Chapter 290 - Crushed Into a Meat Patty

MGA: Chapter 290 - Crushed Into a Meat Patty

Chu Feng’s grey-coloured Spirit Formation wall was the strongest defense, but it could also simultaneously become the fiercest attack.

At that very instant, there were six Spirit Formation walls, and following Chu Feng’s thoughts, from up, down, left, right, and everywhere, it imprisoned Dugu Aoyun within it and it was also speedily shrinking. If that continued and if Dugu Aoyun was still unable to break the Spirit Formation wall, he would be compressed into a pool of blood.

As he was in that situation, Dugu Aoyun’s expression revealed fear. But suddenly, within his fearful eyes, a touch of resolution flashed past.

Closely following that, Dugu Aoyun’s body started to change. His skin became blood-red and blue veins popped out. Both of his eyes became completely white and his appearance looked exactly like a wild beast walking like a human. It was horrifying and sinister. The most important thing was that as he changed, Dugu Aoyun’s aura rose greatly again.


Suddenly, Dugu Aoyun opened his mouth and suddenly howled towards the sky. The beast-like noise came out from his mouth and it shook the area to the point that it was quivering, and it caused many people to cover their ears.

How was that even a sound made by a human? It was simply a roar that could not even be made by wild beasts, Fierce Beasts, or even Monstrous Beasts.

Following the sounding of the roars, a tyrannical layer of ripple swept out from his body and it caused Chu Feng’s grey-coloured Spirit Formation to collapse and crumble into pieces.

“This aura...Does this mean that Senior Dugu has...has cultivated the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists to the 7th layer?” At that instant, the complexions of disciples from the Lingyun School couldn’t help but greatly change because Dugu Aoyun’s change caused them to associate it to the highest layer of the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.

“Aoyun has actually cultivated it to this stage? It is a layer that even I have not reached!” Seeing the quickly changing Dugu Aoyun, mad happiness was filled in Yan Yangtian’s eyes.

Although the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists was only a rank 5 martial skill, its cultivation difficulty was extremely high. Even he only cultivated it to the 6th layer, yet Dugu Aoyun had cultivated it to the 7th layer. It meant that Dugu Aoyun’s talent was far above his. When his Lingyun School had a successor such as him, how could he not be madly happy?

“With Aoyun’s talent, he can certainly break into the Heaven realm within five years. At that time, my Lingyun School will not be restricted to the Azure Province and it can stand onto the vast stage of the Nine Provinces.”

“Lord School Head, the rebound of the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists is extremely terrifying and since Aoyun is using it to the 7th layer, I’m afraid...” But compared to Yan Yangtian’s excitement, the Twelve Protectors of the Lingyun School worried more about Dugu Aoyun’s body.

“Don’t worry. With me here, I guarantee that nothing will happen to Aoyun. Right now, the most important thing is to not lose. No matter what price is paid, he cannot lose, because if he does, there will be nothing left.” The Grey-cloak World Spiritist said in a low voice.

“That’s right. This battle must be won. Since Chu Feng is so ruthless at this age by setting the destruction of their cultivation as the wager, I’m sure that this child must be Mr. Grey-cloak who exterminated the Shangguan family.”

“Since a person like him has been offended, it is extremely difficult for any reconciliation. Before he develops, he must be killed, and using Aoyun’s hands to kill him is the best way.”

Yan Yangtian stared at Chu Feng as his expression did not change at all and he revealed killing intent in his gaze because Chu Feng was truly too terrifying. Within the entire young generation that he had seen, he was the most terrifying. Not only in terms of martial cultivation talent. It was also because of his heartless nature and his courage to not be afraid when faced with danger. Those things should not exist in his age.

So, Yan Yangtian kept on reminding himself deep within his heart that Chu Feng could not be remained alive. No matter what price had to be paid, no matter what methods, he must be killed.

