Chapter 311 - Chu Feng Enters The Stage

MGA: Chapter 311 - Chu Feng Enters The Stage

Within the sentencing grounds outside of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, there were more and more people gathering. At the same time that they were staring at Qi Fengyang on the sentencing stage, they would also look at the two people who were standing in front of the sentencing stage.

One of those two people wore a robe, and the other wore golden armor. Both of them gave off unordinary atmosphere and they had the cultivation of the Heaven realm.

Respectively, they were the head of the Lingyun School, Yan Yangtian, and the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Lin Moli.

Those two were the strongest characters in the Azure Province. Them being at the same place was such a rare scene so naturally, many people would feel excited because of that. But sadly, those people could not hear the whispers of those two.

“From what I see, we should quickly kill Qi Fengyang first. If this gets dragged out for too long, it will only increase hidden troubles.” Lin Moli looked at Qi Fengyang and his eyes were full of worry.

“Mansion Lord, you don’t know how monstrous that Chu Feng is. This child must be removed. Or else, with the methods that he grasps, he will be able to surpass us two in less than three years. At that time, the ones who will be in a bad situation will be us.” Yan Yangtian explained.

“Even if there is a bad situation, the one who will be in that will be you. Chu Feng and your Lingyun School has grudges, but he doesn’t have any grudges with my Qilin Prince’s Mansion.”

Lin Moli coldly snorted. Even though the person he was facing was Yan Yangtian, he was still very prideful. After all, putting aside strength, in terms of status, he was the true ruler of the Azure Province.

“Ho...Mansion Lord, don’t say it in such a way! If it was before, Chu Feng and your Qilin Prince’s Mansion did indeed have no grudges. Rather, there were some friendly relationships.”

“But the present is different from the past. You are going to kill Chu Feng’s sworn elder brother. With his nature, if he takes revenge, your Qilin Prince’s Mansion will certainly be in a more miserable state than my Lingyun School.” Yan Yangtian sneered and said.

“You! No wonder you did whatever you could to urge me to get rid of Qi Fengyang. So you were intentionally pulling me down with you.” At that instant, Lin Moli felt a bit angry.

“Ahh, Mansion Lord, don’t say it like that. Am I not doing this for you? Qi Fengyang is the chief of the Qi clan, and you are a Lin clan member. Are you not worried that in the future, he will usurp your position?” Yan Yangtian smiled and defended himself.

“Then do you dare to be sure that Chu Feng will certainly come and save Qi Fengyang? Will he truly be idiotic to this state and come forward to his death?” Lin Moli had some doubts.

“From my understanding after investigating Chu Feng, he is a person like that. But do not say that he is idiotic because he is a little demon who has quite some methods. Even if you and I guard here, we cannot be careless.” Yan Yangtian smiled and said.

“Milord, this is bad!!” Just at that time, a Prince’s Mansion guard ran over with a panicked face.

“What is it?” Seeing that, Lin Moli’s eyebrows lightly furrowed.

“Lord Lin Chong has disappeared and the Fierce Beast he raised has been killed by someone.” The guard nervously replied.

“You group of trash! If you can’t even look after a person, what’s the point of having you here?” After hearing those words, Lin Moli’s face instantly changed greatly and as he spoke, he was going to leave.

“Where are you going?” Seeing that, Yan Yangtian quickly blocked his path.

“Of course it is to find Chong’er. He is my only son and I cannot let any incidents happen to him.” Lin Moli replied.

“You cannot do that right now. How can you leave at this time? Perhaps this is Chu Feng’s plan to lure the tiger away from the mountain.” Yan Yangtian said.

After hearing those words, Lin Moli was even more worried. So, he angrily said, “Then I need to look for him even more! If anything happens to my Chong’er, will you carry that responsibility?”

“If Qi Fengyang gets saved by Chu Feng and when the two of them come back after many years, the people who die will not only be your Chong’er. It will be your entire Qilin Prince’s Mansion and my entire Lingyun School.”

“Besides, your Chong’er might not have been taken away by Chu Feng. Mansion Lord, I ask you to clearly understand the current situation.” Yan Yangtian’s expression was grave, and he reminded Lin Moli with every single word and sentence.

