Chapter 269 - Might of a Sudden Rise in Power

MGA: Chapter 269 - Might of a Sudden Rise in Power

“Eggy, why so?” Eggy’s sudden words caused Chu Feng to be a bit taken aback. Clearly, the Azure Dragon Founder was kind and he was great help towards him. Why shouldn’t he be trusted?

“Ah you. You are still too young. Because you are grateful towards him and in addition he is your school’s founder, you completely trust him? If you look at this from his perspective, switch the thinking up a bit, and carefully reflect over it, are you worth his trust? On what basis should he trust you on?”

“He is the number one expert a thousand years ago who swept through the Nine Provinces. Other than having quite some ability, such a character’s brain is absolutely not simple. Since he discovered me as well as your special body, it can be seen from his observation power that he is an extremely powerful person.”

“If I’m not mistaken, back then, he was absolutely not the only person who looked for the Emperor Tomb. The tens of thousands of bones that you and I see can very possibly be the sacrifices that entered the Emperor Tomb along with him.”

“He also personally said it. Deeper within the Emperor Tomb, there are many Heaven realm remains. So from that, he must have gathered many experts from the Nine Provinces when he first explored the Emperor Tomb.”

“However, why did only he himself survive after so many experts entered the Emperor Tomb? To know when facing a strong enemy with absolute strength, they could certainly kill with a single strike. Even one’s consciousness would be scattered with a hit and they would not allow any chance of survival. Yet he survived, and he even got a treasure pearl.”

“In addition, you also said that the reason why the Azure Dragon Founder is able to gain such cultivation is because he relied on the good benefits he got from the Emperor Tomb. Therefore, he must have understood the Emperor Tomb more than the others, so the death of those people...”

“Enough. I know what you are trying to say. You want to say that the people who died from exploring the Emperor Tomb were all used by my school’s founder, right?” Before Eggy even finished speaking, she was cut off by Chu Feng.

“That’s right. If those people truly entered the Emperor Tomb at the same time as him, they were certainly used by him. The very nature from a person like that has problems. Do you really think that trust is required?” Eggy firmly said.

“Putting aside that they are only your suspicions, even if the people who died were truly killed by him, it was possible that they were great enemies and they were the ones with ill-intent at first. Anyway, history has already passed, and the life or death of those people are unrelated to me. I don’t want to investigate this.”

“As for whether he is trustable or not...I’m not that stupid, so I will be careful. Besides, when I have the methods of a Purple-cloak world Spiritist, even if he wants to use me, he would have no way of harming me.” Chu Feng confidently said.

“Okay, just take it as me suspecting too much. After all, it is extremely hard for an old fox like him to easily believe a person.” Seeing that Chu Feng was unafraid as he was confident, Eggy did not say much anymore.

After that, as he brought back a body of benefits from the Azure Dragon Founder, he returned to the Azure Dragon School’s core zone. First, Chu Feng went over to Su Mei’s residence.

After the short conversation on the day when he was preparing to go to the Spirit Province, the two of them didn’t really have a long talk. Chu Feng rather missed the little girl, and since he had the rare extra time today, naturally, Chu Feng wanted to go and have a cheerful talk with her.

On the road, all the disciples and elders would go up and pay their respects when they saw Chu Feng. He could even hear sharp cries when he passed the areas where female disciple gathered. If he looked to the side, he could discover that the females were staring at him with unshifting eyes, like wolves and tigers.

Chu Feng felt quite refreshed when he faced that situation. It was respect that was gained from strength. At least within the Azure Dragon School, he was no longer the little brat who was laughed at when seen. He was the number one disciple who everyone wanted to set up a relationship with.

However, his thoughts were in vain as Su Mei wasn’t in the school. So, Chu Feng went over to Su Rou’s residence, yet he never would have thought that even Su Rou wasn’t there. At first, Chu Feng even felt a bit worried because he felt that it wasn’t normal for the two girls to disappear at the same time.

But after knowing that their elder brother’s birthday was coming up and they went back to celebrate, Chu Feng relaxed.

“Chu Feng, I’ve had quite some trouble trying to find you!” Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out behind Chu Feng.

“Lord school head.” After turning his head to look, Chu Feng discovered that Li Zhangqing, the school head of the Azure Dragon School, was currently smiling and looking at him while standing behind himself.

“Lord school head, your aura...” But the thing that Chu Feng did not expect was that Li Zhangqing’s aura changed when compared to before. He was no longer in the 7th level of the Profound realm. In the past short, few days, the old man broke into the 8th level of the Profound realm.

That cultivation was the same as Lin Ran before he used the Forbidden Medicine! He entered the realm of the peak of the Profound realm. That cultivation was truly quite outstanding.

“Haha, I originally planned to make a breakthrough into this 8th level before the life and death battle between you and Gong Luyun. But I couldn’t do anything about the breakthrough as it was a few days late. A disaster almost happened to my Azure Dragon School.”

“Luckily, you had connections with Lord Qi Fengyang, or else my Azure Dragon School’s thousand years of foundation was truly going to all be destroyed in this generation.” Li Zhangqing said with a humorous tone.

“Ho..Lord school head, if you say it like that, it truly makes me feel ashamed.” Chu Feng did feel quite bad, because if Qi Fengyang didn’t arrive, on that day, the Azure Dragon School was really going to be annihilated and such a calamity would have all been caused by him.

“Haha, you still know how to be ashamed huh? Come come come! Drink some tea with me. Incidentally, I have some things I want to discuss with you.” As he saw Chu Feng’s embarrassed expression, Qi Zhangqing happily and loudly laughed again.

After that, Chu Feng was called to a more tranquil pavilion by Qi Zhangqing. Then, with a wave of his big sleeve, several books were thrown in front of Chu Feng as he said, “Chu Feng, look at these.”

“These are!!” Without seeing, he truly would not know; but after seeing, he could jump up from fright. Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that there was a middle-level Mysterious Technique as well as rank 6 martial skills. All of them were the creations of the Azure Dragon Founder, and they were truly unique skills left behind by a top-level expert.

“My Azure Dragon School’s founder is the Azure Dragon Founder. How would it possible that we don’t have any middle-level Mysterious Techniques or rank 6 martial skills? However, since we were in the decline earlier and I was afraid that other schools would set their eyes on it and come to rob them, I did not expose these to the public.”

“Without the ability to guard wealth, it is best not to reveal any wealth. Or else, unneeded trouble will be attracted, and even potentially killing.”

“But it’s different now. My Azure Dragon School is fated to rise in power, so it is time to take these things out as well or else others would mock us, as my Azure Dragon School rose to a first-rate school yet only has the framework of a second-rate school.” Li Zhangqing said.

“Lord school head, you truly carefully thought this out and thoroughly planned all this. This is all really admirable.” At that instant, Chu Feng couldn’t help but cup his hands towards Li Zhangqing in respect.

He discovered that the old man Li Zhangqing was truly not simple. Him hiding his name in the core zone for all these years and becoming a guard elder was not in vain. He hiddenly dug up many good seedlings, and right now, after resuming his position of the head of the school, the good seedlings could also get developed well.

Also, Li Zhangqing even set up entirely new school rules. It caused the Azure Dragon School to have a completely new look, and it really did give out the might of a sudden rise in power.