wonder if Lord School Head and the others arrived at the Azure Dragon School now or not and how the battle situation is.”

“This time, pretty much all the experts of my Lingyun School were sent and all of them rode away on top-quality White-headed Eagles. Looking at the time, they should have arrived at the Azure Dragon School by now. I’m sure that the Azure Dragon School has already been stamped flat by my Lingyun School right?”

“Hmph. They deserved it. They are simply looking to die by daring to oppose my Lingyun School.” Immediately when Chu Feng walked out, he heard two core disciples proudly discussing about their own school in a manner as if they were venting their anger out.

“Yan Yangtian went to my Azure Dragon School?” At that instant, Chu Feng’s expression changed and his eyebrows tightly furrowed. He thought of a possibility. A possibility that was within expectations yet unwished to happen.

So, he no longer hid around. He suddenly flew out from the corner, pointed at the two core disciples in front of him and loudly said, “You two, stand still!”

“Who is making all this damn noise?” Every single one of the disciples of the Lingyun School were the masters of arrogance. They did not lower their heads as they walked, they wished they could raise their faces straight up into the sky. Especially the core disciples. They had no ends to their pride, so how could they tolerate anyone loudly yelling at them like that?

So, with hearts full of fury, the two disciples suddenly spun their bodies around. Their fierce face could really scare a group of children to death. But when they faced Chu Feng who had an evil smile on his face, they were instantly stupefied.

Their eyes were widened so roundly and they no longer had their previous bloodlust. Replacing it was never-ending fear, and as they trembled while backing away, they pointed at Chu Feng and said, “” They were so scared that they could no longer speak.

The current Qilin Prince’s Mansion allied with Lingyun School to apprehend Chu Feng, so his portraits already were already posted throughout the Lingyun School. Thus, no matter if one already saw Chu Feng before or not, everyone knew Chu Feng’s appearance.

In addition to the various deeds that Chu Feng did before, he already left a terrifying shadow within the young generation’s hearts in the Azure Province. How was it possible that they weren’t afraid? They almost wet themselves.

Seeing that they two of them were going to yell loudly, Chu Feng hurriedly leaped forward and arrived in front of the two in a blink. He used his hand to cover both of their mouths and evilly smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m Chu Feng. But I have a question I want to ask you two. Where did you just say Yan Yangtian went?”

As the number one school of the Azure Province, no matter it if was in terms of the numbers or strength of the elders or disciples, the Lingyun School was far from being comparable by the other schools. The Lingyun School was the true overlord within so many schools. Even if the other schools worked together, they would still be unable to shake the position of the Lingyun School. That was how powerful they were.

At that instant, in the core zone of the Lingyun School, within a luxurious and spacious main hall, the strongest elders from the Lingyun School’s core zone and even inner court gathered along with the most excellent core disciples in the Lingyun School. With some early estimations, there were several tens of thousands of people.

The leader was one of the Twelve Protectors. He stood on top of the tall stage which was in the middle of the main hall and towered above to look at his surroundings. He loudly said,

“Chu Feng, the disciple from the Azure Dragon School, killed a disciple from my Lingyun School and also attempted to assassinate the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. His nerves could cover the skies and his crimes cannot be forgiven!”

“Right now, the head of my Lingyun School is leading the elite army of my Lingyun School while working together with the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. They are advancing towards the Azure Dragon School to kill Chu Feng and to eliminate his accomplices. They are the evils of the Azure Province.”

“As for us, we are the core power within the current Lingyun School and we have obligation to protect the peace of my Lingyun School. So, before Lord School Head returns, I hope that everyone here can increase alertness to prevent anyone from entering to harm my school’s disciples while the school is empty.”

“Lord Protector, don’t worry. Even if the school head isn’t here, my Lingyun School is still the overlord of the Azure Province and no one would dare to come here to make a mess.”

“That’s right. Even if there is someone who comes forward to cause a mess, we will kill them to the point that they’ll be crapping and wetting themselves. We will let them know our strength, and we’ll let them know that the dignity of my Lingyun School does not allow any blaspheming.” At that instant, no matter if it was the Lingyun School’s elders or disciples, they self-confidently loudly yelled.


But just at that time, the shut big doors to the main hall was suddenly shattered and opened. Simultaneously, a figure also rushed into the main hall like a ghost and arrived onto the tall stage. With one foot, it kicked the Protector down to the ground and he was stepped under that foot.

That person was exactly Chu Feng. With the wave of his arm, boundless Spirit Formations sealed all the exits of the main hall, and after that, he swept his fierce gaze over all the Lingyun School’s elders and disciples. He evilly smiled and said, “The overlord of the Azure Province, have you been well since last time?”

“Chu Feng?!”

The sudden change caused many people to be astonished, but when they saw who the person who came in was and the Protector who was being stepped under his foot, they instantly became incomparably panicked. Every single one was dumbfounded from fright, and their previous confidence, their previous wild arrogance was, at that instant, no more.


Finally, someone yelled out loudly, and the current elites of the Lingyun School were like birds frightened by the sound of a bow. They started to do all they could to madly run towards the exits of the main hall.

But it was useless. The exits were already sealed by Chu Feng. The Spirit Formation that Chu Feng laid was an impassable copper and iron wall and every single person in that place was locked in.

“Chu Feng, what are you planning to do?” At that instant, the Protector who was being stepped under Chu Feng’s foot was incomparably alarmed as he loudly yelled.

Although the people in that place weren’t the strongest people in the Lingyun School, they were still the future hope of the Lingyun School. Especially the core disciples. They were the important targets of protection of the Lingyun School because whether the school could rise greatly in power in the future depended on them.

At that moment, those people were all stuck in that place so how could that Protector not be worried? After all, Chu Feng and the Lingyun School were currently like water and fire and they did not mix. Even idiots could imagine what Chu Feng was going to do when he appeared at that place.

“What I am planning to do?” As he faced the Protector’s questioning, Chu Feng first lightly smiled, then he suddenly stamped down and shattered the Protector’s head. Fresh blood sprayed and shot out over the tall stage.

Following that, Chu Feng raised his head and he swept his gaze of killing intent towards the densely packed figures in the main hall and coldly said,

“Yan Yangtian is currently leading the army of the Lingyun School to destroy my Azure Dragon School’s thousand years of foundation. However, what I only want to do in this period of time is to return a present to him!”