At that instant, Lin Moli was a bit shaken. Being the ruler of the Azure Province, he could naturally determine which one was more significant. At the end, he endured the anxiousness in his heart and stayed behind, silently waiting for the arrival of noon. Silently waiting for the appearance of Chu Feng.

However, time passed by bit by bit, and Chu Feng, from start to finish, had never appeared. That caused Lin Moli and Yan Yangtian to be uneasy because what they were afraid of the most was Chu Feng not appearing. If he appeared, they were 90% confident that they could kill Chu Feng and they could remove the hidden disease.

But if Chu Feng did not appear, then from this day forth, they would live through every day, every hour, in uneasiness because they would not know which day the genius who broke common scene, the horrifying god of killing, would slaughter his way back and kill all of them with ruthless methods without leaving anything behind.

“It is noon!” Finally, a loud yell rang out and at that instant, everyone’s hearts were raised to their throats because the time of Qi Fengyang’s execution had arrived. The Heaven realm expert was going to be killed.

At that instant, Yan Yangtian and Lin Moli were extremely uneasy because Chu Feng did not appear. It meant that Chu Feng gave up on saving Qi Fengyang, and in the future, their days and nights would be lived in anxiousness.

As for Qi Fengyang, he only gradually closed his eyes. He already confirmed the result. This result was actually the one he looked forward to the most. At least he would not affect anyone else.

However, as for the crowd who did not know about the inner matters, they had complicated emotions as they tightly stared at the huge guillotine. They awaited for the descent of the guillotine and the scene of Qi Fengyang being cut into two.

“Mansion Lord.” At that instant, the person responsible for the beheading cast his gaze towards Lin Moli.

As for Lin Moli, he first looked at Qi Fengyang, then he said with a full face of helpless, “Kill!”

*whoosh* But immediately after Lin Moli spoke, a cold light flew over. The speed was fast, and the power was strong. It directly shot through the guard’s head and the person responsible for the execution died on scene!


At that instant, everyone was shocked. They couldn’t help casting their gaze towards the direction in which the cold light flew from, and at that instant, they could clearly see the figure of a young man with his feet in the air while standing and floating.

That young man was exactly Chu Feng. The current Chu Feng was hung in mid-air. The Azure Dragon School’s long robe on his body fluttered along with the wind, and on his shoulder, there was even a huge gunnysack. With an evil smile on his face, he swept over the crowd and said, “Excuse me everyone. I, Chu Feng, have come late!”

“Chu Feng! It is actually Chu Feng!!”

“How does he dare to come to this place? How is he able to walk in the air?”

“Heavens! Could it be that Chu Feng also entered the Heaven realm? No, that’s not right. His aura is still clearly in the 3rd level of the Profound realm and it is the same as when he fought with Dugu Aoyun.”

Chu Feng appearance caused yells of surprise from everyone. No matter if they recognized Chu Feng or not, at that instant, they were dumbfounded and disbelief filled their eyes.

“Chu Feng, you’ve got quite the nerve to come here. You actually dare to appear in front of me!”

But compared to others, Yan Yangtian was greatly joyful and without saying anything more, he flew up and arrived behind Chu Feng to block his escape.

“Let my brother Qi Fengyang go and I’ll temporarily not chase after today’s matter.” Chu Feng calmly said without being the slightest bit afraid.

“Hmph. Chu Feng, quite big words you have there. What capabilities do you have to speak to me like that?” Lin Moli arrogantly smiled widely. After seeing Chu Feng, his tense heart was finally eased.

“With what? With him!” Chu Feng only coldly smiled and suddenly threw the gunnysack on his shoulder away. Then, a body appeared in front of everyone’s faces.

That person was a big fatty. He was completely naked and he did not wear a single thing. On his waist, there was a big sign, and the sign just happened to obstruct the view of his groin.

The most important thing was that on the sign, with fresh, red blood, there were four big words written on it: “I am a pervert!” Then when one looked at his face, they would see that it was Lin Moli’s son, Lin Chong!