Chapter 321 - Causing a Disaster

MGA: Chapter 321 - Causing a Disaster

Half of the vast lake was ice, half were flames. Such a strange scene was shown in front of Chu Feng’s face at that instant.

“Why is there a lake like this here?” Chu Feng was dumbfounded from shock because that scene did not make sense at all.

“This scene is being caused by the two horrifying pearls. On that year, the two pearls killed no few of us. Even I was heavily injured by them and at the end, I became my current state.” The Azure Dragon Founder explained.

“It was actually that strong?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but take in a breath of cool air. If even the Azure Dragon Founder died because of the two pearls, then how fierce would the two pearls be?

“Of course they were strong. At first, when we saw the three pearls after we charged through layers of obstructions and killed several Evil Spirits, we even thought that we got the treasures, but we never would have thought that it was a calamity of slaughtering.”

“However, luckily the Ice Pearl and the Fire Pearl seemed to have a link with the pearl that was in my hand, so even though their power was very strong, after a short while, they still lost their terrifying power and fell into the lake, transforming and causing the current appearance.”

“To be more precise, the two pearls have already died but their remains are still here. They also have a certain level of threat as they also have special powers.”

“And the place that I want you to cultivate in is here. Although they have already died, some of their special power still survives. In this place, both cold air and hot air exist together and they will disturb your Spirit power.”

“However, it is beneficial towards strengthening your ability to control Spirit power. As long as you can control your Spirit power on command on this ice and fire lake, there shouldn’t be any problems for you to use the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.”

“Okay, start the training.” As the Azure Dragon Founder spoke, he turned and left, He did not seem to plan to personally give pointers to Chu Feng, but after walking for a short distance, he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, this is the final boundary. Do not go deeper. In that place, there exists some things that even I cannot defeat right now.”

After saying those words, the Azure Dragon Founder floated away and left, and Chu Feng who had extremely strong curiosity intentionally circled around the ice and fire lake after the Azure Dragon Founder left to check out what was behind the lake. Then, he finally knew why Chu Feng was not permitted to continue going forward.

Because behind the ice and fire lake, Anti-Demon Symbols already started to appear. The area of the symbols was extremely vast and one could not see the end as they looked. That more or less meant that deeper in, there was a very strong Evil Spirit or many Evil Spirits.

“Ahh, the Emperor Tomb is truly too far out of my reach. Right now, I should still focus on cultivating my Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.” In front of the Emperor Tomb, Chu Feng always felt that he was especially tiny.

Even more so after hearing the words of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, meeting with the Azure Dragon Founder, and personally seeing the transformed bizarre lake caused by the two pearls in the Emperor Tomb. He more and more understood how weak and small he was, and how petty his own power was.

However, Chu Feng was not discouraged. After all, he was still currently too young. As long as he was willing to work hard and willing to create chances, becoming strong was only a matter of time. So, Chu Feng started to go towards the strange ice and fire lake.

“This thing is truly odd.”

Before even getting near, Chu Feng felt two waves of strange aura pouncing towards him. One was bone-piercing chilliness, one was scorching hot heat. The two gases that should not be existing together was actually oddly blending into one.

But luckily, Chu Feng was able to resist against that strange gas. Finally, Chu Feng arrived on top of the lake. Although Chu Feng’s physical body was able to hold the strange gases away, his Spirit power was disturbed by the gases and it became difficult to control.

It was like how the Azure Dragon Founder said. Chu Feng was truly affected by the strange energy there, and as a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, he who originally had extremely strong Spirit power was actually unable concentrate on his Spirit power.

But that was the training that the Azure Dragon Founder wanted Chu Feng to do: To be able to control his Spirit power on top of the ice and fire lake. If he succeeded, Chu Feng’s control over his Spirit power would be increased to another stage and he would also have a chance to use the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

Like that, from that day forth, Chu Feng would come on top of the ice and fire lake every day for training, and that training lasted for a month. It could also be said that it was the martial skill Chu Feng spent the most time on for cultivation.

But luckily, Chu Feng did not waste that time of one month. From the beginning, he was unable to condense his Spirit power, but gradually, he was able to easily control it. Currently, Chu Feng could freely control his own Spirit power as he was on top of the ice and fire lake.

“Succeeded! I’ve finally succeeded! Now I can finally control my Spirit power in whatever way I wish it to.”

The present Chu Feng was standing in the middle area of the ice and fire lake. One side was bone-piercing cold, one side were raging flames. Chu Feng surrounded himself with Origin power and formed an invisible shield to prevent his body from corroding from the cold and flames.

*hmm* Suddenly, with a thought, Chu Feng’s Spirit power was like the tide as it spread out from his brain and probed towards the ice and fire lake underneath him.

After successfully grasping his control over his Spirit power, he did not rush to cultivate the profound martial skill, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens. He wanted to detailedly feel the ice and fire lake transformed by the two horrifying pearls.

Chu Feng’s Spirit power penetrated through the flames, penetrated through the ice layer, and it went straight into the deep areas. The deeper he went, Chu Feng could more strongly feel that the bone-piercing chilliness and the horrifying heat was becoming more and more powerful.

“Crap.” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly widened and his entire body couldn’t help but tremble once. Within his eyes, unprecedented terror and uneasiness surged.

When his Spirit power reached the deepest part of the lake, he felt two forms of life. Those lives seemed to be deeply sleeping for a thousand years, but because of his Spirit power, they suddenly awakened.

*boom* Just at that time, a huge explosion rang out from under Chu Feng’s feet. At the same time, a wave of strong power rose into the sky.

The strong power brought Chu Feng straight into the air, and simultaneously, around Chu Feng, there lingered chunks of ice that filled the air as well as surging flames. The ice and fire lake that had been sealed for a thousand years was revived.

“Dammit! I seemed to have done something that cannot be reversed!”

At that instant, without thinking much, Chu Feng already knew what happened. Obviously, the two horrifying pearls from that year did not die. They only slept at the bottom of the lake, and without any intentions of doing so, Chu Feng awoke them.

Thinking that so many experts died by the two pearls and even the Azure Dragon Founder was killed by them, Chu Feng did not need to think much. He quickly adjusted his body in mid-air and used the Imperial Sky Technique as he quickly ran towards the direction of the Azure Dragon Founder.


But before flying away for not too long, another explosion rang out behind him. At the same time, a wave of extreme cold and a wave of scathing heat, the two auras, also flew out from the lake together.

Turning his head to look, Chu Feng’s pupils abruptly shrunk and fear surged on his face because he could clearly see that a blue-coloured pearl and a red-coloured pearl were like the eyes of two devils as they flew towards him with unbelievable speed.