Chapter 296 - Opening the Emperor Tomb

MGA: Chapter 296 - Opening the Emperor Tomb

With a heart full of anger, Chu Feng dashed into the tent.

At that instant, he could clearly see that there were nine little girls inside the tent. They were not even ten years old, and most of them were even five or six years old.

Presently, some of those girls’ clothes were taken off. As they wailed, they ran randomly in the tent and behind them, there was an old man who did not have a single thread on him, and he was currently ferociously and terrifyingly chasing after them.

The old man’s appearance was called vulgar, and his smile was called lewd. As he chased after the little girls, he even yelled, “My little precious, don’t run! I’ll give you something good to eat!”

“God damn, are you even a person?”

Chu Feng was endlessly furious. He dashed forward and kicked the old man down to the ground. After that, he threw a huge fist towards his vulgar face.

“Ahh!” Chu Feng’s punch was abnormally powerful and that old man kept on crying out in pain as he was hit. He no longer had his precious vulgar smile as he roared at Chu Feng, “Who are you? You dare to hit me? Ouch ouch oi! Stop hitting! Stop!!”

“Who am I? I am the person who will kill you.” The more Chu Feng heard him yell, the angrier he got. So, the following punches got stronger and stronger. He first indented the old man’s nose, dislocated his chin, shattered his teeth, and at the end, forcibly split open his skull.

To avoid leaving any bigger shadows in the little girls’ hearts, Chu Feng did not use any methods that were too bloody. After his anger was almost dispelled, he used Eggy’s power to consume the old man while he was still alive.

After taking care of the Grey-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng turned his head to look towards the group of little girls. He discovered that at that instant, they were all standing where they were and using their watery big eyes to stare at himself. The fear from before still lingered around on their faces.

However, the gazes that they looked at Chu Feng with did not contain any fear, as if they knew that Chu Feng would not harm them and was helping them.

“All of you came from the village near the mountain?” Chu Feng opened his mouth to ask.

“Mm.” The little girls nodded their heads at the same time and they were clearly very cute.

“Who is Niuniu?” Chu Feng swept towards the gazes of the little girls and he was full of expectation. He hoped that the girl called Niuniu survived, so at least he could give Niuzi and Huzi an explanation.

“I’m Niuniu.” Suddenly, a young, soft, and light voice rang out as a little girl stepped forward.

That girl had very simple clothing. Her roughly made cloth-clothing was full of patches, and from her pair of little shoes, one revealed two toes, and the other just simply revealed half a foot. But even so, the little girl was still unwilling to throw them out.

Even though the little girl wore quite tattered clothing, it was unable to affect her cuteness. Her innocent big eyes were like two shiny astrolabes without being tainted by a speck of dust. Especially the two tied little ponytails on her head. It pushed the girl’s cuteness to the extreme.

“You’re Niuniu?” Chu Feng went up and asked. His tense heart finally relaxed.

“Mm. Big brother, do you know me?” Niuniu replied with her pleasant to hear voice.

“I do. Now I know you don’t I? I was entrusted by your two elder brothers to come to pick you up.” Chu Feng smiled as he rubbed Niuniu’s little head. He discovered that the little girl was really quite likeable.

After that, with special methods, Chu Feng secretly brought the group of little girls out of the Black Tortoise City. Only then did he call the White-headed Eagle down and helped the group of little girls up.

“Little White, bring them back to the village that we went today.”

Chu Feng spoke to the White-headed Eagle. After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Little White also very intelligently nodded.

After seeing Little White’s performance, Chu Feng was very satisfied. That was why he liked Little White. Although he already grasped the Imperial Sky Technique, Chu Feng still liked to use Little White as his transportation tool. Not only did it save energy, Little White was also a competent assistant.

“Big brother, you aren’t coming along with us?” Suddenly, Niuniu’s voice rang out.

Turning his head back to look, Chu Feng discovered that all of the other little girls who sat on the White-headed Eagle were so scared that they didn’t even dare to raise their heads. They were laying on top of the White-headed Eagle and tightly grabbing onto the feathers on its back. They didn’t even dare to move.

But Niuniu was different. At that moment, she was courageously sitting on the neck location of the White-headed Eagle. She straightened her little waist and used her innocent big eyes to stare at Chu Feng.

“I have something to do so I can’t go along with all of you.” Chu Feng smiled, and then he also took out some gold from his Cosmos Sack. He stole them from the Black Tortoise City.

After handing the gold to Niuniu, Chu Feng also instructed her to give the gold to her parents to bring them quickly away from the village. He also instructed her to martial cultivate along with her elder brothers when she grew up.

Niuniu quite intelligently nodded and answered as she remembered all of Chu Feng’s words in her heart. When Chu Feng prepared to send them away, she also asked, “Big brother, what is your name?”

After hearing that, Chu Feng hesitated a bit. He did not know if it was a good thing or bad thing to tell Niuniu his name, but after seeing her thirst for the answer in her eyes, Chu Feng still smiled and replied, “Chu Feng.”

“Big Brother Chu Feng, I will always remember you.” Niuniu sweetly smiled and said.

After sending Niuniu and the others off, Chu Feng hidden sneaked back into the residence of the perverted World Spiritist. He wore his World Spirit Cloak, and with the World Spiritist’s name, while it was deep into the night, he gathered the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

Chu Feng wanted to open the entrance of the Emperor Tomb to search for the treasures within, but he also knew that it was extremely dangerous inside of the Emperor Tomb. With the strength of a single person, the difficulty was immense. So, since there were so many people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, naturally, he would not use them for nothing. He prepared to use them to open the Emperor Tomb. Even if there was danger, he would let them go first to be sacrificed first.

Even if the people here all died, Chu Feng would not mind it in the slightest in his heart because the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion who were sent over this time were all from the Lin clan. Chu Feng had never had a single good impression towards the Lin clan, so he was itching for all of them to die.

However, since Chu Feng suddenly gathered the army of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion together when it was deep into the night to open the Spirit Formation entrance, that caused many people to be displeased.

As Chu Feng was laying a formation, some people started to whisper to one another as they hiddenly complained.

“What insanity is this old pervert doing again to call us out at such a late time...”

“Who knows? Perhaps he defiled a few little girls to death, and since he’s bored, he has come to torture us.”

“Damn. He is truly a pervert. Why is our Qilin Prince’s Mansion supporting such a monster?”

“Shh, be a bit quieter. Our Lin clan needs to rely on him to stabilize our position in the Prince’s Mansion. We must treat him carefully.”

Chu Feng did not care about the people’s discussions because even if the people were cursing, they were not cursing him but the old pervert.

After diligently laying, Chu Feng’s super strong deciphering formation was finally completed under Eggy’s instructions, and at that instant, it already started to revolve around.

The big formation opened, and the light turned and flowed like tomorrow’s sun. It lit up the entire land. Especially the strange symbols. They were as though they had life and they kept on searching for the sealed Spirit Formation entrance.

“Look, the old pervert’s Spirit Formation that he laid this time seems to be different. It is quite unexpectedly pretty.” Currently, many people sighed in admiration.

“Tch. It is only false show. From what I see, he is not even able to open this Spirit Formation entrance. If he could, why didn’t he open it sooner? What would his reason be to wait so long?” But some people also felt that the Spirit Formation entrance could not be opened.


But just at that time, the light from the Spirit Formation suddenly shrunk and following that, like spring water that flowed backwards, it surged into the entrance of the Spirit Formation. The originally shut Spirit Formation, at that moment, became a huge black hole.

At that instant, every single person was dumbfounded as they said with incomparable shock, “It actually opened!!”