Chapter 314 - Lending a Hand as an Exception

MGA: Chapter 314 - Lending a Hand as an Exception

“No. If I hand your body back to you, will you be able to escape from their hands?”

“If you get caught by them, both you and I will die. Since death is at either left or right, why not let me stake it all against them?” However, Eggy did not even give Chu Feng the chance to seize his body back again.

She unyieldingly wiped the blood on the corner of her mouth and a touch of resolution flashed into her eyes. After that, with the grinding of teeth, she continued to control Chu Feng’s body and did all she could to urge the black-coloured wings at her back to do its best to fly forward.

“Eggy, you...”

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heart really ached. He could feel that Eggy was putting her life on the line. She was doing it for him. However, the feeling of hiding behind a woman while being completely helpless was not fun.

In a situation like that, Eggy’s power became weaker and weaker. The black-coloured gas that coiled around her turned fainter and fainter. Her absolute advantage in speed also started to diminish, and at the end, completely disappeared.

Not only were they unable to throw the two people behind them away, instead, the distance that was uneasily pulled apart was shrinking bit by bit.

“That brat’s speed has become slow. Quick, grab onto this chance and eliminate him with one strike! We cannot give him the tiniest chance to breath.”

Yan Yangtian who was incomparably panicked at first instantly rejoiced when he saw that not only did Chu Feng lose his previous horrifying speed, he even started to sway in the air, seeming that he was going to fall at any time. As he madly yelled, he used the Heaven power in his entire body and used all the power in his body to chase Chu Feng.

“This time, do not give him any chances to escape. I will first split him into eight pieces, then cut his corpse into ten thousand pieces, then tear him into shreds, then crush him into blood and foam!”

The current Lin Moli had violent fury surging in his eyes and his entire body was emitting bone-piercing killing intent. Also, without holding anything back, he staked everything to chase after Chu Feng.


Suddenly, another mouthful of blood was spat out from Chu Feng’s body. At the same time, the black-coloured wings behind Chu Feng’s body also immediately disappeared and his body started to fall, straight into the mountain forest below.

“Will I truly lose to two such weak humans? Heh...this is too funny...”

At that instant, Chu Feng was still unable to control his own body, but next to his ear, he could hear Eggy’s voice that contained extreme bitterness and weakness.


However, he could not do anything because Eggy’s awareness was already hazy and the control over Chu Feng’s body could not be given back to him. So, Chu Feng could only feel but not do anything while he and Qi Fengyang on his shoulder rapidly dropped.


Finally, Chu Feng and Qi Fengyang landed within the mountain forest and the strong force caused a huge pit to be created in the ground. It gave rise to a burst of strong fumes and within the forest, the wild birds scattered and the wild beasts escaped in random directions.

“Haha! Damn brat, so even you have your times of exhaustion! Let’s see where you escape this time!”

At the same time, Yan Yangtian quickly followed. As he looked at the rolling thick smoke below, he was endlessly ecstatic but he no longer dared to have the slightest trace of carelessness. He first used his own pressure to envelop everything below, and only after guaranteeing that Chu Feng’s only escape was sealed, he gradually descended.


Just at that time, Lin Moli also caught up. As he was filled with fury, he jumped straight into the thick smoke and angrily bellowed, “Chu Feng, hand your life over!!”

Lin Moli waved his big sleeve and blew the vast smoke away. However, after everything was able to enter their eyes, no matter if it was Lin Moli or Yan Yangtian, both of their expressions changed greatly. They grimaced and their appearances were abnormally wonderful.

It was because they discovered with astonishment that despite a huge pit was there, Chu Feng’s figure wasn’t there. Chu Feng was actually not there, and he disappeared without any explanation!

“Where’s the person? Where’s the person?! Where did he run off to? Come out!!” Lin Moli grabbed a bit onto insanity as he started to madly howl.

“Look, there are words over there!” Just at that time, Yan Yangtian jumped over and pointed his fingers towards the deep pit.

