Chapter 265 - School Founder

MGA: Chapter 265 - School Founder

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. Only inner court disciples were allowed in there when the Spiritual Medicine Hunt happened every year. This year’s Spiritual Medicine Hunt just ended recently, and the Spiritual Medicine Mountain was at its strictest time so no one was allowed in.

However, that rule was completely useless in front of Chu Feng. Even if outsiders doubted Chu Feng’s strength, there would be no one who dared to doubt him within the Azure Dragon School. After all, on that day, they did indeed personally witness how Chu Feng beheaded Gong Luyun.

In addition to Chu Feng’s special status, who would even dare to block him? As long as Chu Feng said a few words, stating that he wanted to enter the Spiritual Medicine Mountain for a walk, the elder who guarded there would most likely immediately open the gates and allow Chu Feng in.

However, Chu Feng did not want to attract too much attention so he did not trouble the guarding elders. He used his Imperial Sky Technique, descended from the skies, and entered the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

*hmm hmm hmm*

At that instant, strange light was being emitted from Chu Feng’s chest. Being enveloped by that light, a complex Spirit Formation map appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes. It was slowly moving around, and it was quite magical. As he followed that map around, and bit by bit, Chu Feng searched for the location of the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

“Outstanding. This is too oustanding. The entrance to this Emperor Tomb must have been recreated by someone, or else its security wouldn’t be so tight. Luckily, when you first entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard, the old man bestowed this map to you. Or else without this map, it would be impossible for you to find the entrance with your current methods.”

As Chu Feng searched, Eggy praised. Chu Feng who was in the environment himself could truly feel the mysteriousness of the entrance. It could be said that the Thousand Bone Graveyard was the entrance to the Emperor Tomb. However, this entrance was different when compared to the entrance of the Vermilion Bird Mountain Range.

It was the same as the White Tiger Mountain Range’s entrance, as both entrances were changed by someone, and they changed them quite complicatedly. This entrance was always shifting around and it was hidden deep underground. If Chu Feng did not have the Spirit Formation Map, he would not have any hope in finding the entrance.

But luckily, he had the map, and in addition to him being a Grey-cloak World Spiritist, his comprehension in the Spirit Formation techniques was not comparable to his former days. So, after some complications, he finally found the entrance to the Emperor Tomb.

The entrance was very special. It was not an obvious tunnel. After finding the entrance, Chu Feng himself had to lay a Spirit Formation, then he had to use the map as a medium to connect to the entrance below. He could only enter after creating a Spirit Formation tunnel.

When Chu Feng finished laying the Spirit Formation tunnel and after stepping into it, the tunnel immediately closed behind him and it did not leave any traces.

After Chu Feng went through the Spirit Formation tunnel and entered the so-called entrance, even he was stupefied by the scene in front of him.

That place was an extremely vast and huge palace. The thick pillars. The large area. The special materials. They made Chu Feng feel extremely powerful might, and in every single corner, there were extremely strong Spirit Formations laid there.

So strong that almost no one in the Profound realm was able to damage the palace in the slightest. From that, it could be seen how strong the person who created the palace was. That area was no longer a simple palace. It was an indestructible underground castle.

However, other than those, there were also the boundless bones that appeared under Chu Feng’s feet. Countless remains. Innumerable. And from rough estimations, there were several tens of thousands of remains. They stacked up under his feet like an ocean, and that scene was exactly the same as the Thousand Bone Graveyard he saw a year ago. Therefore, Chu Feng was able to confirm that it was undoubtedly the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

“Waa, so many powerful remains, and their Source energies still remain! Although there isn’t anyone in the Heaven realm, they are still all experts in the peak of the Profound realm. With so many, I can certainly make breakthroughs! Chu Feng, quickly absorb them. After absorbing them, my cultivation can certainly rise greatly.”

In that instant, the most excited one was none other than Eggy, because to her, they were not simple bones. They were abundant meals. Treasures that could raise her cultivation.

“Don’t worry little girl, all of them are yours.”

Chu Feng lightly smiled, but he first spread his Spirit power out. After cautiously scanning around him and discovering that there were no abnormalities, he started to unrestrainedly consume the Source energy from the remains.

As he absorbed with such extreme power, Eggy’s cultivation which was stuck and didn’t move forward finally started to climb again. Very quickly, she rose from the 1st level of the Profound realm to the 2nd level of the Profound realm, and her cultivaiton was still rapidly rising.

Under that situation, both Chu Feng and Eggy were extremely excited. Eggy becoming stronger meant that Chu Feng was becoming stronger. He had another layer of defense for his life.

But at the same time that he was excited, Chu Feng was also thinking. The several tens of thousands of experts were all in the Profound realm. What terrifying battle power that was. Not to mention the current Azure Province, perhaps not even a single province from the other eight provinces could gather such battle power.

Why did so many powerful people like them all die here? What took their lives away? Was it the guardian of the Emperor Tomb, or were there other reasons?

As he thought without result, Chu Feng used his strong Spirit Formation power in addition to Eggy’s unique power to completely suck the several tens of thousands of Source energies from the bones dry.

At that instant, Eggy’s cultivation was no longer in the 2nd level of the Profound realm. She went another step forward, and entered the 3rd level of the Profound realm. With that cultivation, in addition to Chu Feng’s golden-coloured lightning, his cultivation could reach the 4th level of the Profound realm.

If he was in the 4th level of the Profound realm, with Chu Feng’s methods, he did not need to be afraid of those in the 8th level of the Profound realm, and he could fight those in the 9th level of the Profound realm. Although he was not invincible within the Profound realm, he basically did not need to be afraid of anything anymore. That made Chu Feng and Eggy to be incomparably joyful.

“Little demon, I was indeed not mistaken. In this one year, your speed of growth was even quicker than I imagined!”

However, as the two of them were submerged within happiness, an aged voice suddenly rang out behind Chu Feng. He turned his head around to look, and he only saw an old man standing behind him. He wore an azure-coloured robe, held a strange but special fly-whisk, and faint light flickered around his body. He was smiling as he looked at Chu Feng, and that person was the old man who granted the map to Chu Feng.

The old man was as strong as usual. Even if Chu Feng was a cultivator in the 7th level of the Origin realm as well as Grey-cloak World Spiritist, when he stood in front of the old man, he still felt how weak and small he was.

“Senior, are you the creator of the Azure Dragon School, the Azure Dragon Founder?”

Chu Feng’s gaze was solemn, and he asked with an extremely respectful tone; because no matter if it was in terms of attire, or his aura, he seemed way too similar to the legendary Azure Dragon Founder.

“Haha, I never would have thought that you would be this smart! You should have already guessed who I am right?” The old man laughed, and despite not giving a real answer, he already implied an answer.

At that moment, Chu Feng was extremely happy. He quickly half-knelt on the floor and paid his respects to him. He reverentially said, “Chu Feng pays his respects to the school founder!!”