Chapter 288 - Meeting The Murderous 7-Injuring Fists Again

MGA: Chapter 288 - Meeting The Murderous 7-Injuring Fists Again

At that very instant, in that area, the cold air could solidify everything. Under those circumstances, even a layer of frost immediately covered Chu Feng’s body. Chu Feng’s body which was cold started to go rigid and his movements started to be drawn out.

At the end, Chu Feng’s movements became slower and slower, and just like that, he became a person of ice. Finally, he could not move at all and he fell into the waves of the ocean.

After Chu Feng fell into the ocean, the waves immediately froze into ice and sealed Chu Feng within it. As for Dugu Aoyun, he elegantly floated down, stood on the ice, looked and smiled at everyone, then said, “The outcome of this battle has been set!”


At that instant, cries of surprise rang out from the crowd. As they looked at the fierce and terrifying ice statue on the fighting stage, everyone was completely convinced by Dugu Aoyun’s methods.

Although Chu Feng’s battle power caused them to sigh in surprise, Dugu Aoyun’s battle experience was the one that caused them to be convinced. Not only did Dugu Aoyun have stronger control, he also displayed two rank 6 martial skills at the same time.

He even gathered the special natures of the two martial skills and displayed power that surpassed rank 6 martial skills. When one discovered that something was wrong, it would be too late and they would have already been defeated by Dugu Aoyun.

“As expected of the number one person in the young generation of the Azure Province. Dugu Aoyun’s methods are truly admirable.”

“Ahh, but sadly, Chu Feng is too young. If a few more years was given to him, I believe that Dugu Aoyun would certainly be unable to defeat him.” At that instant, someone praised Dugu Aoyun’s strength, but many people also felt pity for Chu Feng. It was truly a heart-breaking thing when a super genius like him fell like that.

However, compared to the observers, the disciples from the Lingyun School had mad happiness all over their faces because not only did Dugu Aoyun’s victory avenge Fenghao, it even guarded the dignity of their Lingyun School and protected their position of being king in the Azure Province.

*rumble rumble rumble*

But just as people felt that the grand outcome was set, the fighting stage started to violently tremble. At the same time, rows of tiny cracks started to spread from the chilly ice statue.

The cracks swum around quicker and quicker, and the area it covered became larger and larger. From slender cracks, they became thick ones. Very soon, a burst of extremely frenzied energy started to emanate from the ice statue. It swept out and engulfed the land.


In a split moment, the huge ice statue started to shatter into pieces, and the shattering was quickly spreading. From the huge ice chunk, it became a rain of little ice. They scattered and fell until they were completely destroyed into pieces.

At the same time, in that land, a body reappeared within people’s line of sight. It was Chu Feng. The current Chu Feng was standing on top of the fighting stage. The frost that covered his body became steam that constantly rose. Under that steam, everyone could see a pair of abnormally serious eyes.

Accompanying Chu Feng’s appearance was a wave of horrifying pressure. The area that he was in twisted and deformed from the pressure, and as he was affected by the pressure, Dugu Aoyun no longer had his former arrogant attitude. Pain was all over his face as he was enduring the power of the pressure. Bit by bit, his waist was being bent and he was going into a posture of submission.

“What a strong martial skill! This feeling seems like it has surpassed rank 6 martial skills. Does that mean Chu Feng has grasped a rank 7 martial skill?”

“Impossible. Rank 7 martial skills do not even exist within the Azure Province. This must be a rank 6 martial skill. A top-quality martial skill within rank 6 martial skills. In addition to Chu Feng’s comprehension power towards martial skills as well as his unique talent, that is why he can bring out power that surpasses the original martial skill.”

“The unique comprehension power and talent of the martial skill’s user caused the power of the martial skill to be increased? So that means, in terms of using martial skills, hasn’t Chu Feng completely surpassed Dugu Aoyun?”

Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was too strong. Even though it wasn’t as beautiful as Dugu Aoyun’s Infinite Ocean and Chilling Sky Freezing Ground, the aura that had absolute pressure caused everyone to be astonished.

“Dugu Aoyun. Will you destroy your own cultivation or will I help you?” Seeing that his Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry forced Dugu Aoyun to not even be able to straighten his waist and as he was going to kneel in front of him, Chu Feng coldly asked.

“Hmph. Do you really think you’ve won? This battle is not finished yet. Right now, I’ll let you experience the strongest martial skill of my Lingyun School.”

Dugu Aoyun suddenly laughed towards the sky and an extremely special aura surged out from his body. He who was originally pressured had actually resisted against Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry. His aura was also rapidly strengthening. He was breaking through layers and layers, and layer by layer, he was becoming stronger.

“This feeling...It’s the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.” As Chu Feng felt Dugu Aoyun’s quickly changing aura, Chu Feng’s face also slightly changed and his brows tightly locked together.

He recognized the martial skill that Dugu Aoyun displayed. It was one of the foundation martial skills of the Lingyun School, the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.

The martial skill was a rank 5 martial skill to begin with, so normally, it shouldn’t be feared. But that martial skill was a very strange one. It was similar to Forbidden Medicines, as one could gain power that surpassed their own body with damaging their body as the price.

At first, when he was in the Vermilion Bird City, Chu Feng had experienced it before from the core disciple of the Lingyun School, “Ding Chou”. The Ding Chou at that time relied on that martial skill to increase his cultivation greatly, and even though Ding Chou only cultivated the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists to the 3rd layer, it was already enough for Chu Feng to feel extremely great pressure.

In front of his eyes, the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists that Dugu Aoyun was displaying already completely surpassed Ding Chou. Currently, he was displaying the 4th layer. As he used the 4th layer, Dugu Aoyun’s body was no longer affected by the pressure from Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry in any way.


Just at that time, Dugu Aoyun broke through another layer of power and entered the 5th layer. At that moment, with Dugu Aoyun as the middle, layers of Profound power quickly swirled around and they started to pounce back towards Chu Feng, causing him to feel great pressure.

But that was not the end. Suddenly, another layer of terrifying formless vortex came from Dugu Aoyun’s body and engulfed out, and with that, Chu Feng’s Blade of the Void Dragon’s Cry was thoroughly disintegrated into nothing.

At that instant, not only did Dugu Aoyun suddenly break into the 6th layer of the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists, even his cultivation violently surged up another level, and from the 8th level of the Profound realm, he stepped into the 9th level of the Profound realm.


At that instant, as he was pressured by Dugu Aoyun, Chu Feng couldn’t help but retreat one step. His face became ugly again. As he faced Dugu Aoyun whose cultivation increased greatly, Chu Feng also felt several times the pressure.

“Look, how did Dugu Aoyun’s aura suddenly increase so sharply? This strange change..Is it..The foundation martial skill of the Lingyun School, the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists?”

Dugu Aoyun’s change caused many people to sigh in surprise because breaking into the 9th level of the Profound realm from the 8th level of the Profound realm was too horrifying. It caused them to think of the Murderous 7-Injuring Fists.