Chapter 291 - Come At Me

MGA: Chapter 291 - Come At Me

It was a blurry and bloody mess in the deep ditch. There were no more signs of life from the number one genius of the Lingyun School, Dugu Aoyun. There was not even a corpse or any bones remaining and he was crushed into a meat patty by Chu Feng’s palm.

At that instant, everyone was completely silent in the school. Not only the people from the Lingyun School. Even the outsiders were frightened by that scene as they started at Dugu Aoyun who was in the deep ditch blankly and within their gazes, expressions of shock and fear surged.

At that instant, Yan Yangtian was standing on the tall stage as he looked at his Lingyun School’s future hope become a pool of blood. His body was quivering, and a burst of indescribable fury started to surge in his boy.

“Chu Feng, I will kill you!!”

Suddenly, someone loudly yelled, and following that, all sorts of enraged curses and killing threats exploded out. The elders and disciples from the Lingyun School rushed forward all at once and surrounded Chu Feng to attack him. The atmosphere that they were giving off showed that they wanted to take Chu Feng’s life.

“You want to kill me? Are you qualified?”

As he looked at the crowd who had bloodlust that filled their faces, Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest. He waved his big sleeve, and a layer of domineering Profound power spread out with him as the center and it swept in all directions.


As they faced that ripple, the thousand of disciples and elders from the Lingyun School could not resist at all. All of them were like scarecrows as they were blown away. They were not even able to take one of Chu Feng’s strikes.

“Arrogant brat. Today, you must pay the price for your actions.”

Just at that time, twelve figures darted down from the tall stage. The twelve people stood in twelve different directions and they surrounded Chu Feng in a circle. Those twelve people were the Twelve Protectors of the Lingyun School. The twelve peak experts in the 9th level of the Profound realm.


At the same time, a layer of grey-coloured Spirit Formation was also condensed out and it wrapped around Chu Feng as well as the Twelve Protectors. It was the Grey-cloak World Spiritist from the Lingyun School.

“Chu Feng, stopping when appropriate was how it was agreed. Why did you need to kill?” Yan Yangtian spoke.

At that moment, both of his eyes were blood-red and even his speaking voice was trembling a bit. Everyone could see that the head of the Lingyun School was truly furious. He was forcibly enduring his fury. Forcibly enduring his urges to kill Chu Feng.

“Actually, I did not want to kill. I did want to stop when appropriate.”

“But I could do nothing about the loud yells from your Lingyun School. Something about Dugu Aoyun being unparalleled, indestructible, invincible.”

“So, I tensed up and I used a bit more power. But who would have thought that he could not even take one of my strikes, and with a palm, he was slammed to death.”

“Ahh, School Head Yan, you can truly not blame this matter on me. Actually, people in your Lingyun School are responsible for Dugu Aoyun’s death. If they didn’t yell so wildly, I wouldn’t mistakenly thought that Dugu Aoyun was really strong and I wouldn’t have accidentally killed him!” As he faced Yan Yangtian’s questioning, Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders and innocence was written all over his face.

“Damn Chu Feng. You kill someone from my Lingyun School yet you put the guilt onto the head of my Lingyun School? Today, I do not care who you have behind you as support. I will take your life!”

Finally, Yan Yangtian could no longer control the fury in his heart and looked towards the sky and roared. At that instant, his aura of the Heaven realm was emanated out and the unique power engulfed the land. The entire plaza was violently trembling while mad and ferocious gales blew everyone to the point that they were rolling and climbing on the floor as it was difficult for them to prop themselves up.

“It is too terrifying. This is the power of the Heaven realm! Yan Yangtian truly stepped into the Heaven realm!!”

“He’s dead. Chu Feng’s dead. No one can save him. Even if he has battle power that defies common sense, even if he is already invincible within the Profound realm, as he faces a Heaven realm expert, he cannot escape no matter how much stronger he gets.” At that instant, people endlessly yelled in surprise and they were frightened by Yan Yangtian’s displayed might.

