Chapter 266 - Essence Pool

MGA: Chapter 266 - Essence Pool

“So you’re called Chu Feng. Not bad. Not a bad name.”

“Ah Chu Feng, no need to be too polite. Rise. Your talent is fine if you’re able to enter the 7th level of the Origin realm from the 4th level of the Spirit realm in one year, and giving you Spirit power and the map to this place was indeed not in vain.”

“Follow me. I have already prepared a great present for you, and it has just been waiting for you.” After the Azure Dragon Founder looked at Chu Feng for a while in satisfaction, he turned around and walked deeper into the main hall.

Chu Feng did not dare to be slow, so he also quickly followed. However, at the same time, in his heart, he felt even more respect towards the Azure dragon Founder, because from his words, he was sure that his Spirit power was opened up by him.

“This old guy has quite some skill. Although your Spirit power is indeed inborn and not bestowed by him, if he did not strengthen your Spirit power to break the binding seal, I’m afraid that your Spirit power wouldn’t have been discovered anytime soon. You would also not be able to meet me, and you would not have been able to have such big improvements in such a short period of time.” Eggy reminded.

“So that means Spirit power can really be granted by someone? As long as you have a certain amount of power, even people without Spirit power can be given Spirit power?” Chu Feng was quite surprised. Since Eggy spoke like that, it also meant that the Azure Dragon Founder spoke the truth.

“Of course it’s possible. However, the people who accepts the Spirit power must have strong enough physique. On that day, the several people who chased after you were also given Spirit power, and because they could not endure the Spirit power, they died.”

“Also, the person who grants Spirit power must also be a World Spiritist. Only Spirit Formation methods can transfer Spirit power into another person’s body. Also, that World Spiritist must at least have the methods of a Blue-cloak World Spiritist.” Eggy explained.

“What? Blue-cloak World Spiritist? Is the school founder a Blue-cloak World Spiritist?” Chu Feng was stunned.

“What’s so surprising about that? From what I see, when he lived, he might not have only been a Blue-cloak. It’s very possible that he infinitely neared, or even actually reached the level of Purple-cloak World Spiritists.” Eggy said.

“That strong?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but inhale a breath of cool air. As he looked at the Azure Dragon Founder, his gaze couldn’t avoid but contain even more respect.

But after some more thinking, Chu Feng wasn’t as shocked as before. After all, the Azure Dragon Founder was the number one expert back then in the Nine Provinces. It wasn’t strange for a character like him to have methods of Purple-cloak World Spiritists.

“Chu Feng, the World Spirit in your body is quite impressive! Its appetite is quite huge as it is able to absorb so many Source energies in such a short period of time.” Suddenly, the Azure Dragon Founder spoke.

“Ancestor, you...” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was surprised. He never would have thought that the World Spirit in his body was seen through by him.

“No need to worry. It is not strange for a World Spirit to be willing to help a talented person like you. Besides, it is a very strong World Spirit, so it can be said to be a good thing. I am happy for you!” The Azure Dragon Founder cheerfully smiled.

Seeing that the ancestor did not pursue the matter any further, Chu Feng also relaxed. He quickly changed the topic and said, “Ancestor, where did these bones come from? What caused so many powerful people to die in this place?”

“Chu Feng, without hiding the truth, there is an Emperor Tomb in the Azure Province, and this is one of the entrances to the tomb. On that year, innumerable experts came here and they wanted to open the Emperor Tomb. But ultimately, all of them died here.”

“The ones outside here are only the ones who died first. Deeper into the Emperor Tomb, the corpses of Heaven realm experts can gather and even form mountains.” The Azure Dragon Founder narrated.

“This Emperor Tomb is that terrifying?” Chu Feng was shocked.

However, Eggy who was in Chu Feng’s body was madly happy. She said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, quick! Quickly ask this old guy where the remains for the Heaven realm experts are located at!”

But before even letting Chu Feng open his mouth to inquire, the Azure Dragon Founder spoke first, “Tell the World Spirit in your body not to think about those Source energies from those remains, because you wouldn't even able to enter that place. Even I cannot.”

After hearing those words, Chu Feng did not ask anymore because he discovered that the Azure Dragon Founder was simply too strong. It was as if he was a parasite in his belly. He could completely see through what he was thinking, and even what Eggy was thinking.

On the remaining road, the Azure Dragon Founder only asked a bit about Chu Feng’s journey in the past year. He did not ask about the state of the Azure Dragon School. It could be seen that the old man did not seem to care about the school he established himself.

After hurrying, the two of them finally arrived next to a pool. That pool was very special. It was not even two meters deep, yet the bottom could not be seen and it was emitting a fog-like gas.

The most important thing was that Chu Feng was able to feel endless streams of the world’s power from the water. Spiritual energy, Origin power, and even Profound power. He could feel all of it in the water.

“Ancestor, this water!!” Chu Feng felt even more astonished. He knew that the water was certainly a treasure. It was treasure that had great benefits towards one’s cultivation. Using him as an example. Even making a breakthrough past one level needed an enormous amount of resources. However, the Profound power and Origin power in the pool could certainly help him quickly break through.

“This is the present that I prepared for you. The Essence Pool!”

“The Essence Pool contains spiritual energy, Origin power, and Profound power. Although spiritual energy is the strongest here, with Origin power in the middle and Profound power being the weakest, it can still greatly assist a cultivator like you in this realm.”

“Cultivate in this pool. As long as your comprehension power is strong enough, several days later, you should be able to break through into the 8th level of the Origin realm.” The Azure Dragon Founder explained.

*splash* Just at that time, Chu Feng impatiently jumped in.

After Chu Feng entered the pool, the spiritual energy, Origin power, and Profound power in the Essence Pool started to form layers of vortexes and they insanely surged towards Chu Feng. They were currently being refined by Chu Feng.

“This boy’s comprehension power is a bit terrifying...Looking at how it is, it seems that there is no need for several days. He should be able to break into the 8th level of the Origin realm after a day.”

As he looked at the swirling water in the pool, then looked at Chu Feng who was not afraid at all, the Azure Dragon Founder stroked his own snow-white beard and happily smiled.

*hmm* But just at that time, from the Essence Pool, a strand of strange undulation could be felt. Chu Feng’s aura was rapidly rising, and he reached the 8th level of the Origin realm.

“This...” At that moment, the Azure Dragon Founder’s originally unflustered expression instantly greatly changed. He was astounded in many ways and he could no longer remain calm.