Chapter 315 - Resource Treasury

MGA: Chapter 315 - Resource Treasury

High-quality Profound medicine, medium-quality Profound medicine, low-quality Profound medicine.

Top-quality Origin medicine, high-quality Origin medicine, medium-quality Origin medicine, low-quality Origin medicine.

Top-quality spiritual medicine, high-quality spiritual medicine, medium-quality spiritual medicine, low-quality spiritual medicine.

Apart from those cultivation resources, there were also all types of healing remedies, nurturing tonics, including special armor, and weapons created with special materials.

At that very instant surrounding Chu Feng, those treasures were organized tidily and the present Chu Feng was unexpectedly within a enormous treasury.

“What is this place? There is such a large amount of resources! I’m rich! I am truly rich!” Chu Feng’s mouth was opened widely from shock because he truly fell into a mountain of gold!

“Waa, Chu Feng, you’ve become rich! There are so many Profound medicines!” Just at that time, Eggy’s voice also sounded out in Chu Feng’s brain and the state of her voice was called “a vigorous dragon and lively tiger”. Not only did she not seem injured at all, rather, she seemed even healthier than before.

“Eggy? You’re awake! Nothing happened to you! This is truly great!”

After hearing Eggy’s voice, Chu Feng was also incomparably joyful because within his memories, Eggy used forbidden methods in order to save him, but at the end, fell into the mountain forest because of the lack of strength.

“Yeah. I...I am actually fine, and nothing happened to me. This is very strange. Chu Feng, wasn’t it you who saved me?” Similarly, Eggy also had a full face of confusion and her pair of shiny eyes blinked a few times while emanating puzzledness.

“I don’t know what had actually happened. According to the situation that time, we should have already been undoubtedly dead. Why has nothing happened to either you or me right now? We even arrived inside a treasury like this! That’s right, where did my elder brother Qi Fengyang go? Why isn’t he here anymore?”

Chu Feng remembered about Qi Fengyang only after thinking back to the scene before. He quickly stood up and searched everywhere, but he could not find any traces of Qi Fengyang. From that, Chu Feng couldn’t avoid being a bit worried.

“This is?!” At that instant, Chu Feng suddenly discovered that there was a paper slip in the area where he was laying before. He picked it up to look, and there were only a few rows of simple words written on it. However, it instantly caused Chu Feng’s tense heart to ease.

“Qi Fengyang is already safe so there is no need to keep having him in your mind. As for where this place is, you will know after you go out. But I advise you that before going out, you better loot every single thing in here or else you will regret it!”

“Who left this paper slip behind?” Chu Feng was a bit shocked as he confirmed that he was saved by someone.

“No need to think about it Chu Feng. If I’m not mistaken, it should be that mysterious expert in the Valley of Hundred Bends who saved you. Qi Fengyang has already been taken away by him and I’m sure that he was the one who brought you to this place.” Eggy calmly analyzed.

“It was him?” Chu Feng had no way of confirming, but after some detailed thinking, within the people who he knew, other than that person, there was truly no one else who could save him.

“Whatever. Put the things in here away first or else you would be disappointing that person’s meticulous efforts right?”

Chu Feng was not any righteous gentleman and he only lived for himself and the people around him. So naturally, when such fat meat came to the side of his mouth, he would not let it go. He stood up and first walked towards one of the walls because on that wall, the things that were densely hung on it were all Cosmos Sacks.

If Chu Feng wanted to collect so many treasures, Cosmos Sacks were something that could not be omitted, and obviously, the Cosmos Sacks over there were all prepared for Chu Feng.

No sooner said than done, Chu Feng did not move the slightest bit slow and he started to collect the treasures like how the great winds swept away the clouds. With one wave, he gathered the things he could use, and with the other, he gathered the things he could not use. At the end, he separated them into two big bags and threw them over his shoulder.

Although there were only two bags, within them were all little delicate Cosmos Sacks. Treasures filled every Cosmos Sack and from that, it could be imagined how many good things there were collected within Chu Feng’s two big bags.

But even so, Chu Feng did not take all the treasures away from the treasury. Of course, the things he left behind were only things that he didn’t really take notice of, such as things like spiritual medicines and spiritual beads. They were not of great help towards Chu Feng, so it was fine even if they were not taken.

“Heh. This time, quite a bit of profit has been made. With so many profound medicines, perhaps even I can break into the Profound realm.”

The current Chu Feng was extremely excited. The smile on his little face was even more dazzling than the sun. It was simply the first time in his life that he had seen so many profound medicines.

Chu Feng successively broke through two levels of cultivation within the Essence Pool and he was presently in the 9th level of the Origin realm. He was only one step away from the Profound realm, but Chu Feng knew that with the nature of the several Divine Lightning within his dantian, he needed to pay quite a big price in order to successfully enter the Profound realm.

Before, Chu Feng was in quite a difficult position because if he used Profound medicines to break into that realm, he truly required an extremely enormous amount. But with his current amount, that problem seemed to be solved.

Chu Feng felt that even if he could not break into the Profound realm after refining all of the Profound medicines, it would absolutely not be too far off. Making a breakthrough would only be a matter of time.

“Heh. Let’s see who provided such a grand amount of resources for me.”

Chu Feng prepared to leave after looting everything. He was already sure that it was a certain power’s treasury, but he did not know which power it was which had such abundant resources.

Although the Spirit Formation there was very strong, with Chu Feng’s methods, it was quite easy to open as he went towards the outside from the inside.

After sneaking out of the treasury, Chu Feng saw four familiar figures who stood in front of him with faces full of panic.

They were four old people and every single one of them had grey-white hair with vigorous spirits. They were part of the Twelve Protectors of the Lingyun School.

“It’s you?!”

The four Protectors hurriedly ran over to investigate the situation because they heard the opening sounds of the big doors to the treasury. After seeing Chu Feng, they immediately revealed faces that were even more stunned than Chu Feng’s.

At that instant, Chu Feng also finally reacted to what had happened. No wonder that person left the paper slip and said that Chu Feng would regret it if he didn’t loot everything. He did indeed make sense. After all, this was the treasury of Chu Feng’s archenemy, the Lingyun School.

“You damn little brat! As you lured the tiger away from the mountain, you took the chance to rob my Lingyun School’s treasury? Today, we will kill you!” The bodies of the four old people trembled from anger and immediately, they rushed over to start throwing fatal attacks towards Chu Feng.

“Hmph.” However, Chu Feng only coldly snorted as he was not afraid in the slightest. With Eggy’s power that surged throughout his body, Chu Feng already entered the 3rd level of the Profound realm, and with a thought, the Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was used.

*boom* Visible pressure descended from the sky and not only did it completely disintegrate the attacks from the four old people, even their bodies were instantly crushed. They already died and did not have any chances to condense their surviving consciousness.

“Even old garbage like you four want to kill me?” Chu Feng disdainfully shot a glance towards the four old people, then he walked outside.

As he walked, Chu Feng also saw some Lingyun School elders, but since even the Four Protectors couldn’t defeat Chu Feng, how could they stop him? At the end, they received the same ending as they were all killed by Chu Feng.

After some little troubles, Chu Feng finally walked out of the resource treasury. At that instant, what appeared in front of his eyes was indeed the hosting grounds of the Hundred School Gathering back in the day, the Lingyun School.