In reality, even Chu Feng tightly frowned and murmured to himself, “So this is the power of the Heaven realm. Indeed, it is very strong. This and the Profound realm are completely different.”

“Of course the Heaven realm is strong. You are able to defeat those in the Profound realm while being in the Origin realm, but I cannot see you being able to defeat the Heaven realm while being in the Profound realm. Unless you are in the 9th level of the Profound realm, even if your battle power rises to the skies, it would be very difficult for you to fight against the Heaven realm, as that is the realm that is closest to the Martial Lord realm. They are people who grasps the power of the Heaven.” At the same time, Eggy also gravely reminded.

“Everyone back away. I will personally kill Chu Feng and avenge Aoyun.”

Yan Yangtian’s clothes fluttered and his long hair madly shook. The bloodlust that rose to the heavens was emitted out from his own body. It ruled that land and in front of his power, Chu Feng almost had no way of escaping.

After Yan Yangtian spoke, the Grey-cloak World Spiritist quickly dissolved his Spirit Formation and the Twelve Protectors also quickly retreated back to the tall stage because they knew that Yan Yangtian was truly furious.

Under those circumstances, they had to stay far away from Chu Feng and they were deeply afraid of being dragged in. Since they saw Yan Yangtian’s Heaven realm power before, they clearly knew what terrifying power of destruction a casual strike from a Heaven realm expert would be like.

“I would quite like to see who dares to try and touch Chu Feng today.”

But just at that time, another explosive yell resounded out. That voice was extremely loud and clear, as if the thunder was exploding in the sky. It caused many martial cultivation experts’ faces to change and their ears buzzed. People with weaker cultivation directly spat out blood from the shock caused by that angry bellow and they fainted away.

At the same time, a wave of boundless pressure descended from the sky, as if an invisible mountain range was pressing down. As that horrifying pressure came down, an aged figure also appeared in the sky.

He wore a body of golden-coloured armor and he looked exactly like a battle god. He slowly descended from the sky and at the end, as innumerable gazes were locked onto him, he landed next to Chu Feng. That person was Chu Feng’s elder brother, the chief of the Qi clan in the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, Qi Fengyang.

“Heavens, it’s Qi Fengyang! What’s with his aura? How did he descend from the sky? Does this mean that he has also stepped into the Heaven realm, and he is also a Heaven realm expert?”

Qi Fengyang’s appearance surpassed everyone’s expectations. The strength he displayed even shocked everyone. It was a pressing feeling that was not inferior to Yan Yangtian, which meant that the old man had cultivation that was not inferior to Yan Yangtian.

“Qi Fengyang, also entered the Heaven realm?” In reality, not only the bystanders, even Yan Yangtian was stunned by Qi Fengyang’s strength.

From what he knew, within the borders of the current Azure Province, there was only one Heaven realm expert: The lord of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion. Yan Yangtian broke through a year ago, so it could be said that he was the second Heaven realm expert in the Azure Province.

Yet presently, a third Heaven realm expert appeared. It meant that it destroyed the balance in the Azure Province, and it forced him to seriously treat it.

As for Qi Fengyang, he did not pay attention to Yan Yangtian at all. He only put his hand on Chu Feng’s shoulder and asked, “My brother, you’re fine right?”

“Big bro, I’m fine.. I finally know why you sent me a mental message and told me to kill Dugu Aoyun. So you’re also in the Heaven realm!” Compared to the observers, after Chu Feng saw Qi Fengyang’s cultivation, he was quite unexpectedly happy and he was extremely excited.

“Heh, the reason why I left for a few days was none other than to break into this huge realm. But I have to say, this feeling is quite nice.”

Qi Fengyang chuckled, then after that, he cast his gaze towards Yan Yangtian and loudly yelled, “School Head Yan. I allowed Chu Feng to kill Dugu Aoyun. If you have anything, you come at me!”