*roar~~* Just at that time, Dugu Aoyun furiously howled again, and after that, he leaped and explosively shot towards Chu Feng. A burst of strong might was carried over as well, and the present him already infinitely neared the Heaven realm.

*boom boom boom* At that instant, even Chu Feng did not dare to meet force with force against Dugu Aoyun. As he condensed Spirit Formations, he attacked with martial skills.

However, the originally extremely sturdy Spirit Formation was currently unable to stop Dugu Aoyun’s footsteps. With a casual strike, he could shatter the Spirit Formations that Chu Feng laid.

Also, Dugu Aoyun also did not dodge or avoid any of Chu Feng’s attacks that were sent out. He went straight towards them and he quite unexpectedly used his own physical body to block one powerful attack after the other from Chu Feng. Even his footsteps were not slowed at all.

“It is useless. Aoyun’s current state causes him to be almost invincible within the Profound realm. His body is the scariest weapon. It is indestructible and invincible.”

“Even I need to waste quite a bit of effort if I want to harm Aoyun who is in his current state, let alone a brat like Chu Feng who is only in the 4th level of the Profound realm.” Seeing that the attacks Chu Feng sent out had no effects, Yan Yangtian and the higher-ups of the Lingyun School all coldly smiled and felt that Chu Feng was doing useless actions.


In actuality, the current Dugu Aoyun was indeed abnormally ferocious. How did he even look like a human? When he ran around, all four of his limbs landed on the ground, as if he was a ferocious human-shaped beast. With ear-piercing howls and terrifying bloodlust, he forced his way towards Chu Feng.

“I never would have thought that Dugu Aoyun strengthened his physical body to this state, so it seems like I can only use that.” Seeing that his own attacks were useless, Chu Feng didn’t bother dodging anymore. He stood where he was and silently awaited the arrival of Dugu Aoyun.

“Why isn’t Chu Feng’s moving? Has he given up?” But Chu Feng’s actions caused others to be greatly surprised. Even Yan Yangtian slightly frowned as he did not know why Chu Feng was causing that suspense.

Just as Dugu Aoyun leaped forward and was going to charge in front of Chu Feng, Chu Feng suddenly extended his palm and roared loudly, “White Tiger Slaughtering Technique!!”


Immediately after the White Tiger appeared, it gave off might that could not be defended against. The tiger’s claw condensed out by the gas grabbed Dugu Aoyun who was attacking him head first. Like a cat catching a mouse, it grasped Dugu Aoyun into the air. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to get rid of the White Tiger’s huge claw.

“Look, what’s that?”

The white-coloured tiger claw was vivid and lifelike. The black-coloured stripes. The white-coloured fur. It was simply a real, huge, claw of a White Tiger! The most important thing was that it was actually able to grab such a powerful Dugu Aoyun within its palm, causing him to be unable to escape. That really caused people to be incomparable shocked. They could not imagine what martial skill that was which had such terrifying power.

“It is useless. Even if his martial skill was stronger, it will not be able to harm Senior Dugu in the slightest. What Senior Dugu is using right now is the 7th layer of the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists! The current Senior Dugu is invincible! Nothing can harm him and only he can harm others! Chu Feng, you don’t need to struggle anymore because today, you will undoubtedly be defeated!!” Just at that time, the disciples from the Lingyun School started to confidently yell.

After hearing their words, Chu Feng only sneered and suddenly waved his big arm. The white-coloured huge claw that held Dugu Aoyun abruptly went downwards. At the end, with a boom, it slammed Dugu Aoyun down into the ground.

The strong power caused a huge pit to appear in the earth. Countless deep cracks spread out for over a thousand meters and it even extended to the observers’ location, causing some of their seats to collapse down.

When Chu Feng gradually retracted his palm, when the dust that rushed to the heavens gradually dispelled, people were astounded as they discovered that Dugu Aoyun who was said to be indestructible and invincible by the Lingyun School’s disciples was already forcibly crushed into a meat patty.