Chapter 293 - Shocking the Azure Province

MGA: Chapter 293 - Shocking the Azure Province

“This Imperial Sky Technique... The Imperial Sky Sage did indeed invent quite an outstanding thing.” As he looked at Chu Feng who walked on air as if he was walking on flat ground, Qi Fengyang nodded his head in admiration.

The technique to resist the air to walk. Even he who stepped into the Heaven realm had no way of creating it, yet the Imperial Sky Sage, with the cultivation of the Profound realm, created a bodily martial skill like that. It was truly a type of miracle.

“Big bro, although Dugu Aoyun is really hateable since he tore my school head’s arms off, I seem to have gone too far by killing him right?” Suddenly, Chu Feng said with a bit of worry.

“Damn. Boy, are you even ashamed by speaking those words?” Qi Fengyang curled his lips and fiercely stared at Chu Feng.

As he faced Qi Fengyang who was like that, Chu Feng was indeed a bit embarrassed and he scratched his head slightly with a bit of shame and he did not refute.

It was because Qi Fengyang was correct. With how Chu Feng usually did things, killing Dugu Aoyun was really not much. Rather, it was by speaking those words did he seem stranger. Of course, the reason why Chu Feng asked that was naturally because he had his own thoughts.

“I know what you are worried about. Yan Yangtian is a Heaven realm expert, and even though your battle power can rise to the sky and you are an abnormality, when facing a Heaven realm expert, it would be quite appropriate to say that you are a weak ant.”

“Before, I have not stepped into this realm so I truly thought that the rumours about this realm were only legends. However, after stepping into this realm, only then did I deeply understand the impressiveness of this realm.” Qi Fengyang first sighed, then continued to speak,

“You don’t know Yan Yangtian well. He is a person who is extremely ambitious. Especially after he entered the Heaven realm, his nerves could cover the sky and he would not be afraid of anything.”

“He would not allow any school that would threaten his Lingyun School to appear within the borders of the Azure Province.”

“However, the might of your Azure Dragon School rising greatly has already appeared and your battle power that defied common sense has already been revealed. No matter if you killed Dugu Aoyun or not, he, Yan Yangtian, would not let you and your Azure Dragon School go. He would also not let the people around you go.”

“So, if you kill Dugu Aoyun, he, Yan Yangtian, would not let you go. If you don't kill, he, Yan Yangtian, would still not let you go. Since he wouldn’t let you go no matter what, why not kill his favourite disciple right?” Qi Fengyang explained to Chu Feng.

“Big bro, you completely make sense!” Chu Feng nodded in agreement and for some things, Qi Fengyang did indeed see them more thoroughly than him.

“But don’t worry. Right now, I am also in the Heaven realm. In addition, I have the Qilin Prince’s Mansion behind me, and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion has the Jiang Dynasty behind it. So, as long as I, your big bro, am here, no matter how much more nerves Yan Yangtian has, he will absolutely not dare to attack you.” Qi Fengyang patted his chest and guaranteed.

“Big bro, you also have an otherworldly expert behind you right?” Chu Feng chuckled and asked.

“Who are you talking about?” Qi Fengyang was a bit confused.

“The Blue-cloak World Spiritist living in seclusion in the Valley of Hundred Bends!” Chu Feng responded.

“Oh!” After hearing those words, Qi Fengyang suddenly understood and after that, he smiled at Chu Feng, “You are correct. He is indeed a very strong expert, but he is not living in seclusion. He understands everything in the Azure Province better than anyone else.”

“The reason why he remains in the Valley of Hundred Bends is because he wants to observe everything that happens in the Azure Province because he searching for a person.”

“A person? What person?” Chu Feng curiously and closely asked.

“Haha, a very outstanding person. But I cannot tell you. It is a secret. Even if it is you, I cannot say.”

Qi Fengyang stroke his beard then smiled again before speaking to Chu Feng, “That person is the hope of the continent of the Nine Provinces, and you are the hope of the Azure Province.”

Chu Feng did not completely understand Qi Fengyang’s words, but he could tell that the identity of the Blue-cloak World Spiritist was not simple, and the person he was searching for was even less simple.

Although Chu Feng was very curious as to who that Blue-cloak World Spiritist was, and who that not simple person was, since Qi Fengyang was unwilling to speak, Chu Feng did not ask anymore.

