Chapter 292 - Healing Li Zhangqing

MGA: Chapter 292 - Healing Li Zhangqing

After Qi Fengyang spoke, it was a thunder in a clear sky and it frightened everyone. As for Yan Yangtian, he was even so angry that his fury could not be extinguished. His entire body was trembling from rage as he pointed at Qi Fengyang and bellowed,

“Qi Fengyang, why did you encourage Chu Feng to kill my school’s disciple? As a person from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, you think you can look down upon the laws of the dynasty and trample over human life?”

“Hmph. Yan Yangtian, your Lingyun School’s Dugu Aoyun did not have any respect for his seniors in his gaze, and he was even so out of control. He had actually pulled Li Zhangqing’s arms off in front of so many school heads, and he humiliated a senior.”

“Even if a disciple like him has a bit of talent, when he grows up in the future, he will certainly not do any kindness. Rather, he would only perform evils and since leaving him alive is detrimental, why not remove him right?”

“I told Chu Feng to do that for the good of your Lingyun School. Or else if your Lingyun School got managed by him in the future, it would have certainly be brought down a road of no return and it would become a demonic school.”

“Yan Yangtian, no need to thank me. As a chief of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, helping the citizens remove harm is my responsibility. Let us meet another day!!”

Qi Fengyang first contentedly pointed and reprimanded Yan Yangtian while his spit flew straight across the air, then with a laugh, he grabbed onto Chu Feng’s shoulders, leaped, and walked on air. He disappeared from the crowd’s line of sight just like that.

They only left a group of dumbfounded school heads, elders, disciples, as well as Yan Yangtian who had an enraged face yet could do absolutely nothing.

Qi Fengyang walked in the air and his speed was extremely fast. With a blink, he and Chu Feng left the range of the Lingyun School. That caused Chu Feng’s tongue to be tied in a knot because that speed was not reachable with the Imperial Sky Technique that he grasped.

It also meant that even if Chu Feng had the Imperial Sky Technique and even if he could resist the air to walk, if he faced real Heaven realm experts, his present speed was still inferior and he did not even have the chance to escape.

After Qi Fengyang brought Chu Feng away from the Lingyun School, he stopped at a village on a mountain. There was a simple farmer’s residence. A rough crude houses with a courtyard surrounded by fences. Within the courtyard, there was a group of chickens and gooses and they were currently wildly squealing. Outside of the courtyard, there were dozens of citizens who were raising their heads to look.

They broadened their eyes, widened their mouth, and had faces full of astonishment, because at that instant, they were seeing two figures descending from the sky. That completely terrified the mountain village citizens who had never even touched martial cultivation before.

Some people even thought that Gods were descending from the heavens and one after the other, they knelt to the ground and started to pray towards the sky. The two people who came down from the sky were naturally Qi Fengyang and Chu Feng.

After landing, Qi Fengyang did not pay attention to the citizens. He brought Chu Feng directly into the crude house, and within that crude house, Chu Feng saw two familiar figures.

One of them was Li Zhangqing. The present him had a deathly pale face and lips that were going purple. He was laying on the wooden bed while in a coma.

Next to the bed that Li Zhangqing was laying on, the head of the Jade Maiden School was busying back and forth with a head full of sweat. She was sewing Li Zhangqing’s torn arms back with medicinal grasses.

“Lord Qi, you’re back. That Dugu Aoyun was too despicable. When he tore Zhangqing’s arms, he used his Profound power to prick and destroy his meridians and muscles. With the current medical techniques that I grasp, I have no way of healing Zhangqing’s arms.” After seeing Qi Fengyang, the head of the Jade Maiden School quickly darted out.

“No fear! We have a World Spiritist here!” Qi Fengyang unhurriedly and lightly smiled, then cast his gaze towards Chu Feng next to him. Chu Feng also did not delay as he quickly went up to examine the current situation of Li Zhangqing’s two arms.

