Chapter 295 - Perverted World Spiritist

MGA: Chapter 295 - Perverted World Spiritist

The one with the bowl cut was Niuzi, and the one with the crew cut was Huzi. They were two naive and pure children. They seriously answered Chu Feng’s questions, but they could not understand why Chu Feng was madly laughing and could not stop after hearing Niuzi’s name.

But that couldn’t be blamed on Chu Feng. Niuzi’s hair style truly looked like a calf’s head and it suited his name. Even if Chu Feng did not want to laugh, he could not stop because that shape was truly a bit similar.

But laughs were laughs, and Chu Feng quickly suppressed his own emotions. He then gravely asked, “Huzi, Niuzi, you two first answer me. Why have you two come to a place such as this wild forest, which is so deep into the mountain?”

“Great God, we are here to save our younger sister!” The two children simultaneously replied despite having different mouths.

“Younger sister?” Chu Feng was thinking; if these two dolls were so young, how old would their younger sister be?

“Yeah, our younger sister has been taken away by a bad guy. We need to save her and get her back. Great God, we beg you, please take us in as your disciple and teach us the divine methods!” As they emotionally spoke, Huzi and Niuzi knelt down with a poof again.

“I can teach some abilities to your two, but before that, you need to tell me. Where has your younger sister been taken away to? Who was she taken away by?” Chu Feng solemnly inquired.

After some understanding, Chu Feng finally knew that Niuzi and Huzi were brothers. Niuzi was the eldest, being 9 years old this year; Huzi was the second oldest, being 7 years old this year; and they also had a younger sister, being 5 years old this year, and she was called Niuniu.

[TN: Niu = girl.]

The three siblings all lived within a mountain village inside of the Black Tortoise City’s borders. Their village was extremely poor and they were simply isolated from the outside world. So, the children did not even know what martial cultivation was and their superstitions were in a complete mess. As they saw Chu Feng descend from the sky, they even thought that Chu Feng was a saint and that he used divine methods.

As for why Niuzi and Huzi kept on saying that they wanted to save Niuniu was because this morning, Niuniu was taken away by a group of people who wore golden armor. From what they said, she was taken into the Black Tortoise City. Not only was Niuniu herself brought away, all the little girls in the village were brought away.

“They must be the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. The Gong family has already been exterminated, so why are there people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion remaining in the Black Tortoise City? Is it possible that they did not choose a new clan to manage the Black Tortoise City and they are personally managing it?”

“But why did the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion need to take a group of little girls who grew up from the village away?” At that instant, Chu Feng’s brows were tightly locked, yet he could not think of a reason. So, at the end, he decided to investigate it.

But before departing, he passed the cultivation methods down to Huzi and Niuzi and he also left some gold with them. He told them to return to their home to wait, and that he would very quickly send their younger sister back to them.

“Great God, thank you for passing down the divine methods to us. We will certainly dedicatedly cultivate them and we will not waste your expectations.” The two children knelt down to the ground once again, and with a full face of gratitude, they kowtowed to Chu Feng.

“Ho… These aren’t any divine methods. These are cultivation methods. As long as these methods can be grasped, the two of you can step onto the path of martial cultivation and become a martial cultivator.”

“Also, I am not any Great God. There are no Gods in this world, and even if there is a God, that God would undoubtedly only be some person who’s extremely strong.”

Chu Feng smiled and rubbed Niuzi’s and Huzi’s head, then carried them onto the White-headed Eagle. After sending them back to the village, he changed his direction and hurried towards the Black Tortoise City.

After arriving in the Black Tortoise City, Chu Feng discovered that the area was actually how he thought it was. It was already occupied by the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

A large number of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s troops already set up camp there and many powerful people from the Prince’s Mansion were sent out as well. There were even several hundred people in the Profound realm. The place they set up camp was the most important part: The former residence of the Gong family.

“Is it possible that they discovered something?” Chu Feng wore the clothing of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and sneaked into the place where they set up camp.

After some looking around, Chu Feng discovered with excitement that the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion truly did discover something in the Black Tortoise City. The thing that they discovered was the thing that Chu Feng wanted to find. The entrance to the Emperor Tomb in the Black Tortoise Mountain Range.

Before, when Chu Feng arrived at the Black Tortoise City, he did try to search around for the entrance to the Emperor Tomb. However, it was in vain as even with his abilities, he was completely helpless. He could not find anything, as if the entrance did not exist at all.

But he never would have thought that the entrance to the Emperor tomb was within the residence of the Gong family. Only after the Qilin Prince’s Mansion annihilated the Gong family and destroyed their residences did they discover that there was a Spirit Formation entrance hidden underneath.

Although the Qilin Prince’s Mansion did not know that it was an entrance to the Emperor Tomb, they still knew that it was a location of treasure. So, they sent a large number of people to occupy that location, and they even sent their Grey-cloak World Spiritist over. They wanted to open the entrance and take the treasure away.

As the Grey-cloak World Spiritist was mentioned, Chu Feng also found the reason why Niuniu and the other girls were taken here. They were sent to the location where the Grey-cloak World Spiritist lived at.

At that instant, red clouds lingered around the west horizon and night was going to descend at any time. The work that the Qilin Prince’s Mansion did to open the Spirit Formation entrance also stopped.

Chu Feng, with the identity as a guard of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, searched for the residence of the Grey-cloak World Spiritist. With his sharp detection power, from quite afar, Chu Feng was able to hear the following voices of discussion from a tent where the heads of guards were in.

“This old thing. Every day, he orders us around like dogs, but after so many days, he can’t even open a Spirit Formation entrance.”

“Every day, this old pervert wants us to find some cute girls from the village outside of the Black Tortoise City for him to defile. I truly feel sinful after seeing so many little girls die because of that!”

“Shh, all of you quiet down. He’s a Grey-cloak World Spiritist and he has extremely strong detection power! If your words were heard by him, you would all be dead.” Several guard heads secretly murmured amongst themselves as they drank beer in a tent.

“Damn! The reason why they grabbed so many girls was for this reason?!” At that instant, Chu Feng who knew the truth clenched his fists from anger and blue vines kept on popping out.

Every day, he defiled a few little girls to death. If that wasn’t perverted, what was? Any person who had a bit of human nature would absolutely not be able to do that; yet the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, the ruler of the Azure Province had actually even helped someone do such wicked matters. There were simply no differences between that and demonic teachings! That caused Chu Feng to be endlessly furious and he was even more disappointed in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng couldn’t help quickening his sneaking speed. After a while of hurrying, he finally arrived at the residence of the Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

Since the Gong family’s residences already became rubble, their residences were all tents. However, the tent that the Grey-cloak World Spiritist lived in was extremely big. Perhaps because he was going to do perverted things, he sent all the guards away.

Chu Feng carefully approached and he discovered that there was a hidden Spirit Formation laid outside of the tent. The methods could indeed only be done by Grey-cloak World Spiritists, but it was not difficult for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng very easily opened the Spirit Formation that the World Spiritist laid. Immediately after he opened the Spirit formation, Chu Feng’s face instantly greatly changed and his flames of anger that he was forcibly holding down leaped out with a whoosh.

He was able to hear the sounds of several little girls within the tent. However, those were not innocent laughter containing no evils. They were miserable screams and helpless wailings.