Chapter 312 - You Forced It

MGA: Chapter 312 - You Forced It

The current Lin Chong was tormented a bit miserably. His hair was made quite similar to a chicken’s nest, and he was beaten up to the point that his nose turned blue and his face swelled up. He was being held in the air by Chu Feng grabbing his neck and he was painfully struggling, yet he was powerless to escape.

“Chong’er!” After seeing Lin Chong, the face who changed the greatest was none other than Lin Moli. He pointed at Chu Feng and fiercely said, “Chu Feng, quickly let my Chong’er go or else I’ll cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces!!”

“Oh? I say, Mansion Lord, who are you scaring right now? If I don’t let him go, you will cut my corpse into ten thousand pieces; but then if I let him go, won’t you split my corpse with five horses?”

“Damn. I haven’t even seen you before, yet you let word out and said that I tried to assassinate you. You gave an order to kill me, not even letting people who are related to me go. At the end, I appear in front of you right now, and god damn, you still let out such nonsense?”

“I’ll say this to you. Speak less rubbish, and let my brother Qi Fengyang go or else I’ll skin your trash son alive.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he took out a dagger from his waist. The dagger flashed with cold glare and it was extremely sharp. Chu Feng took it from Lin Chong’s bedroom when he passed by it. For scaring people, this thing was more useful than the Bow of Hundred Transformations that Chu Feng could condense out at any moment.

“You dare?!” Seeing that, the face of Lin Moli who doted extremely on Lin Chong instantly changed greatly from fright and he threatened with an angry bellow.

“Hmph. I don’t dare? Look clearly. See whether I dare or not!”

But Chu Feng only coldly snorted and following that, his arm suddenly dropped down. The dagger in his hand turned into a row of white light and it streaked past Lin Chong’s hand.


After streaking past, Lin Chong instantly made a miserable cry which was like a ghost crying and a wolf howling because three of his fingers were already cut off by Chu Feng. The agony caused his head to be full of sweat, and his tears and snot also flowed out because he who stood high on top had never felt such pain.

“Chu Feng, I will kill you!” That scene did not anger Lin Moli lightly. His old face turned purple from fury, and his face wished it could eat Chu Feng alive.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear it clearly!” Chu Feng coldly smiled and his blade cut down again. This time, he cut off two of Lin Chong’s remaining fingers.

“Ahh~~~~~~~” At that instant, Lin Chong was even louder and with sobs, he yelled towards Lin Moli, “Father, quickly release Senior Qi or else your son, I, will be tortured to death by him!!”

“Release him! Release Qi Fengyang!” Seeing his precious son in such a miserable and painful state, Lin Moli’s heart ached even more and he quickly ordered the release.

“No, he cannot be released!” In response, Yan Yangtian quickly yelled.

“What I say here goes! I said release him! Quickly release him!!” Lin Moli was also angered. To him, there was nothing else more important than his son.

Naturally, the guards of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion would not dare to go against Lin Moli’s intentions. They hurriedly untied Qi Fengyang’s ropes and dragged him down away from below the guillotine.

“Stay away from the sentencing stage!” Chu Feng furiously howled.

Lin Moli who was deeply afraid that his son was going to be harmed did not dare to be slow. He quickly ordered everyone on the sentencing stage to leave and he himself also quickly left the sentencing stage.

Only after everyone was far away from the sentencing stage and himself did Chu Feng hold Lin Chong with one hand and arrive onto the sentencing stage. At that instant, Chu Feng could truly feel how weak Qi Fengyang was. It could be seen that in these days, he did not suffer any small amount of torment. At least, the current Qi Fengyang did not have the slightest bit of battle power remaining.

“Brother, your younger brother, I, has come late!” Chu Feng supported Qi Fengyang up and guilt filled his face.

“Ho...You damn boy, I knew you would come, but now’s not the time to put up an act like that. Since you have come, you need to bring me out alive or else even if I become a ghost, I won’t forgive you.”

Qi Fengyang was very weak, but he was very happy because that at least meant that he did not help Chu Feng for nothing before. That he, Qi Fengyang, did not choose the wrong person.

“Don’t worry. Even if you become a ghost, you have me, your younger brother, who will come with you.”

Chu Feng calmly smiled, then his gaze became abnormally sharp. He first scanned around the crowd, then his gaze landed on Yan Yangtian who was standing in mid-air and he loudly said, “Move!”