Seeing Chu Feng who was fiddling around with Li Zhangqing arms as if he knew what he was doing, the head of the Jade Maiden School slightly tightly frowned, worriedly looked at Qi Fengyang, then asked in a low voice,

“Lord Qi. School Head Li’s muscles and meridians on both arms have been destroyed. They are no longer complete arms anymore but a pair of unrecoverable arms. Although the methods of World Spiritists are special, I’m afraid that they can still not be healed and we still need to find a person with more outstanding medical techniques so that they can think of some methods.”

As he faced the head of the Jade Maiden School’s doubts, Qi Fengyang only faintly smiled and said, “Our World Spiritist is not an ordinary one.”


At the same time, dazzling radiance blossomed from Chu Feng and Li Zhangqing’s direction. That scene caused the head of the Jade Maiden School to be shocked as she hurriedly cast her gaze over. Although she did not expect much when she looked over, even she, who had quite a bit of experience, was frightened.

Because at that very instant, on both of Li Zhangqing’s arms, a mini formation appeared. The formation was flowing and turning with symbols while emitting faint grey-coloured light. As the light was enveloping them, the symbols kept on entering and leaving both of Li Zhangqing’s arm as they gave off their unique power.

As the symbols wiggled, Li Zhangqing’s torn muscles and meridians were recovering. At the same time that they were recovering, they already reconnected to the original meridians.

“This feeling… Is it possible that Chu Feng is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist?” At that instant, the head of the Jade Maiden School shockingly opened her mouth.

“Mr. Grey-cloak. Have you heard of him?” Qi Fengyang smiled.

“What? Does that mean that Mr. Grey-cloak is Chu Feng?” After hearing Qi Fengyang say that, another circle was widened on the already widened mouth of the head of the Jade Maiden School.

“Hehe.” Qi Fengyang only chuckled at the head of the Jade Maiden School’s question and he did not reply.

“Okay, as long as the school head can peacefully rest for a few days, he should completely recover.”

Just at that time, Chu Feng stood up and looked at Li Zhangqing. His torn arms were already completely undamaged, and Chu Feng also sew back the ripped long robe’s sleeve with Spirit Formation techniques. He even removed the bloodstains.

“Waa! Chu Feng, you are too amazing!”

At that instant, the head of the Jade Maiden School was incomparably ecstatic. On her face that was already beautiful, she was currently smiling like a little flower. It could be seen that she truly had some strong and special feelings towards Li Zhangqing.

“That’s amazing? There is something else that is even more amazing.” Qi Fengyang strangely smiled.

“What other thing?” The head of the Jade Maiden School widened her eyes round as she curiously and closely asked.

“No rush. You will know very soon. Not only will you know, the people in the entire Azure Province will know.” Qi Fengyang chuckled and he had actually raised some suspense.

After hearing those words, the head of the Jade Maiden School who was already curious became even more curious. But because of Qi Fengyang’s status and strength, it was not good for her to ask anything more. She could only look forward for the quick arrival of the news.

That village was “bought” by Qi Fengyang. For the single reason that Li Zhangqing was recovering there, every single villager in the poor and depressed mountain village got an unimaginable huge sum.

Also, as a sign of gratitude, after clearly knowing that Qi Fengyang already rewarded the villagers, Chu Feng still gave them a lot of gold because to Chu Feng, things like money were only worldly materials. Only Profound medicines were useful to him.

As they faced the sudden explosive wealth, the villagers who already originally thought that Chu Feng and the others were Gods took out all the good things from the village to treat Chu Feng and the others respectfully.

Chicken, duck, goose, pig, horse, goat… The things that were edible were all made deliciously with all sorts of methods. After Chu Feng and the others who got used to eating delicacies ate that perfect feast in the mountain village, it had to be said that it was quite a special style and it was quite interesting.

After dinner, Chu Feng and Qi Fengyang strolled in the air. This time, Qi Fengyang did not walk on the air while holding Chu Feng. Chu Feng used the Imperial Sky Technique and walked towards the purple-clouded horizon.