Chapter 313 - Demonic Wings

MGA: Chapter 313 - Demonic Wings

The fresh, red mist of blood floated around in the air and the perverted Lin Chong already completely died. Chu Feng did not give him a single chance to survive.

At that instant, Lin Moli and Yan Yangtian were both taken aback and they were astounded by Chu Feng’s action.

Yan Yangtian never would have expected that. He never would have expected that Chu Feng really dared to kill Lin Chong because after all, Lin Chong was currently Chu Feng’s only tool of protection.

As for Lin Moli, saying that he had the greatest reaction was the closest description. The son he doted on so much, the son whom he treated like a treasure was killed by someone at that moment. He was even killed in such a way that there wasn’t even a corpse or any remains. How could he possibly be able to remain calm?

“Chu Feng, I will cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces!!”

Suddenly, Lin Moli howled towards the sky and his furious bellow was like thunder yet also like the sound of the king of beasts. Even the air trembled slightly from the shaking as if it was going to collapse at any time. The birds and beasts within dozens of miles ran and flew in random directions.

At the same time, two waves of horrifying Heaven realm pressure covered the sky and earth as it surged out. It was pressure from the gathering of Heaven power. That special power surged in the air and one could clearly see that even the air was slightly quivering, as though it was afraid of the wave of savage power.

“Dammit. The pressure of the Heaven realm is truly too strong.”

Before the pressure had actually even arrived, Chu Feng was able to feel the huge power. Even his blood was boiling and his organs were twisting. The bones in his entire body were creaking and making sounds as if his entire body was going to shatter.

Although the current Chu Feng borrowed Eggy’s power and he was an expert in the 3rd level of the Profound realm, when facing powerful people in the Heaven realm, he was able to truly feel how weak he was, to the point that he could not even take a single strike from them.

Chu Feng had not the slightest bit of doubt that if the two waves of pressure were to approach, without them even using any other methods and with purely the pressure, it could crush him to death alive. It could crush him so that his bones would turn into powder and he would become a mist of blood.

But Chu Feng was not an idiot. Almost at the same time that he killed Lin Chong, he already linked with Eggy and gave his body over to Eggy to control. So, when Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk, his body was already completely taken over by Eggy.

“Mansion Lord, don’t kill him and leave him with his life. This Chu Feng has too many secrets on his body, and not only does he have the bodily martial skill to walk on air, I’m afraid that he also grasped Secret Skills from the legends. Let’s first find out what secrets he has on him before slowly torturing him to death.”

At that instant, Yan Yangtian was even secretly sending a mental message to Lin Moli and he felt that Chu Feng’s little life was already completely grasped within his hand. His greedy heart caused his goal to land on the Secret Skills on Chu Feng’s body.


After hearing those words, Lin Moli who was originally filled with the flames of fury recovered a bit of reason. Naturally, he was going to let Chu Feng pay the price, but at the same time, he wanted to get the special methods from Chu Feng’s body. It would have great benefits for both his Qilin Prince’s Mansion and for him.


But just at that time, black-coloured gas suddenly surged out from Chu Feng’s body. The appearance of the gas was like a black cloud that covered the sky. At the same time, it brought along sounds that were like ghosts crying and wolves howling, as well as bone-piercing chilliness.

That chilliness was not icy cold, but it indescribably strange. The most important part was that after the black-coloured gas appeared, Chu Feng’s aura rapidly rose and it was over several times stronger than before.

“This very strange. It is as if all the dark energy in the world is gathering here. Could it be that there is a demon in Chu Feng’s body?” As they faced such a change, even Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli’s expressions changed greatly and they were frightened.

It was because at that instant, the aura Chu Feng emitted was too strange. It was not something that humans should have. Even the cruel Fierce Beasts or Monstrous Beasts did not have such frightening aura.


In the instant that Lin Moli and Yan Yangtian were being shocked, Chu Feng’s body abruptly leaped forward and he became a strand of light. With the black-coloured gas, he explosively shot towards the distant horizon. The speed was fast, and it simply caused one’s tongue to be tied. It was more than several times quicker than the Chu Feng before who was using the Imperial Sky Technique.

“Quickly chase and he cannot be able to escape! Kill him! Kill him now! He cannot be left alive!”

At that instant, Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli were terrified because within the black-coloured gas, they felt unprecedented horror. That threatening feeling simply made one’s hair stand up and one’s bones to chill as they couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

When such odd gas came from Chu Feng’s body, naturally, it caused them to be endlessly nervous. They set their determination to kill Chu Feng right now. They could absolutely not give any chances for breathing or for turning the situation around because they truly did not know what kinds of methods that could defy the heavens remained in the young man’s body.

*hmm* But the time was too late and the black-coloured gas already started to condense and it became a pair of huge black-coloured wings that extended from Chu Feng’s back.

The black-coloured wings were several times larger than Chu Feng’s body. A single one was dozens of meters long and black-coloured feathers filled them. Other than the feathers, black-coloured gas surrounded them and it was like the ignition of flames.

The most important part was after the black-coloured wings appeared, with every flap, it would create a violent hurricane. Not only did the strange hurricane increase Chu Feng’s forwarding speed, it even obstructed Lin Moli and Yan Yangtian.

“Dammit! Is it possible that this boy isn’t a person? How can he have such strange power? Are these even methods that a human has?”

Yan Yangtian who was even chatting happily before was currently putting all he had in his old life to chase. He no longer had his earlier calmness and he did not dare to have a single strand of restraint.

Because even if it was him, he already currently used all the methods he had but he was still pressured if he wanted to catch up to Chu Feng. At that moment, he was being left behind bit by bit by Chu Feng, and the speed in which he was doing so became quicker and quicker.

“Bastard! Stand still! Today, I will skin you alive!”

Compared to Yan Yangtian, Lin Moli already entered an enraged state. The fury that was suppressed filled his body once again and it filled his heart.

It was because he could not tolerate that. He could not tolerate that his son was killed in front of his face yet he could only watch as the killer left in such an arrogant way while he was completely powerless. He had to kill Chu Feng.

“So strong! So this is Eggy’s power. Eggy, aren’t you a bit too strong?!”

At the same time, Chu Feng was also stunned by Eggy’s methods because at that instant, the method she displayed was absolutely several times more exceptional than his Imperial Sky Technique, and it was simply not even discussable together.

Although his body was being controlled by Eggy, Chu Feng could still feel that the two Heaven realm experts were currently being left behind by Eggy from far away. The distance between them even got further and further. At least in terms of speed, they clearly could not match her.


*pu* But just at that time, Chu Feng who was being controlled by Eggy suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood. The black-coloured gas that lingered around Chu Feng’s body also instantly diminished quite a bit.

“Eggy, are you okay?” Seeing that, Chu Feng instantly tensed up because he knew that something happened to Eggy.

“Dammit. I can’t maintain this state for too long and your body can’t bear my Demonic Wings as well.” Eggy bitterly said.

“Then quickly stop! Let me control my body again.” Chu Feng was aware that the situation was bad so he started to loudly yell. He wanted to regain control over his body and he didn’t want to let Eggy risk her life in order to continue struggling.