“Today, don’t even thinking of leaving here alive!” But Yan Yangtian did not move at all. He guarded his position and killing intent filled his gaze.

“I told you to move!” Seeing that, Chu Feng did not have mercy. He raised his hand, grabbed Lin Chon’s arm, then twisted back. With a snap, Lin Chong’s arm was forced into a “V” shape.

“Ahh~~ Damn Yan Yangtian, quickly scram!” Lin Chong grimaced from the pain and he angrily and loudly cursed.

“Yan Yangtian, move! This is an order!” At the same time, Lin Moli who loved his son and was extremely anxious also roared at Yan Yangtian.

Facing Lin Moli’s forceful attitude, Yan Yangtian was tightly frowning and he was stuck in a difficult situation. But at the end, he still cooperated and not only did he retract his sealing pressure, he also obediently backed away to the side.

Seeing that, Chu Feng propped Qi Fengyang with one hand, and grabbed tightly onto Lin Chong with the other. After that, light flashed under his feet and wish a swish, he explosively shot out like a meteorite. He madly ran towards the horizon in the distance, and the direction he was escaping towards was the Valley of Hundred Bends.

“Want to leave? It won’t be that easy!” At the same time, Lin Moli and Yan Yangtian almost moved at the same time and their speed were even quicker than Chu Feng as they chased after him.

“Heavens! Chu Feng has actually saved Qi Fengyang with his own power!”

“This boy has so much nerves that it can cover the sky. But on that topic, he is able to walk on air with his cultivation, so is it possible that he got the inheritance of the Imperial Sky Sage?”

After Chu Feng and the others left, the originally completely silent sentencing ground instantly went into an uproar and everyone was stupefied by the scene that happened just now.

Chu Feng, a young man being only sixteen years old, courageously intruded into the sentencing grounds of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, and with his own power, he took Qi Fengyang away from the hands of the two Heaven realm experts, the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Moli, and the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian. That just simply sounded like a legend.

Although Chu Feng did rely on special methods to do all that, but purely that resourcefulness, that bravery, that strength could not be found on many people.

So, that caused a large number of people at that moment to not feel that Chu Feng was doing any unrighteousness. Rather, many people displayed admiration. Especially the younger generation. Some even idolized him because Chu Feng’s current actions were something that they dreamt of doing, yet did not dare and could not do.

As people felt shock for the various things that Chu Feng was doing, he was running in the air for his life. As he ran, he howled towards Yan Yangtian who was getting nearer and nearer, “If you continue following me, do you believe that I will kill Lin Chong?”

“Kill! Go ahead and kill!” Not only was Yan Yangtian not afraid, he even mocked him with cold words.

“Lin Moli, tell him to back away or else I’ll kill your son right here.” Chu Feng knew that Yan Yangtian did not care about the life and death of Lin Chong, so he cast his gaze towards Lin Moli who was behind Yan Yangtian.

“Mansion Lord, do not be threatened by this boy. Today, he must not be able to escape or else the future troubles will never end. At that time, it wouldn’t be as simple as just your son dying, but an entire clan!”

Seeing that, Yan Yangtian also quickly urged, and as he spoke, he continued approaching near Chu Feng. Simultaneously, the pressure of the horrifying Heaven realm also started to hiddenly envelop Chu Feng.

After hearing Yan Yangtian’s advises, even Lin Moli started to hesitate. Although his precious son was important to him, if he were to compare his son to the entire Qilin Prince’s Mansion, that decision was actually not hard to make.

Seeing that Lin Moli was already shaken and Yan Yangtian was pursuing relentlessly, Chu Feng’s brows tightly furrowed and he was aware that the situation wasn’t good. So, his face couldn’t help turning sinister and a touch of decisiveness flashed into his gaze.

He grabbed Lin Chong with one hand and raised him highly up. After that, layers of Profound power unceasingly surged from his palm and he ferociously said to Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli,

“You two have forced me on this. Today, you better not let me escape or else even if you hide to the ends of the skies or the corners of the oceans, in the future, I will still kill both of you.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng suddenly tightened his palm and the terrifying Profound power surged into Lin Chong’s body. He swelled up bigger and bigger, and at the end, with a huge explosion, Lin Chong became a mist of blood that floated in the air.