Chapter 294 - The Sisters' Real Feelings

MGA: Chapter 294 - The Sisters' Real Feelings

Su Rou was sitting on the peak of a tall tower in the Vermilion Bird City. She sat on the edge of the tall tower and her slender, long, white, and beautiful legs were hanging in mid-air. Both of her hands were placed on the eaves of the tower as she looked towards the distance.

A light wind brushed past and blew her jet-black long hair. It blew her pretty skirt, but it could not blow her enchanting face as well as her current depressed expression.

“Sister.” Suddenly, a beautiful voice rang out and Su Mei appeared behind Su Rou.

“Little Mei, why have you come?” After seeing Su Mei, Su Rou appeared quite surprised and happy, but at the same time, there was also panic that could not easily be detected.

“Heh.” Su Mei sweetly smiled but did not answer Su Rou’s question. With a poof, she sat next to Su Rou. As she cutely adjusted her pair of beautiful legs, she tightened her little nose, smiled at Su Rou, and said, “Sister, do you hope that Chu Feng is that Mr. Grey-cloak?”

“Why ask that?” Within Su Rou’s beautiful eyes, puzzledness surged, but her panic became a bit stronger.

“Heh, I do hope so. I hope that Chu Feng is Mr. Grey-cloak because I want to marry him.” Su Mei looked towards the Azure Dragon School as a charming smile was hung on her beautiful face.

“Stupid girl, your wish will happen because he likes you very much as well. Sooner or later, he will marry you.” Su Rou dotingly rubbed Su Mei’s hair since she truly loved her younger sister very much.

“I know. I know that he likes me, but what about you?” Su Mei suddenly asked.

“What?” Being asked by Su Mei like that, Su Rou’s expression instantly froze and she didn’t know how to respond.

“Sister, do you want to marry Chu Feng?” Su Mei’s smile did not change as she continued to ask.

“I...” Su Rou’s entire face was complicated and her alluring lips slightly opened, but she could not speak any words.

Just at that time, Su Mei suddenly leaped into Su Rou’s embrace and tightly hugged Su Rou. Her charming face stuck onto Su Rou’s body as she cutely said,

“I hope that you can marry Chu Feng. I really, really hope that you can marry Chu Feng. Chu Feng is the person who I love the most, but you are also the person who I love the most. The two of you are most familial, closest, and most-loved to me. I truly hope that the three of us can be together forever.”

Su Mei’s words were sweet, spirited, and very pleasant. The most important part was that her words were very sincere. The words that she spoke came from her heart.

After her little sister’s words, Su Rou was first taken aback as her eyes reddened slightly and after unspeakable emotion filled her face, she then opened her arms and tightly hugged her precious younger sister and stuck her face to Su Mei’s hair.

She did not speak, but her face brought smiles. Smiles of pure joy...

After Li Zhangqing’s injuries recovered, Chu Feng, Li Zhangqing, and Qi Fengyang left together, but they did not go towards the same places.

Li Zhangqing returned to the Azure Dragon School. Currently, Chu Feng stirred up such a huge matter in the Hundred School Gathering and rumours were filled outside. As the school head, naturally, he had to return in order to control the situation.

As for Qi Fengyang, he received a summon from the lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and he was called back to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. The news of him stepping into the Heaven realm was already spread out. To the Azure Province, it was a grand matter, and to the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, it was even a grander matter. Naturally, the lord of the mansion had to verify the truth.

As for Chu Feng, he went towards the Black Tortoise City. After meeting the Azure Dragon Founder in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, Chu Feng already decided to leave the Azure Province to quickly raise his abilities as a World Spiritist.

If he wanted to raise his abilities as a World Spiritist, he had to follow the instructions of the mysterious and strong Monstrous Beast who was located in the Asura Ghost Tower and to find the treasures that he left behind.

However, before leaving the Azure Province, Chu Feng had one thing he had to do, and it was to go towards the Black Tortoise City. He wanted to go there and take a look to see if he could find another entrance to the Emperor Tomb and whether he could gain anything from within it or not.

“That is?”

The present Chu Feng was sitting on his White-headed Eagle and speedily flying towards the Black Tortoise City. But suddenly, he lightly furrowed his brows, and following that, he quickly changed directions. As he rode on the White-headed Eagle, he flew towards another direction.

“Run! Run! If we get caught, we’re dead!”

“Ahh~~! I don’t want to be eaten by that thing! It must hurt!”

Within a forest outside of the Black Tortoise City’s border, two boys were rapidly running. Behind the two of them was a fierce forest leopard.

The two boys were terrified and they even lost their shoes as they ran. It could be seen how much strength they spent into running, but it was in vain as the speed of the forest leopard was too fast. Like an arrow that just left a bow, it quickly neared. It was currently opening its bloody big mouth and preparing to eat a delicious meal.


But just at that time, an ear-piercing cry rang out from the sky. Not only did the cry attract the attention of the two boys, even the forest leopard stopped its chasing steps, raised its head, and looked towards the sky.


At that moment, a burst of wild wind was raised and it caused rock pieces to blow. After that, a huge White-headed Eagle descended from the sky, and with a swish, Chu Feng jumped down from the White-headed Eagle and arrived in front of the two boys.

After seeing Chu Feng, the two boys were as though they saw their only hope and they quickly leapt into Chu Feng’s embrace. They frightenedly looked at the forest leopard behind them, as if they were telling Chu Feng that the big cat wanted to eat them.

At that instant, the forest leopard hesitated a bit. It hesitated on whether to leave or to continue forward. At the end, as it faced its tender and pleasant meal, it still stepped forward and it still wanted to attack.

“Shoo!” But precisely then, Chu Feng abruptly explosively yelled. It seemed like a normal voice, yet it was like invisible sharp swords as they stabbed into the forest leopard.

“Waa~~” The forest leopard painfully wailed out and it was thrown dozens of meters away. Quickly after, it turned around, insanely ran towards the forest as it stumbled, and without even turning its head, it bore into the forest.

“Okay, don’t be afraid, there’s nothing here now.” Chu Feng smiled as he stroked the two boys who were in his embrace. He could feel the trembling bodies of the boys, and he could feel the fear in their hearts.


But just then, the two boys suddenly knelt down onto the ground and kowtowed to Chu Feng. As they kowtowed, they spoke to Chu Feng, “Great God, we beg you, please take us as disciples. Great God, we beg you, please take us as disciples.”

“Come, get up to speak. As a man, what behavior is this to kneel down immediately after seeing someone?” As he faced the actions of the two boys, Chu Feng helplessly smiled, then he went over to prop them up.

At that instant, Chu Feng could clearly see that the appearances of the two boys did not surpass the age of 7 or 8. To be more strict, their bones had not developed yet and they hadn’t reached the age of martial cultivation.

Also, from their clothing, he could tell that they were some village dolls who were locally born and grown. Their clothing were very tattered, but their hairstyles were quite special.

One was a standard bowl cut, one was a standard crew cut. Their faces were very strong and firm and it was completely genuine.

However, at that very instant, snot and tears filled their young faces. It could be seen that they were truly terrified.

As he faced two such cute children, Chu Feng could ultimately not bear it. He could not bear leaving them here and not caring after all. After all, they were two pure children. Two fresh lives. So, Chu Feng asked,

“What is your name?”




“Good names!!”

[TN: Hu + Zi = Tiger cub, Niu + Zi = Calf.]