Chapter 268 - Revival

MGA: Chapter 268 - Revival

“Ancestor, don’t hesitate to order me anything. As long as I can do it, no matter if I climb up a mountain of blades or sink into an ocean of flames, I will not push it away.” Seeing that, Chu Feng sincerely vowed and promised.

It was exactly just how Eggy said it was. At first, if he didn’t get the Azure Dragon Founder’s help in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, it would not be possible for the current him to make a contract with Eggy.

If it wasn’t for Eggy’s help, it would not be possible for him to have his current achievements. Without Eggy’s protection, who knew how many times he would have died already? So, as he faced that ancestor, Chu Feng’s gratitude did come from his heart.

“Chu Feng, the thing I want you to do isn’t as serious as you say it is. Also, it is only a request, not an order.”

“As for what it is...I only hope that before my consciousness fades away and before my corpse rots away, you can help me merge my consciousness with my corpse.” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled and said.

“Merge your consciousness and corpse?” Chu Feng slightly frowned and he felt confused. Although he was a World Spiritist, he had never heard of merging a consciousness and a corpse.

“Ho...To be more clear, it’s resurrecting an old guy like me. Revival!” The Azure Dragon Founder’s smile was even more dazzling.

“What? Resurrection? This...”

At that instant, Chu Feng could no longer remain calm. Technically speaking, the current Azure Dragon Founder was already a dead person. He was a dead person who was dead for a long time. If he wanted to revive with Chu Feng’s help, that truly put Chu Feng in a difficult situation, because he really did not know how to help him.

“No need to get agitated. The world is big, and there are all sorts of strange things. If the consciousness does not get extinguished, the remains should not get ruined as well. As long as one has strong enough methods in addition to treasures that prevent rotting, dead people can indeed be revived.”

“Right now, my remains has not be destroyed yet and even my consciousness is the same as how it started without a single trace of damage. That treasure pearl gives me the power to not decay for a thousand years, so naturally, it can help me revive after death.”

“In this moment, everything is prepared. The only thing that is lacking is a person who can resurrect me, and this person must be a World Spiritist.”

“But you also know World Spiritists’ thirst for Source energy and their intense demand for treasures. No matter if it’s my intact and undamaged corpse, or the treasure that prevents rotting, or even this consciousness, they are all things that World Spiritists insanely yearn for.”

“So, I must guarantee that the World Spiritist would not take those things yet is also completely willing to resurrect me. Are you willing to help?” At that instant, the Azure Dragon Founder’s gaze became deep.

“I’m willing. Of course I’m willing to! Ancestor, if you are able to revive, then my Azure Dragon School can also rise in power. The disciples will have a person who can protect them, and they will not need to be afraid of any troubles from others that come without reparations.” Chu Feng nodded like a pellet drum, and the words he spoke came from his heart.

After joining the Azure Dragon School, regardless of how disciples treated him or how other elders treated him, many elders, including the current school head, treated him extremely well and saved his life many times. So, that caused Chu Feng to have quite deep feelings for the Azure Dragon School. Right now, if the school founder was able to revive, naturally, Chu Feng was willing to help him.

“Hahaha! Indeed, I was not mistaken. But Chu Feng, if you want to help me, you can’t only say that on the surface. You need work hard eh! If my guess is correct, you should be a Grey-cloak World Spiritist right now right?” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled and asked.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded.

“Not bad. To be able to become a Grey-cloak World Spiritist at this age means that your talent in that area is extremely strong. However, if you want to help me merge my consciousness and my corpse, you need to have the abilities of a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled and said.

“Purple-cloak World Spiritist? That...that...that...” Chu Feng was dumbfounded and he was quite frightened. Purple-cloak World Spiritist? That was a legend that did not even exist in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces!

“No need to be afraid, it’s not like I want to you to immediately become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist. I can hold on for at least a hundred more years, and I believe with your talent, as long as you have a certain amount of time, you can undoubtedly reach that stage.”

The Azure Dragon Founder patted Chu Feng’s shoulders, and after that, he grabbed towards the crystal coffin. A lump of light quickly flew out and landed within the Azure Dragon Founder’s palm. Then, he patted Chu Feng’s head.

At that instant, Chu Feng originally wanted to dodge, but he could do nothing as the speed was simply too quick. When Chu Feng reacted, the strange lump of light already entered Chu Feng’s brain.


The sudden sharp pain caused Chu Feng to hug his head with both of his hands and he couldn’t help but cry out. But that sharp pain only lasted for an instant before it disappeared. When he came to his senses, Chu Feng discovered with astonishment that there was something extra in his brain. It was a cultivation method for a Mysterious Technique, and it was even a high-level Mysterious Technique.

To know that what Chu Feng was currently cultivating was a beginning-level Mysterious Technique. Middle-level Mysterious Techniques could only be found in the top-level first-rate schools, and as for high-level Mysterious Techniques, no one seemed to have any within the Azure Province, yet at that instant, he had one. How could Chu Feng not be excited by that? He simply so happy it was as though he was insane.

“If I pass a martial skill that is too strong down to you, it will only attract a killing disaster. However, Mysterious Techniques are different. Mysterious Techniques are hidden within one’s body, and although it can increase your battle power, other people will only admire your talent, and very few people will suspect that you cultivated a high-level Mysterious Technique.”

“But don’t worry. As long as you can help me merge my consciousness and my corpse to help me revive, not only will I pass a top-class martial skill down to you, I will even pass a peerless Secret Skill down to you.” The Azure Dragon Founder seriously said.

“Secret Skill?!” After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help but tighten. Just as he thought, the Azure Dragon Founder did indeed gain a great benefit from that place, and he really did obtain a Secret Skill.

However, Chu Feng still had doubts. Secret Skills were hidden within one’s body and the cultivation methods could not be spoken out loud. Of course, unless he was willing to abandon such a powerful method in order to pass it down to himself. But who would throw away such a strong method and give it to others? Would the Azure Dragon Founder really be willing to do that?

After that, Chu Feng conversed quite a bit with the Azure Dragon Founder, the creator of the Azure Dragon School. Hiddenly, he knew that the Azure Dragon Founder was an expert in the peak of the Heaven realm back then. He only needed a tiny bit more until he could enter the Martial Lord realm, and become a Martial Lord.

But it was useless, as even with such cultivation, he still died in the Emperor Tomb. From that, it could be seen how dangerous the Emperor Tomb was, and how scary it was. It could also be seen how outstanding the master of the Emperor Tomb was as well.

After some more chatting, Chu Feng did not want to disturb the Azure Dragon Founder’s resting. So, he took his leave. When Chu Feng left, the Azure Dragon Founder reminded Chu Feng to not tell any other person about him still surviving as well as the Emperor Tomb.

Of course, Chu Feng quickly promised because unless forced with no choice, he would absolutely not tell any other person about something like that even if the Azure Dragon Founder did not remind him.

After a few small problems, Chu Feng finally successfully left the entrance of the Emperor Tomb and returned to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s forest. At that instant, Chu Feng’s mood was extremely good.

In a single day, not only did his cultivation increase greatly by entering the peak of the Origin realm in one go, he even got a high-level Mysterious Technique. Even Eggy’s cultivation increased by two levels as she stepped into the 3rd level of the Profound realm. That harvest could not be said to be not abundant, and naturally, Chu Feng was incomparably joyful.

“Chu Feng, your school founder should not be trusted!” But just as Chu Feng was rejoicing, Eggy’s abnormally worried voice suddenly rang out.