Following the direction of Yan Yangtian’s fingers to look, even Lin Moli was shocked. Within the deep pit, there were indeed eight big words. The eight big words were written with powerful strokes while containing the airs of completion. The content of the eight words were, “Azure Dragon Mountain Range, life and death battle!!”

“This~~~” After seeing those eight big words, Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli first took in a breath of cool air, then following that, they looked at each other and discovered that in both of their gazes, blankness, uneasiness, and fear surged similarly.

“What do we do? Is it possible that someone saved Chu Feng?” Lin Moli was frightened by such a sudden scene and he instantly recovered his rationality and he was no longer as mad as before.

“That isn’t it. If there was truly a more capable person who helped, there would be no need for Chu Feng to around in such a big circle. Chu Feng certainly used some special methods to conceal both of our eyes and escaped. After all, that brat does originally grasp many inconceivable methods.” Yan Yangtian explained.

“Then what should we do now?” Lin Moli, the grand lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, had actually lost a sense of what to do.

“What else can we do? There is only one path that can be walked, and that is towards the Azure Dragon School!!” Yan Yangtian cast his gaze towards the Azure Dragon School.

Two days later, within the Valley of Hundred Bends, within the halls in the clouds, Qi Fengyang confusedly opened his eyes. His memory still remained on the scene in which Chu Feng was carrying him on his back while escaping and falling into the mountain forest. He had not the slightest bit of recollection regarding the scenes that came later.

“You’re awake!” Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out.

Raising his head to look, it was his old friend. The master of this hall, the mysterious expert, the Blue-cloak World Spiritist.

“How about Chu Feng? Where is he? You should have saved him right?” Qi Fengyang stood up with a “ceng” and at that instant, his body already completely recovered and he was anxiously searching for traces of Chu Feng.

“Don’t worry, I already saved him.” The mysterious expert calmly smiled and said.

“Heh. Brother Hengyuan, I knew that you wouldn’t have just left me to die.” Only after hearing those words did a smile appear on Qi Fengyang’s face. He asked, “Where’s Chu Feng? Where did you take him to?”

“I sent him to a place that he should have went to.” The mysterious expert calmly sat on the rocking chair made of bamboo. He held a broken fan and started to fan himself.

“A place that he should have went to?” Qi Fengyang had confusion across his face.

“I, Jiang Hengyuan, once swore that I wouldn’t interfere with the matters of the Azure Province and that I wouldn’t participate in the affairs of the Azure Province. I only aim to search for the Divine Body.”

“I broke the rules that I set this time in order to save you and Chu Feng. The reason why I saved his life wasn’t for your sake. It was for the sake of him being a good seedling.”

“He already has such talent at such an age. As long as he can continue to develop, his future achievements will not be any worse than the young generations of other provinces.”

“I’m afraid that one day, he will even catch up to the little monsters in my dynasty because within this boy’s body, there seems to be some type of special power. As for what it is, even I can’t say for sure.”

“However, what I had my eyes on wasn’t that. It was that he was willing to risk his own life in order to save you. Not many people have such spirit so he was worth my help.” Jiang Hengyuan explained like that.

At that instant, Qi Fengyang only faintly smiled and he no longer asked about Chu Feng. He started to chat with Jiang Hengyuan about some normal familial matters.

He understood Jiang Hengyuan. His help this time was indeed an exception, and for Chu Feng to have such evaluations from Jiang Hengyuan stated that Chu Feng was currently, without a doubt, in a safe zone.


Simultaneously, in a place which was very distant from the Valley of Hundred Bends, Chu Feng opened his eyes in a daze and rubbed his swollen and aching brain while scanning his surroundings.

But after clearly seeing everything in front of his eyes, his complexion couldn’t help changing greatly and his eyes instantly grew round. Unbelievable shock surged within his eyes and he said with incomparable astonishment, “Where is this place?”