Chapter 297 - Illusion Formation

MGA: Chapter 297 - Illusion Formation

The entrance to the Emperor Tomb had already been opened. Not to mention the others, even Chu Feng was incomparably excited.

It was because no one knew what danger was within it. However, they looked very forward to what treasures and opportunities were within it.

At that instant, everyone cast their gazes towards Chu Feng and awaited the commander’s orders to allow them to enter and to find the long-awaited treasures.

*whoosh* Seeing that, Chu Feng did not speak since he did not want to learn the vulgar voice of the perverted World Spiritist. So, he slightly raised his arm, then suddenly dropped it down.


After Chu Feng’s orders, the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion all rushed into the entrance of the Emperor Tomb at once.

It had to be said that the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion was truly well trained. They used all sorts of tools to their best, and the originally dark entrance was lit up by their torches.

Under such organized entry method, the elite group of several thousands of people very quickly entered the Emperor Tomb. In front of them was a vast and deep cave.

After entering that place, everyone became careful. Not a single person moved by themselves, and they completely followed Chu Feng’s forwarding orders.

“Chu Feng, this Emperor Tomb entrance is completely undamaged so it is very possible that we are the first people to enter this place. You must be several times more cautious because the mechanisms here are completely undamaged as well. If they get activated, they will certainly go towards all of you.” Eggy gravely reminded after going forward for a while.

Chu Feng also discovered that the area was different. It was overly big. After walking forward for several hours, they still did not reach the end. The more they walked, the wider the place got. At the end, it was as if they walked into an underground world which had no ends or borders. Chu Feng could only rely on the World Spirit Compass to determine which way to go. However, Chu Feng did not know that it was merely the beginning.

As Chu Feng and the others walked like that, it was as though they walked into an unfathomable world. They were very alert and they moved as if they were going to set up camp after every step. They continued forward in the enormous world. Time passed bit by bit, and slowly, even the well-trained army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion could not avoid feeling some despair. They were thinking, Will this underground world never end?

However, luckily, change appeared on the tenth day that they entered that place. In the vast cave world, light appeared in front of them. It was a huge city.

White-coloured rock walls, exquisite palaces, tall and big city walls, broad big gates. A city like that appeared in the underground world at that moment.

At that instant, everyone was abnormally excited. Who created such a city in the vast underground world? What kind of person lived in there? Or were there treasures hidden?

Thinking to that point, everyone could no longer control their excited emotions. Striding forward, they charged towards the city because after ten days of endless hurrying, the city was like sunlight from the rising sun, and it allowed people to see hope.

But when the thousands of people surged into the city, Chu Feng was tightly frowning. He kept on feeling that the city was very strange, yet he could not say which part was off. As he saw so many people stepping into the city yet nothing happening to them, at the end, Chu Feng also decided to enter the city to take a look.

However, immediately after he stepped into the city, Chu Feng felt that something was off. He found out as he was astounded that fog filled the city and he could not even see the path forward.

It was even scarily silent. The people who surged into the castle city all disappeared. Not even a single shadow remained, yet he could clearly hear their footsteps. The most important thing was that after Chu Feng turned his head around to look, he discovered that there was no road back. Surrounding him in all directions was fog.

“Dammit, this is a Spirit Formation.”

Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because the Spirit Formation was too strong. With Chu Feng’s Spirit power, he had actually not been able to detect that it was a formation and its detection thought that this was truly only a city.




“No! Don’t come close to me! Ahh~~~~~~~”

At that moment, in front of Chu Feng, all sorts of heart-tearing and lung-splitting miserable cries endlessly rang out. Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew that certainly, something bad happened to the guards of the Prince’s Mansion.

The painful cries of misery rang out for a long time. Chu Feng listened in detail, and after the never-ending cries stopped, Chu Feng got a frightening result.

The number of miserable cries that rang out just now was exactly the same as the number of guards. Which also meant that all the people who came here, other than him, very possibly met a situation that they did not expect.

“Eggy, what should I do? In this Spirit Formation, I can’t feel anything. I can’t even find the road back.” The current Chu Feng was able to feel the bursts of bone-piercing chilliness. It was not simple chilliness. It was the aura of death. The aura of death was currently approaching and consuming his body. That caused him to feel some panic as he hurriedly asked Eggy for help.

“Don’t worry. If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, this isn’t a simple Spirit Formation. It seems more like an Illusion Formation.” Eggy said.

“Illusion Formation? What does that mean?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“It means that if you want to pass through this formation, the Spirit Formation techniques that you currently grasp cannot decipher it.”

“In this formation, you will create illusions. Those illusions will oppress your mind. If you can resist that oppression, you will be able see through everything in front of your eyes, escape the fog that is surrounding you, and leave this place.”

“However, if you cannot fight against the mind oppression, you will become the same as the people before, and you will die here.” Eggy explained.

“Then what should I do? Why haven’t I created any illusions yet?” Chu Feng felt confused.

“Feng'er.” But just at that time, suddenly, a call rang out from the fog.

After hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s body couldn’t help but tremble because that voice was so familiar. When he cast his gaze towards the origin of the voice, even he could not avoid being shocked.

At that place, dozens of figures were gradually nearing and they were all familiar faces. They were the people from the Chu family. They were the dead Chu family members, and the one who led them was Chu Feng’s father.

“Father! Why are all of you here!” As he saw his own father, Chu Feng was so emotional that hot tears filled his eye socket. Without thinking about anything, he rushed towards him.

“Chu Feng, don’t go! It’s an illusion.” But just at that time, Eggy’s voice rang out in Chu Feng’s brain.

“Illusion?” Chu Feng was suddenly alarmed. When he looked back at this father, he astonishedly discovered that his father and the other Chu family members were holding sharp blades in their hands and oppressed their way towards Chu Feng. Their speed and strength belonged to the peak of the Profound realm.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh* As he faced his former family’s attacks, Chu Feng really did not know what to do. With Eggy’s power, as he dodged, he asked, “Father, is that you? Stop! I’m Chu Feng!”

“You idiot. I already told you that it’s an illusion! You are still asking? Don’t hesitate and quickly kill them, or else with their power, they will become stronger along with your muddy consciousness!” Eggy strictly warned.