Chapter 289 - Grey-Cloak World Spiritist

MGA: Chapter 289 - Grey-Cloak World Spiritist

“That’s right. It is my Lingyun School’s foundation martial skill, the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.”

“Although this martial skill is rank 5, it is the hardest martial skill to cultivate in the Lingyun School. Those who can cultivate it to the 3rd layer are already geniuses, and those who can cultivate to the 4th layer are super geniuses. But Senior Dugu has already used this martial skill to the 6th layer.” A disciple from the Lingyun School introduced proudly.

“Heavens! He cultivated to the 6th layer? How strong is Dugu Aoyun’s comprehension power?” After hearing the astonishment from the Lingyun School disciple, the surrounding observers were dumbfounded and they endlessly praised.

Then, within the gazes that they looked back at Chu Feng with, they were filled with worry. At first, when Chu Feng and Dugu Aoyun were separated by four levels, the outcome wasn’t clear.

But now, they were separated by five levels. Clearly, Chu Feng was unable to continue and Dugu Aoyun already used the advantage of pressure to restrain Chu Feng. He did not even need to use any martial skills. With just his aura, he could defeat Chu Feng. That was the suppression of absolute strength.


But just at that time, change abruptly happened to Chu Feng’s body. Layers of golden-coloured lightning surged out from within his body and as he was being enveloped by the golden-coloured lightning, Chu Feng’s aura also violently rose as he entered the 4th level of the Profound realm from the 3rd level of the Profound realm.

“Look! Chu Feng’s aura! He...he...he...he broke into the 4th level of the Profound realm!”

“What happened? Did Chu Feng also cultivate the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists or something? Why did his fine cultivation suddenly rise and broke into the next level?”

“Look clearly! There is some golden-coloured lightning outside of Chu Feng’s body. His cultivation must have been increased because of that lightning! What a beautiful martial skill. What martial skill can it possibly be?”

Chu Feng activated the golden-coloured lightning in his blood. The ability that was unique to him was mistakenly recognized as a gorgeous and strong martial skill. As the golden and shining lightning caused them to sigh in surprise, they also endless admired.

They felt that it was a very amazing martial skill. A very strong martial skill. A martial that shouldn’t exist, yet that that martial was grasped by Chu Feng.

“You know some stuff. It seems like some of the treasures that the Azure Dragon Founder left behind still remains in your Azure Dragon School as you have revealed so many martial skills that I haven’t even seen before.”

“But do you really think you can fight against me after raising your cultivation by one level?” Dugu Aoyun stared at Chu Feng with an icy cold gaze.

“Do you think I cannot?” Chu Feng lightly smiled and asked disapprovingly.

“Hmph. Of course you cannot. Do you really think that my Murderous 7-Injuring Fists only raises my cultivation?”

“If you think like that, you underestimate it too much. There’s no harm in telling you that even though the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists belongs to rank 5 martial skills, if one is proficient in it, it can be comparable to rank 7 martial skills.” Dugu Aoyun’s emotions were clearly a bit excited.

When he, who could easily defeat school head level characters who were in the 9th level of the Profound realm, was currently being pressured to this state by Chu Feng who was only in the 3rd level of the Profound realm, sweats of shame truly flowed down his face and he could not wait to kill Chu Feng to prove that he was the one who was the number one genius in the Azure Province.

“Sure! Let me see the so-called rank 7 martial skill.” Chu Feng’s complexion did not change and he provokingly smiled.

“I will!” Dugu Aoyun’s anger burned and he didn’t speak anymore useless words. He first stepped forward in a large stride and threw out several punches continuously.

Fists that contained layers of Profound power seemed to be completely ordinary and nothing seemed strange about them; but in reality, they had devastating power. The might was emanated out and even the sky and ground trembled, causing the faces of the surrounding observers to reveal fear as they were deeply shocked by the power within the fists.

“Then I will also show you how I, Chu Feng, will block your rank 7 martial skill!”

Chu Feng did not dodge or avoid and with a thought, the boundless Spirit Formation power surged out from his body and became a huge Spirit Formation barrier in front of him. Like a fortress, it blocked the attacks in front of Chu Feng.

*boom boom boom*

At the same time, Dugu Aoyun’s Profound power fists already collided and endlessly created terrifying ripples that spread throughout the land. Even the incomparably firm fighting stage had trouble resisting against the horrifying might. Layer by layer, it was being destroyed and crack after crack appeared. At the end, it even completely collapsed.

But such horrifying attacks could only stop in front of Chu Feng and they could not approach Chu Feng anymore. All of them were stopped by the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid.

“Heavens! Everyone look! Chu Feng has actually blocked Dugu Aoyun’s attack, and he actually blocked such a scary attack!”

At first, everyone was stunned by Dugu Aoyun’s attack. But when they saw that Chu Feng could not be harmed in the slightest despite the terrifying ripples that unceasingly exploded, their already stunned expressions instantly deepened to another layer.

“That is!!” At the same time, Yan Yangtian who stood on the tall stage also lit up his eyes and shock that was rarely found surged into his gaze.

“That’s right. It’s a grey-coloured Spirit Formation. This Chu Feng has grasped the power of Grey-cloak World Spiritists and his Spirit power is the same as the one I felt before. He should be the World Spiritist who was detecting your cultivation at the beginning of the Hundred School Gathering.” Just at that time, the Grey-cloak World Spiritist next to Yan Yangtian very astonishedly spoke.

“What? So this means that Chu Feng is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist?” After hearing those words, not to mention Yan Yangtian, everyone on the tall stage widened their mouths as they were astounded and their faces were full of inconceivableness.

“That’s a grey-coloured Spirit Formation, Chu Feng has condensed a grey-coloured Spirit Formation! He is a Grey-cloak World Spiritist!!”

At that instant, not only did the people from the Lingyun School discover Chu Feng’s abnormality, the various other schools also found out that something was wrong, and with a glance, they recognized that Chu Feng displayed a Spirit Formation, and it was even a grey-coloured Spirit Formation. Chu Feng was actually a Grey-cloak World Spiritist.

“Chu Feng he...he...he...he is not only a martial cultivating genius, he is even a Grey-cloak World Spiritist!!”

After that news was spread out, almost everyone on scene greatly changed their expressions and they were completely stupefied by Chu Feng’s abilities.

Grey-cloak World Spiritist. Only two of these huge characters existed in the entire Azure Province, yet at that moment, a third one appeared today. It was even such a young man, a martial cultivator with such terrifying talent. That truly caused everyone to be too shocked.

After being shocked, they also thought of another person. It was the mysterious character who shook the Azure Province roughly half a year ago, Mr. Grey-cloak. Was Chu Feng related to Mr. Grey-cloak in any way?

As everyone was constantly guessing, Chu Feng extended his palm and grabbed the air towards Dugu Aoyun. Layers of domineering Spirit Formations started to appear around Dugu Aoyun. At the end, after surrounding him within it, they started to force their way towards him.

As he faced that situation, Dugu Aoyun started to use his Murderous 7-Injuring Fists and he wanted to break that Spirit Formation. However, it was useless as he could not even damage the Spirit Formation in the slightest. He who was usually arrogant and wild couldn’t help but be scared.