Chapter 267 - Request

MGA: Chapter 267 - Request

Chu Feng kept on using the Mysterious Technique while he was in the Essence Pool. His aura was still rapidly increasing as it merged with the energies from the pool. They kept on surging into his body and they were absorbed by him.

As he was being imbued by such boundless energy, soon after Chu Feng broke into the 8th level of the Origin realm, he was met with another opportunity to break through. He continued to make a breakthrough, and with a burst of energy, he successfully entered the 9th level of the Origin realm.

At that instant, Chu Feng was incomparably joyful because the Essence Pool was truly too impressive. If it continued, Chu Feng also felt that there was hope in breaking into the Profound realm.

But his hopes were in vain, as shortly after he stepped into the 9th level of the Origin realm, Chu Feng helplessly discovered that the boundless energy was diminishing, and at the end, he could not even feel a single trace of energy.

“Mm?” Chu Feng opened his eyes and spread his Spirit power out. He found out that the energy in the Essence Pool did not decrease and it was a strong as before. But then, why was the current him unable to absorb anything?

“Little boy, your body seems to be a bit special eh?” Just at that time, the Azure Dragon Founder who stood next to the pool spoke, and within his abstruse gaze, there was astonishment.

“Ancestor, what do you mean?”

At the same time that Chu Feng was astonished, he was also confused. He was astonished because the Azure Dragon Founder could see that his body was special. He was confused because clearly, there was still energy in the Essence Pool, yet he could not absorb any.

“This Essence Pool is extremely special. Although the energy it contains is thick, one can only absorb a limited amount of energy.”

“Normally, as long as a person’s comprehension power isn’t bad, the energy provided by the Essence Pool can allow that person to rise from the 1st level of the Spirit realm to the peak of the Profound realm.”

“Of course, that depends on everyone’s different talents, so the length of time required is different as well. If they were slow, dozens of years. If they were fast, a few years, or even shorter.”

“Boy, clearly, from what I have seen, you are the person who absorbed the energy in this Essence Pool the quickest. So quick that in an instant, you absorbed energy that others needed a few or even dozens of years to absorb.”

“Such terrifying absorbing method isn’t only talent. Even if you cultivated some Demonic Techniques, you cannot do that. So, that means that your body is very special. So special that it can automatically absorb the purest energy for you to use. I am not mistaken right?” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled as he looked at Chu Feng and analyzed.

“Ancestor, you are correct. My body is indeed a bit special. As long as there are large amounts of resources for me to use, my cultivation can quickly increase. This is also why I can make breakthroughs past so many levels within a single year.”

“However, the higher cultivation I reach, the more terrifying amount of resources I will need. Just as you said. In an instant, I absorbed the energy that others needed dozens of years to absorb, and what I absorbed was the purest.”

“But when others can absorb enough energy to step into the peak of the Profound realm, I can only make breakthroughs from the 7th level of the Origin realm to the 9th level of the Origin realm here.” This time, Chu Feng did not hide anything anymore and and he admitted the matter about his special body.

First of all, in front this Azure Dragon Founder, it was truly hard to hide anything because he had too much experience and it was very hard to fool his omniscient eye.

Also, since the Azure Dragon Founder was willing to help him raise his cultivation, Chu Feng hoped with the Azure Dragon Founder’s strong cultivation, he could bring some even more stronger cultivation resource for him to use in the Emperor Tomb. If he could, that would be the best.

“For anything, if there are benefits, there are deficits. In the road of martial cultivation, the most serious taboo is to rush for short benefits. Although blindly taking Origin or Profound medicine, or other cultivation resources can raise one’s cultivation greatly in a short period of time, it would be difficult for them to want to break through bottlenecks in the future.”

“However, you are not restricted by that and you can freely consume cultivation resources to raise your cultivation and you aren’t affected at all. This is a benefit that others do not have.”

“However, if you want to raise your cultivation, you need to pay a more hefty price when compared to others. That is the deficit. As for whether such a special method is good or bad will depend all on yourself.” The Azure Dragon Founder smiled and said.

“I understand.” Chu Feng nodded because he could hear the implications behind his words.

He told Chu Feng that his special body could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. As for whether it was good or bad would all depend on Chu Feng himself. It also meant that it all relied on Chu Feng’s personal abilities. He was implying that he was not going to give out any more cultivation resources to help Chu Feng, and if he wanted to raise his cultivation, it had to all depend on himself.

“Chu Feng, as a World Spiritist, are you not curious why I am still alive after becoming a consciousness?” Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder smiled and asked.

“Ancestor, your abilities are powerful, so I’m sure that you must have some special method that allows you to live for so long and not be extinguished.” Chu Feng respectfully replied.

“Haha, live for so long and not be extinguished? You overestimate me too much. In the road of martial cultivation, after reaching a certain realm, indeed, one can extend their age by taking life away from the heavens.”

“However, that is a benefit that can only be gained after entering the Martial Lord realm. The age that can be obtained will vary depending on their talent.”

“Normally, a Martial Lord can live a hundred years longer than normal people. But regretfully, I was unable to step into that realm. Of course, even if I did step into that realm, two hundred years has already passed and I should have already disappeared like smoke.”

“However, Chu Feng, you are correct. I do indeed have special methods that allow me to not disappear after dying. All of this is relying on a treasure that I picked up from the Emperor Tomb.”

The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled, then continued walking deeper into the main hall. Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly followed and after walking for five thousand meters, there was a crystal coffin in front of them. Faint brilliance was lingering around the crystal coffin, and within it, there was a corpse.

The countenance of the corpse was exactly the same as the Azure Dragon Founder who was next to Chu Feng. However, it was a real body, not a consciousness. After the time of a thousand years, the Azure Dragon Founder’s remains were completely well and undamaged.

“Chu Feng, look! The pearl in his hand should be allowing his corpse to not rot and his consciousness to not extinguish.” Eggy reminded.

At that instant, Chu Feng also discovered that there was indeed a pearl as big as a chicken egg in the Azure Dragon Founder’s hands. The brilliance that covered the crystal coffin came from that pearl.

“Although this treasure wasn’t able to save my life in the Emperor Tomb, it can allow my corpse to not be ruined, and my consciousness to not fade away. It is truly a treasure.”

“But no matter how much more magical a treasure is, it cannot allow one to go against the heavens. So, after a hundred years, my consciousness will weaken and my corpse will rot as well. No matter what special methods I use to extend my death, I will still die soon.”

“So, Chu Feng. The reason why I led you to this place is because I have a request.” Suddenly, entreaty emerged into the Azure Dragon Founder’s gaze as he looked at Chu Feng.