Because he owned favours to Li Zhangqing, Chu Feng and Qi Fengyang did not leave the village for the past few days. From start to finish, they kept on observing Li Zhangqing’s conditions. Only after Li Zhangqing reawakened and after there weren’t many problems with his arm, they restarted their journey.

And with the time of the past few days, the news of Chu Feng making a ruckus in the Lingyun School, in the Hundred School Gathering, by first cutting off Fenghao’s arms and also crushing Dugu Aoyun into a meat patty spread throughout the Azure Province.

Since the news this time was spread out by various first-rate schools in the Azure Province, being from both the lower ranks, the core disciples, and the higher ranks, the elders and school heads, it caused no one to doubt Chu Feng’s abilities anymore, and no one doubted the truth of that matter. Rather, they deeply believed it and did not doubt at all.

In the Azure Province, a genius appeared. A monster appeared. A terrifying demon appeared. Those were the discussions that everyone was talking about.

Chu Feng was a genius because of his martial cultivation talent. Chu Feng was a monster because of his power battle that defied the heavens. Chu Feng was a demon because of his methods of doing things.

The famous name ”Chu Feng” became an existence that people both idolized and were afraid of. Many people wanted to personally witness Chu Feng’s grandeur. Yet, they were very terrified. With a single careless word, with a single wrong action, if it offended the demon, their entire family would get exterminated.

In short, not only did Chu Feng’s strength get recognized, it even got demonized. But no matter what, Chu Feng was indeed publicly recognized as the number one genius in the current Azure Province.

However, compared to others, the people in the Vermilion Bird City were tangling around with another news…

“Chu Feng is Mr. Grey-cloak. Mr. Grey-cloak is Chu Feng. This...this is really a heavenly big and great news!”

Within a main hall in the Vermilion Bird City, Su Hen was excitedly walking back and forth. His face was filled with colours of euphoria because he would not forget the warning that Mr. Grey-cloak gave himself, which stated his daughters could not be married to any other person other to him.

Originally, Su Hen was struggling. Chu Feng was a genius, he had Qi Fengyang supporting his back, and he did have feelings towards his daughters. He really wanted to marry his daughters over to Chu Feng. However, Mr. Grey-cloak who was heartless threatened him before. That caused him to be quite frightened and he was at a loss.

But now, the two of them were very possibly the same person. That caused all his struggles to disappear, and what remained was only endless happiness.

“Father, putting aside that this news isn’t confirmed yet, even if Chu Feng is Mr. Grey-cloak, what are you so happy about?” Su Mei blinked her beautiful big eyes and confusedly stared at her own father.

“Father is sick, ignore him.” Su Rou pulled Su Mei’s sleeve, leaned towards her ear, and hiddenly said.

“Haha, little Rou, little Mei, there is something that I have concealed from you two for a long time, but I feel like today is the time to tell you two about it.”

“On that day, after Mr. Grey-cloak exterminated the Shangguan family, he left a letter with me. The contents of that letter was for him to marry you two sisters.” Su Hen walked towards Su Rou and Su Mei, patted both of his hands onto his two daughters’ shoulders and his face was filled with joy and excitement.

“What? Mr. Grey-cloak wants to marry us?!” After hearing those words, Su Mei sweet little face instantly changed greatly and both of her eyes were full of fear. They were even more fearful than the time that the Shangguan family came to marry.

Because she clearly remembered that Mr. Grey-cloak was an old man and he was ruthless. He was several times scarier than the Shangguan family. She truly did not know what to do if such a character wanted to marry her.

“Haha, little Mei, no need to be afraid. Right now, the identity of Mr. Grey-cloak has already been revealed, and he is Chu Feng.”

“That means that on the surface, Mr. Grey-cloak wants to marry you two sisters, but in reality, it’s Chu Feng!” Su Hen explained with smiles.

“Father, don’t speak nonsense. There is no evidence for this news and Chu Feng had never personally said that he was Mr. Grey-cloak.” But at that instant, Su Rou angrily bellowed. She also pushed Su Hen’s arm away, pointed at him, and said,

“You are no longer the father that I respected in my heart because you have never treated us as your daughters. We two sisters are only your sacrifices for benefit of the family.” After speaking, Su Rou furiously pushed the hall door open and ran out.